5 Gardening Tips From Around The World That Every Gardener Should Know

People from the UK are well-known for their love of gardening, and in fact, many people take pride in being called: green-fingered Brits.

However, aside from them, gardening has turned out to be a popular pastime for people abroad. Throughout the ages, fellow gardeners across the world have established their very own methods of nurturing a blooming garden and dealing with common frustrations

Using cola on moss and watering plants at night, for example, are some of the ways gardeners around the world have come up with to ensure a luscious lawn.

5 Global Gardening Tips

Every country has its unique traditions and trends when it comes to homes and gardening. Aside from using homegrown techniques, it will be an excellent advantage for Brits to learn these global gardening tips to cultivate their gardens better.

With that said, here are the global gardening tips that growers around the world should know — including you.

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1. America – Gardening with Cola

5-global-gardening-tips- 1-america-gardening-with-cola

Using cola in the garden might seem unusual. However, cola is not only high in sugar, but it also contains phosphoric acid — making it the perfect treatment for moss and optimal tool in preventing further growth.

Not only can cola’s acid content cause no damage on any surface or gap when treating moss, but it also doesn’t cause discolouration to any area you use it on.

Take note: It must be used undiluted. It’s best for small areas.

Surprisingly, cola can also help you deal with slugs, make a compost heap, and trap wasps in your garden.

2. Israel – Roof Reservoir


One of the familiar sights in Israel are the water reservoirs on houses’ roofs as they’re great for keeping plants completely hydrated all year round — with minimal effort.

Installing a water cooler is understandably expensive, and for some, it’s time-consuming. So instead, you can consider making one at home using water bottles with small holes in the lid.

3. Australia – ‘Leaf’ Watering for the Night


Did you know that Aussies only water plants at night?

It’s because when sun rays hit the water on plants, it acts as a magnifying glass and burns the leaves below. Amazing technique, right?

4. Singapore – High Rise Greenery


This country is considered as one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. It is no surprise why Singaporeans have to come up with creative space solutions.

Hence, Singapore gave birth to sky gardens, which are now a common destination across the nation. With apartments jampacked, roof gardens have dramatically increased in numbers, making the country gain the unofficial title “Garden City”.

5. France – Natural Privacy

5-global-gardening-tips-5-france-natural privacy

Even the humblest of French homes will have an element of privacy. Hence, rather than opting for a wooden fence or standard hedge, they have used a variety of plants placed together to provide privacy from the outside world.


It’s good to learn from people around the world, as people continually discover useful techniques all the time. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how even the things you regularly see at home can help you manage your yard!

Follow these tips, do a bit of research, and you can easily reach your garden’s maximum potential. You’ll never know, the next practical approach to gardening might come from you!

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