How to Encourage Worms into Your Garden

When deciding to apply various ways to care for the garden, we sometimes go for the easy and quick but inorganic method.

So, a lot of gardening experts at present are encouraging green-fingered Brits to bring back the humble earthworm into their gardens and take advantage of their aid.

Earthworms naturally plough the soil and burrow tunnels to provide proper aeration for your plants’ roots. It also makes water penetrate the soil easily, lessening the need to dig often.

To know how to encourage earthworms into your yard, here are effective ways to attract them and maintain their number.

6 Simple Ways to Encourage Worms in Your Soil

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At present, around 16 species of earthworms inhabit the UK. They are a familiar sight to British gardeners as these slithering animals can aid in a lot of gardening tasks.

Worms also eat decaying plant material but don’t damage growing plants, so by having some in the ground, the soil will end up becoming a lot healthier.

And though they enhance soil quality, earthworms don’t stay in extremely acidic soils or yards that are prone to waterlogging. So, its time to convert your garden into an eco-friendly space and invite more worms.

1. Test soil


Organically-rich soil is what earthworms love. So, start testing your soil and ensure that it is high in nutrients and has a neutral pH level to encourage more worm life.

2. Prepare soil


To prepare your soil, you can allow fallen leaves and petals to accumulate on its surface. You can also add mulch or bury kitchen scraps in it.

To do so, dig about 10cm-deep holes in various spots around the yard, then fill them will fresh food scraps such as vegetable peelings before covering back up.

3. Water soil


Make sure to water your plants regularly because earthworms love moist soil. Aside from plants, make it a practice to hydrate the soil itself to create a desirable habitat for worms.

4. Don’t dig


To prevent harming the earthworms, try to lessen your amount of digging. It shouldn’t worry you in terms of aerating the soil because these garden critters will do the work for you.

If you must dig, however, use a garden fork, not a spade.

5. Be organic


To avoid killing the earthworms, opt for organic weed killers or pest repellents instead of store-bought, chemical-laden pesticides, fungicides, or other toxic substances.

6. Worm shop


If these techniques fail, it is never a bad thing to order garden worms online. To put them in the soil, simply dig a few shovel-deep holes around the garden and place them there.

Then, re-cover the holes with soil and water. Make sure to maintain a worm-friendly garden afterwards to keep them in your yard.


More than ever, our planet today needs more eco-friendly initiatives. So, aside from growing plants, use your humble garden to save earthworms and other forms of wildlife, reduce plastic waste and conserve more water!