How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies signify a healthy environment in the garden. Plus, they are undeniably pleasing to the eye, so having them in the yard can bring about major satisfaction.

However, they can be hard to spot in the garden if your space does not cater to their needs and worse — causes them harm. To help with this, our garden experts have listed some ways for you to attract butterflies to your garden. Let’s begin!

7 Ways to Invite Butterflies into the Garden

Despite their decreasing number, turning your humble backyard into a blooming oasis for butterflies is not impossible.

With some extra effort and a few initiatives, you can welcome them back into your garden and create a visually stunning space.

Here is our garden experts’ list of efficient techniques to create a butterfly-friendly garden:

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1. Stop using pesticide


Chemical pest repellents can kill both the good and bad bugs, so butterflies are never an exception.

To keep them in your yard, start using natural alternatives to pesticides and promote an eco-friendly garden. Aside from attracting butterflies and other wildlife, it will also protect your precious plants.

2. Create a sun-friendly space


Butterflies mostly feed only under full sun, so their presence is linked to beautiful sunny days. Place your plants where they are highly exposed to the sun to invite more butterflies to feed in your yard.

3. Leave fallen fruits

Butterflies struggle to consume hard foods, so rotting fruits such as berries, apples, and pears can be a great source of nutrition for them.

So, leave some in the compost heap to attract more butterflies to your yard. Pro tip: the riper the fruit, the better!

4. Choose the right plants


Brightly-coloured flowers attract butterflies the most, so choose them for your yard if you want to invite these colourful bugs. Some of the best picks include azaleas, hibiscus, and milkweeds.

5. Cut weeding


Most British gardeners get rid of weeds in their yards regularly. But, good insects such as caterpillar and larvae feed on wildflowers so it wouldn’t be a good thing for them if you get rid of all the weeds.

Increase butterfly population in your garden by allowing weeds to grow wild in a particular area.

6. Provide a source of water


To help bugs absorb more minerals, provide them with a source of water in the garden. They need it as much as nectar so you can dig a small container in the ground and fill it with water, small rocks and some soil.

Make sure to locate it in an area that receives direct sunlight.

7. Set up a shelter


Butterflies struggle to fly in particularly windy weather. So to help them thrive in such condition, you can provide them with a shelter in your garden.

You can get it from the market or simply set one up from tall plants placed together.

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