Man To Sue Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without Consent

Have you ever thought to yourself, how dare my parents to create me without my consent? No me neither but Raphael Samuel has. He is suing his parents for just that reason.

Getting on with your parents can sometimes be difficult with the parent-child dynamic. Especially as you get older and fight for your independence from the individuals who created you.

Although there are a small number of individuals, who want to fight this injustice of parental procreation. Which basically means those who support, do not want to have children themselves.

About the man planning to sue his parents

Samuel is 27 and is from Mumbai, India. He is at the forefront of the childfree movement which has three main pillars. Furthermore, he plans on taking his parents to court over creating him and bringing him into this world without his consent.

man plans to sue parents for birth

He has stated many times that he actually gets on with his parents very well. Furhtermore he says that his mother understands what he is fighting for. However his father doesn’t. He struggles to understand why his son is taking him through a legal case.

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Samuel would prefer not to use his real name and identity and he appeared in a video wearing a disguise to answer some of the questions about his choices and movement as a whole.

The Belief

Samuel believes in anti-natalism which means that he considers against any sentient life being born. However he does state that he gets on well with his parents, but this does kind of go against many things.

He has made an impact on the community and the internet as a whole with his belief system. He has taken his views to Facebook and started a forum for his other childfree supporters to discuss the meaning of it all.

A picture of Samuel (below) was posted for his 1,508 Facebook followers with the caption blesses the gaping void of your soul…’

man plans to sue parents for birth

The quote is straight out of the nihilist meme pages. A nihilist is a person who believes that life is meaningless and rejects all religious and moral principles. But the quote seems to be genuine from what we have researched.

Samuel has stated that he is not a suicide risk as he disagrees with the idea of taking his own life. He claims he enjoys life to the fullest and states that suicide must be discouraged on all accounts.

In addition, he states there are many troubles in the world right now such as climate change, overpopulation, unemployment, increase in loneliness and violence. He said that it is wrong to bring a child into the world without their consent with all these problems going on.

Maybe Samuel may be right or maybe not. Do you think parents should be held to a higher standard of law? Does the childfree movement have a point? Perhaps Samuel is the only one who feels this way and is a product of his environment or upbringing. Who knows, you decide.

What do you think ?

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