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Edward is a gardener through and through. It's all about planning and preparation. Full of tips and techniques for designing the perfect space, Edward is all about giving knowledge.

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spring awakening

Signs Of Spring and What To Watch Out For In Your Garden

February 20th, 2017

With Spring only around the corner, gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts can finally look on with relief that winter is at last behind them. Having said that, the winter months have been very different this year, prompting spring to effectively come on a little earlier. When the days get hotter, it usually prompts spring to literally […]

dogs in the garden

How To Make Your Garden Completely Cat and Dog Friendly

February 02nd, 2017

All pets use the garden. Like us, it gives them some breathing room to get outside and really be let loose. Yes, sometimes they do tear up the garden, but most of the time they’re doing us favours. Cats and dogs are great at keeping furry pests away from the valuable vegetables, we want them […]

10 Gorgeous Shed Ideas Which Will Inspire Your ‘She Shed’

January 30th, 2017

Switching from work and family mode to down time can be a struggle. Finding an area of peace and quiet, without spending a fortune getting out of the country is a challenge. There are too many every day stresses that come with family life. So what’s the solution? For men, it’s called a ‘Man Cave’, […]

Big gardening

Get Gardening – 15 Quotes That Will Have You Outdoors

January 20th, 2017

For some of us, gardening is not all fun and games. It can be difficult to constantly find the energy to keep and maintain a garden, not to mention plan out your strategy for the year. Sticking to the trends, or not growing tired of your own garden can for some be a constant battle. […]

Rooft top garden 2

What Are The 25 Garden Trends To Live By In 2017?

January 12th, 2017

You can’t force something to grow quicker, which often leads gardening at the back end of the trends list. This, however, does not mean that there will be no new gardening trends in 2017. With the economic and political climate constantly changing around us, gardening has to keep up. So what can we expect to […]


7 No Nonsense New Year’s Resolutions For Your Garden

January 06th, 2017

Winter might seem like the worst time to get into the garden but January is a crucial period for any gardener. With blue Monday gone, now is the time to start planning your gardening strategy for the year. With these no-nonsense resolutions, you can get stuck in and make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout […]