April Fools Pranks That Will Surely Shock The Nerve Out Of Your Friends

April Fools is drawing near. And since it’s still March to date, this article will not prank you to doing non-sense tricks to ruin your prospects but give you nerve-racking ideas for the month to come! 

While everyone is as cold as a cucumber in spending most of the year on work, academics, parenthood and other serious stuff, there’s a day in April that gives a green light to high jinks and practical jokes.

april fools

Though the roots of this gut-busting trend are cloudy, some theories tried to explain its beginning. The most popular of them happened on April 1, 1689, where a mass of Londoners was tricked into coming to see ‘the lions washed’ at the Tower Ditch.

It is believed to be the first recorded instance of a popular April Fool’s Day prank since no one saw any lion washing ceremony.

Now, if you’re a fan of the prank season, please know that so do a lot more people around you. You surely don’t want to be cliche and don’t want the joke bouncing back to you on this battle of wit and gags.

With that said, here is a list of offbeat April Fools pranks that’ll make you this year’s reputable rascal.

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1. Glued Quarter

For this trick, paste a coin, a bill or a credit card on a populous street and enjoy the spectacle! You may want to have your camera handy then.

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2. Offer Someone A Drink

Being nice isn’t a prohibited act on April Fools. Just make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion.

April fools prank ideas - offer someone a drink

3. Office Mouse

It’s a classic prank to tape your colleague’s mouse at work. However, the photo you stick with it carries the novelty.

april fools prank - office mouse

4. Spider Roll

Draw a little arachnid on that tissue roll and make sure it’s hidden until someone needs to pull it out to jolt the life out of them. 

aprils fools prank - spider roll

5. Dough-Nuts

Health is wealth, dear friends.

april fools pranks - dough-nuts

6. Office Party

You know where this is going and you know it’s going to be fun.

april fools prank - office party

7. Won’t Come Out

This probably is the heart-warming act of love you’ve been waiting to do on your sister. Only, it’s April Fools.

april fools prank - won't come out

8. Gelatin Dish

Plant your dad’s, mom’s, friend’s or boyfriend’s valuables on cooled gelatin for their taking and tell them they’re welcome.

aprils fools prank - gelatin dish

9. Jokes On You

If you know anyone who has a crush on you, might as well get his/her number now. This could turn out as a hilarious prank or a match-making feat.

april fools prank - jokes on you

10. Dummy

It only needs a pair of an outfit and a printed out image of you to surprise your officemate on April 1. First, because a dummy of you smiling is sitting on your chair, and second because it’s the first time you went to work on time.

aprils fools prank - dummy

11. Pop Out

Happy April Fools!

april fools prank - pop out

12. A Box Of Chocolates

April Fools can also be a day where you can promote a healthy diet among your loved ones.

april fools prank - box of chocolates

13. Dollar Bill

Money is always a great bait.

april fools prank - dollar bill

14. Spilt Ice Cream

Just a little school glue and nail polish and you nailed it! Make sure you put it on the right spot like the sofa or the newly-changed bed sheet.

April fools pranks - spilt ice cream

15. Sticker Socket

Stick this one on the right places and you’ll surely be laughing at all the upset chargers.

april fools prank - sticker socket

16. Blame the Dog

This will be a hilarious prank! Also if you will place it on the most distressing of all places like the pillows or the carpet.

april fools prank - blame the dog

17. Good Tip

Aside from being a great restaurant prank, this is also a good way to save money.

april fools prank - good tip

18. Bathroom Scare

People would freak out at the sight of this. It’s a classic prank but never fails to shock the nerve out of everyone.

april fools prank - bathroom scare

19. Toilet Boy

Who wouldn’t be scared? Especially if no youngster lives in the house.

april fools prank - toilet boy

20. Clown in the Drawer

Happy April Fools Day!

april fools prank - clown in the drawer

What do you think ?

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