Make the Most of a Small Garden

Though challenges are more present in small gardens, they are much easier to maintain and more budget-friendly. Our garden experts now provide eight notable tips to make the most out of a small garden.

From what colour scheme you should opt for to minimalist and straightforward designs, you will surely have that wow factor on your project even if you have small outdoor space.

8 Tips in Making the Most Out of a Small Garden

You can still enjoy and make your small space a natural sanctuary. You only need to have creative and effective planning on how to make the most out of it. Think through on what objects you should put.

You can have containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes which will all be convenient for planting in a limited space. You should also prioritise the lighting of your garden and double up on functionality where possible too.

Window Boxes

Make use of your window boxes by using sleepers to create a simple trough under the windows and fill it with compost. These window boxes will let you plant some ornamental or edible plants even if you do not have a massive space.

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Low Walls

Maximising your small space includes hitting two birds with one stone, so low walls are very much a choice. They will not only serve to border your flower beds but also as a seating area when you need extra seats for your visitors.

Add some cushions too if you want it to be more comfortable and cosy.

Vertical Planting

We know that the space we walk onto is much a concern when getting into a small garden with lots of creations. So, we do the planting upward instead of laying them all on the ground.

Moreover, this way of cultivation gives more interest and texture to your outdoor. This does not only make planting easier but can also minimise the pests and disease issues you will probably have in your garden.

Hanging Baskets

Whatever the size of your garden or balcony, there will always have a space for hanging ornamentals in baskets. Plant some plants with attractive colours to add some life and glow.

Container Garden

If you are only working with a small pavement behind your home, you may want to create a container garden. Use pots and containers with various shapes and sizes in renovating your garden.

This only needs minimal effort, and because they are movable, you can also add some space for seating when needed.

Choose Colours Wisely

Your exterior is just as important as your interior design, especially to smaller spaces. If light colours make your indoor space look bigger, when it comes to your garden, vibrant colours of flowers and shrubs will make your area appear brighter and bigger.

Generally, hot colours make spaces more intimate while cooler shades add depth and serenity.


Climbers are another option when saving ground space in your garden. Grow your climbers on pillars or over pergolas, your walls or fences, or even in hanging pots or baskets.


Brits are only able to have their gardens fixed for only six months because of the different seasons they experience. Thus, the other six months are their only time to groom and make the most of their gardens.

So, you should consider the lighting of your garden to make a great view from the inside of your home and even during the gloomy winter nights. The lighting should be sharp to be able to highlight your plants to create shadows and give depth to your garden.

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