Save the Spiders: Keep Them Outdoors

While a lot of people are scared of spiders, it is still a good thing to have them hanging around. Experts are now encouraging British homeowners not to kill spiders who visit their homes, especially this coming autumn. This drive is to keep arachnids where they truly belong – in the garden doing their part for the ecosystem.

Despite their terrifying features, many aren’t aware of the reason why they suddenly come out of nowhere during autumn. Sadly, thousands of spiders have been killed because of attempting to venture indoors. But rather than kill them when they come inside, it’s best to save them by merely keeping them out of the house.

Our garden experts here at BillyOh have a compiled a list to help save our eight-legged buddies.

Do’s and Don’ts in Dealing With Spiders At Home

With these helpful tips, you’ll know how how to keep your eight-legged friends outdoors and additional ways to keep them out of your home. With just a couple of minor alterations, you will immediately notice a reduction in the number of spiders spotted crawling around your house.


Vacuum Regularly


Hoovering up any tiny loose crumbs of tasty food is an effective way to put off the bugs that spiders are attracted to. Vacuuming also removes any spider eggs or webbings that may be present inside your house. When we were kids, our parents told us spiders get rid of flies – which is true. However, if you also keep the flies away which are attracted to food crumbs, then there will be less spiders.

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Mind the Gap


It can be baffling sometimes how spiders manage to get indoors but have you checked for any holes, cracks, or crevices around? If not, maybe that would be the answer to your problem.

Make sure to cover any possible entry points for spiders with some tape. This also includes covering your air vents with a net or mesh, if possible.

Keep the House Clean and Tidy


Get rid of the pile of rubbish hanging around and remove your dirty laundry as soon as possible. These can serve as hideouts for spiders in case they manage to penetrate your walls.

Make an Anti-Spider Spray


Create your own anti-spider spray using any vinegar or mint oil mixed with water. Spray the mixture on the spider to give them a quick shower. They should find it unpleasant and go into full retreat.


Collect Conkers to scatter around your House


Stop wasting your time collecting conkers because there is no scientific evidence behind this old-wives’ tale. Although conkers are believed to contain a chemical toxic to spiders, there has been no definitive proof that they are actually effective deterrents.

Turn Lights off Unnecessarily


Another false belief when it comes to spiders is that they’re attracted to artificial light. This might be effective to moths and other insects, but it doesn’t work with spiders so you can keep the lights on.

Get Rid of Indoor Plants


Although indoor plants might seem like a natural habitat for spiders, you don’t have to worry because they’re not really a strong attraction for them. That means you don’t have to deprive yourself of any beautiful greenery at home to eliminate spiders.

Stock up Horse Chestnuts or Walnuts


Many believe that spiders find the smell of chestnuts and walnuts awful, but there has been no concrete proof of this.

Beware! For a bowl of these lying around the house could simply prove a tempting snack for you.

Wrap Up

By following these simple do’s and don’t, it’s quite easy to discourage spiders from coming inside at all. Let’s all help contribute to saving the lives of thousands of spiders who are squished by homeowners each year.

At the end of the day, this Earth we live in is meant to be shared by a variety of species — and if we are brave enough we can even invite some wildlife to our own space.

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