How to Turn Your Shed Into a Summer Pool House

The days are longer and the sun is shining brighter, and you know what that means: summer.

The summer season is all about making the best out of the sunshine and fine weather. As we start to crave that warm-weather state of mind, a list of fun outdoor activities start to fill up our thoughts.

So – have you got any plans to beat the summer heat? How about a nice refreshing dip in the pool? Well, if you own a shed, we’ve got something to make your summer all the more memorable.

Turning Your Garden Building Into a Shed Pool House

Owning a pool sure has its perks. They’re great for outdoor entertaining but also for adding value to your property. And that’s even more true if you have a pool house!

This is where your garden shed comes into play. We know, there’s a bit of leap to make from the dumping ground where you keep your outdoor belongings.

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But just imagine how awesome it would be to relax in the shade under your summer shed pool house? Imagine the perfect view of your outdoor pool with the blue of the sky and the water. 

Swimming is also a lot more enjoyable when you have everything you need within reach!

So do you and your family want the perfect summer getaway without leaving your home? 

Then let’s get started!

Shed Pool House Tip #1: Clean Out Your Shed

For shed owners utilising their garden buildings for storing tools (and junk!), then deciding to transform it into something more valuable is a big step. And one of the important steps you have to take on this journey is cleaning out the shed.

If you’re aiming for a shed pool house then your outdoor building should be filled with pool-related items. This means getting rid of the usual bits and pieces from outdoors. Sort out everything stored in your shed and take the opportunity to throw out items you no longer use or anything that’s broken.

As for the equipment you regularly use, set it aside and relocate it to a new home for the time being. Store your lawnmower in your garage, for example. As much as possible, only dedicate your shed pool house to anything pool-related.

Shed Pool House Tip #2: Add More Storage

Beach bags with 'sea', 'sea' written on them against white clapperboard shed

If you can’t find a new place to store your frequently used items, consider adding dedicated storage. Things like cabinets, shelves, or hooks can go a long way to organising your space. 

A small to medium-sized cabinet space could be enough to store your gardening tools and supplies all in one place. As for bulky items, covering them with fabrics will do the trick as long as they are neatly stored and separated from pool gear.

A pool house with a bit of storage is also an excellent place to keep pool equipment. Don’t forget, you’ll probably have assorted pool toys and all sorts of maintenance supplies.

Think about installing rubberised multi-purpose hooks on the walls to hang beach towels, vacuum hoses, and floating inner tubes.

Just think – a cabinet can store an extra pair of slippers for guests, a variety of floats, or even an air compressor for inflating pool floats and beach balls. With smaller structures, open shelving units or a simple storage closet will be your best bet. 

If it’s big enough, you can house pumps, filters, storage benches to provide seating, and other essential pool equipment efficiently.

Fun tip: Ensure pool goggles and other pool items are easily accessible for happy swimmers!

Shed Pool House Tip #3: Nautical Influenced Interiors

Beach house interior with plants, nautical theme, blue and white colours and swordfish mural

If you’re transforming your shed into a pool house, then you’ll want to transform it. Think about using crisp, bright white paint from floor to ceiling to instantly revitalise the space. With a blank backdrop, you can add a touch of colour like blue shutters to imitate the colours of the sea.

Then, add decorative pieces in a variety of aqua and natural hues. Add to this, nautical-themed elements like seascapes, maritime charms, shells, or bursts of turquoise to invite the tranquillity of the ocean into your pool house.

Fun tip: Don’t forget to add porch stands near the door to collect beach hats and wicker totes! 

And remember, no swimming pool is complete without floats. Pool floats are perfect for guests and children to relax and unwind while enjoying cold drinks. But floats also can double as decorations. So make sure to pull out those floats for some additional fun under the sun!

Shed Pool House Tip #4: Coolers

coca cola, sprite, and schweppes cans in a fridge

Having unlimited ice during the summertime is like winning the lottery. With a cooler or portable fridge, your family and guests can have ice-cold drinks and refreshments before, during, and after swimming.

Set aside a low table in your shed to place a cooler filled with ice and soda, water, or juice for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and make sure to serve homemade popsicles too!

Whether it’s apple juice or orange flavoured ice pops, you’ll always have people round with popsicles on the menu. Make sure your cooler or fridge won’t run out of water, either. And remember to stay hydrated on hot days.

Shed Pool House Tip #5: Privacy and Shade

sun shining through curtains in the shade

Throwing a pool party means guests. And in most cases, they’ll probably want a private area to change into their swimsuits. Your shed pool house is the ideal place to do so as long as there’s a privacy screen or curtains on the windows and locks on the doors.

During the afternoon hours, your curtains can block sunlight and provide a nice spot to cool off in the shade before diving back into the pool.

A pool shed with a porch sure sounds fancy! Just imagine: taking a sip of your favourite summer drink on a foldable chair out on the porch, watching the kids splashing the afternoon away in the pool. A summer dream, indeed!

Shed Pool House Tip #6: Touch Up the Exterior

brightly-coloured beach huts against a blue sky

Don’t forget about the exterior of your shed pool house, though. It deserves a makeover too! The good news is, there’s no ocean required. All you have to do is grab that paintbrush and a breezy and fresh colour of paint.

But before you start repainting, think about:

  • Using oil-based paint to seal up holes and prevent pests from entering.
  • What method of painting you want to use. Would you be better with a paint gun or a brush?
  • Applying the paint in thinner coats so that it doesn’t run.

To make your shed pool house exterior that bit more fancy try adding charming coastal accessories. Think seashell mirrors, brass finishes, or ship-worthy lighting.


Don’t let your pool sit alone in your backyard. Complete the overall look of your poolscape with a DIY shed pool house and make it your one-stop-shop for all your outdoor summer needs.

Transforming your shed into a summer pool house requires time, effort, and a good budget. But just like any garden building makeover, the end result is always worth it. We hope these ideas will help you envision a refreshing pool paired with a beautifully designed shed pool house in your backyard.

And if you’re in a creative mood, check out some more garden building makeover ideas.


We suggest using rubberised hooks to hang floats without damaging them.

We'd opt for crisp, bright colours with nautical themes like white and blue.

Keep it nautical. Think aqua and natural hues, maritime accessories, and shells.

If the original structure came under your permitted development rights then you won't need further planning permission.

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