10 Top Tips For Choosing The Best Christmas Tree

For many, the festive season will not be complete without a plush and well-decorated Christmas tree to put presents beneath. The act of choosing and buying a Christmas tree can also signal the start of the festivities.

So, if you prefer a real one against an artificial tree, it is important to choose the perfect Christmas tree to decorate the house with! In order to keep it fresh, there are some things to consider before and after purchasing.

Here are 10 top tips for choosing the best Christmas tree:

1. Choose a high-quality stand


Your tree of choice should have a sturdy stand to ensure no spillage during the festive season. When shopping for the right the stand, you also need to consider that the taller the tree, the wider its diameter.

A tree stand that can hold more water can also be a great pick since it will allow you to enjoy the festive season without having to water your Christmas tree often.

2. Purchase your Christmas tree at the right time


Being too excited to set up a Christmas tree at home and buying it too soon will mean that it will not look its best come the big day. For example, Norway spruces mostly last around 12 days, so purchasing one in early December is not ideal.

Nordmann firs, however, can be more expensive but they make an excellent choice as their needles are not prone to dropping.

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3. Pick the perfect height for your home


Nothing is worse than having to cut a perfect-looking tree after buying it, just because it does not fit in your home. So, make sure to measure the amount of space you intend to designate to your Christmas tree before leaving home.

Consider both its width and height, as well as how high of a tree your stand could handle.

4. Cut afresh


It is a great practice to cut off at least half an inch from the bottom of your tree’s trunk. It will allow the tree to soak water up immediately.

5. Determine the best location for your tree


Christmas trees that are placed near fireplaces, heating vents, radiators and sunny windows tend to quickly dry out, causing them to die faster. When positioning yours at home, make sure to keep it away from busy areas also to ensure that its needles stay up longer.

6. Decide on the kind of tree you prefer


Tree species can vary a lot in terms of features, so you need to determine your preference before buying one in order to save time. Pine or fire trees tend to have softer needles so they would be ideal if there are kids and pets at home.

Spruce trees, on the other hand, have sharper needles which can hurt if someone accidentally steps on them. When it comes to decorating, trees with shorter needles are a better choice since they come with more space between branches.

7. Trim any crooked branches


To improve the look of your tree, trim any bent or unpleasant branches. Make sure, however, to do so in an angle parallel to the floor so they will not look obvious.

You can also use these cut branches to decorate your bannisters and fireplaces. Keep them in water until you decorate to maintain their freshness.

8. Secure the tree in its stand


After purchasing your Christmas tree, it can be better and easier to set it up in its stand outside the house in order to prevent the needles from falling inside. Tip it on its side and tighten the stand’s levelling clamps around the end of the trunk.

You can then lift the tree to stand and carry it into the house, ready to decorate. If you want your garden to look as festive, browse through these few tips.

9. Maintain the tree’s moisture


Maintaining the tree’s moisture can keep it alive for longer. To do so, ensure that it has a constant supply of water.

During the first few days, the tree may require more water, but it will lessen its intake after almost a week.

10. Check your tree’s freshness


To examine a tree’s freshness, you may bend a single needle in half. A fresh fir tree’s needle will snap, while a fresh pine tree’s will bend but not break. These needles should also appear green and shiny, and not falling off the branch at the slightest touch.

If DIY wreaths also attract you as a great Christmas decor, here’s some ideas you can apply.

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