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Writer from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham who has a fine taste in fashion and graphic design on life and the beauty in diversity

Hi! We know that BillyOh is a company that produces gardening equipment. So, we have to ask who you think is better at gardening, male or female?

Women. Gardening, I think, is like motherhood. You plant a seed and then you take care of it until it grows. Women are better at that because we are naturally designed to take care of everything that is put on our laps.

What would you consider to be the best month for gardening?

It is late March, where spring begins. It goes to show that it is really beautiful to see the simultaneous blooming of the flowers, trees, and the waking of everything else.

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What is it like to come from a very big family?

It’s fun! It may not be the easiest way to live but through tough times, you get to have people around you who support you all the way.

What would you say is the most memorable moment in your childhood?

It was my first very first day at school. I remember clinging so hard to my mother and crying a lot. I was scared the whole day and I remember the feeling of relief when they said that we could go home. I didn’t know then that I would be back the next day!

Do you have someone you really cherish in your life?

That would be my mom. She is my inspiration and support. I can’t imagine how I got to be where I am without her.

How do you develop good relationship with someone you love?

Open communication even if it’s difficult at times. That is key to developing the right and practical relationship.

You’ve been away from your family for quite some time while working at BillyOh, how do you cope up with the feeling of lonesomeness?

I just do. I’m very independent so I don’t really take being alone too seriously. I’m like an eagle. Sometimes, I need to be alone so that I can hunt better for myself and those whom I care for.

What do you spend your most of your money on?

Most of the time I save a lot so that I can travel. I also save a lot since I’m thinking of taking up Film Major, but that’s still sometime in the future.

Do you have any pet peeve?

Neon shoe laces. I don’t really see much of those around, but I remember seeing a pair in the past and it just killed me.

If you were stuck in a lift, who would you like to be stuck with?

Madonna. No questions asked. I love her.

Someone you wouldn’t like to be stuck with?

No one. Everyone is welcome to spend time with me on a broken lift.

When she’s not in the office, Olivia spends time with her ever-loyal dog, Newton, or you could see her replying to emails and questions she gets through olivia@billyoh.com.

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