dogs in the garden

How To Make Your Garden Completely Cat and Dog Friendly

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All pets use the garden. Like us, it gives them some breathing room to get outside and really be let loose. Yes, sometimes they do tear up the garden, but most of the time they’re doing us favours. Cats and dogs are great at keeping furry pests away from the valuable vegetables, we want them […]

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What Are The 25 Garden Trends To Live By In 2017?

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You can’t force something to grow quicker, which often leads gardening at the back end of the trends list. This, however, does not mean that there will be no new gardening trends in 2017. With the economic and political climate constantly changing around us, gardening has to keep up. So what can we expect to […]

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save garden animals

These garden animals keep disappearing and what you can do now to save them—before it’s too late

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The wildlife is in trouble because of “many and varied” elements. But hope is strong in light of the various individual volunteers and organisations who come together to show genuine concern for the wildlife creatures. You can be part of that hope, too. Read on.

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Don’t Put Your Guard Down in Your Garden: These Deadly Plants May Be Lurking In Your Backyard

by last updated August 3rd, 2016 in , , ,

Sometimes, knowing the types of plants you have in your garden spells the difference between fun and tragic. As with any forms of natural landscapes, your garden might be susceptible to being invaded by deadly plants that having at least a mental inventory of them and familiarising yourself with each variety makes complete sense. Take a tour at some of the most poisonous flora you may be nurturing now right in your garden.

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Composting Guide for Beginners: Helpful Tips To Make Great Compost

Studies and first-hand experiences have shown the potency of compost in bringing vitality to the garden soil and plants. And the good news is that making compost is easy and environmentally-friendly. It could be made from kitchen scraps such banana peelings, wood ashes collected from outdoor barbecue grills or worn out pieces of age-old garden table and […]

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Spruce Up Your Home and Garden this Spring with these Simple Ideas

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Spring is peeking from behind the curtains of winter and is ready to transform the entire environment into a non-stop giddy growth of all thing lovely and beautiful. We will see the grass grow green again and the flowers bloom. The leaves will begin to sprout and the small furry animals will begin to pop […]

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