7 Best Sensory Activities for Children You Can Do Indoors

In such a time when everyone is called to stay home, there are a lot of ways to still have fun and be productive with the family. If you have toddlers, this is a great time to play exciting sensory activities to help them develop their cognitive skills.

Here is a list of the best sensory games you can play with the kids at home:

1. Grouping Game


Kids love sorting and putting things together, which means a basic grouping activity will keep them busy whilst developing their math and organizational skills.

You will need:
– colourful and disparate-shaped objects (such as buttons, paper clips, rubber bands)
– a box

You can then ask your child to sort these objects into similar groups. These groups can include colours, type of object, and shapes. It will help them to recognise, count and identify shapes and colours.

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2. Colour Squishy Bag Experiment


This experiment is an interesting way to show kids how primary colours turn into secondary colours when mixed. They will surely enjoy the squishy experience too!

You will need:
– paints in the three primary colours
– clear zip-lock bags
– adhesive tape
– a flat surface

Lay your zip-lock bags flat and put in two primary colours on the sides of each bag. Make sure to avoid mixing them up yet. Fill as many bags as the number of secondary colours you can mix from two primaries.

Close the resealable bags properly and fix them into the surface with adhesive tape. You can then let the kids squish the bags until they discover secondary colours coming out of the mixes.

3. ‘I Spy’ Game


Best for toddlers, the classic “I spy with my little eye…’ game is a fun and effective way to enhance children’s attention and increase their spatial awareness.

For this activity, you simply need an eye for unusual and interesting objects which you can challenge your child to spot. Especially if done in a slightly cluttered part of the home, this game will help enhance your kids’ cognitive systems.

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4. Tape Removing Game


Since toddlers love peeling, scratching and pulling, this sensory activity for kids will surely be a fun game for them. It can also boost their ability to concentrate and problem-solve, which are essential brain-building skills to develop.

You will need:
– masking or other coloured adhesive tapes
– a flat surface
On a flat surface, a notebook, table or even on the floor, fix up strips of coloured tapes and make sure they overlap. Demonstrate to your kids how they can remove each strip of tape.

Then, allow them to explore and remove the tapes according to the order of how they were affixed to the surface. Make sure that the colour of the tapes you use differ so children won’t have a hard time determining which colour is which. You can also use textured tapes to add more elements into the game.

5. Storytelling


Different from the kind of brain development kids get when reading or listening to a story, allowing them to story-tell helps improve their memory and pay better attention to details.

You will need:
– any kids’ magazine or book

Pick a page with lots of elements from the magazine or book and let the kids come up with a story using the elements. Tell them to widen their imagination by coming up with characters even from inanimate objects found on the page.

This activity will allow your children to not only sharpen their memory in keeping track of their characters but also to develop their language and vocabulary. Additionally, it will also boost children’s independence and self-confidence.

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6. Alphabet Ice and Shaving Cream


A messy but sensory activity for children, this game gives them a chance to explore their senses while learning the alphabet. It is an unstructured way to let the kids learn, explore, and be creative.

You will need:
– an alphabet ice mould tray
– food colouring
– low fragment and sensitive skin shaving cream
– table or rectangular tub

First, fill a small jug of water with food colouring and stir it until combined. You can add more food colouring until you achieve your desired hue. Pour the coloured water into the mould and freeze.

When ready, you can shuffle the letters and add some shaving cream into the table or tub. Make sure that you put shaving cream that’s enough to hide the letters. Then, it’s time for the kids to look for each letter and assemble them according to the alphabet. You can ask them to sing the alphabet song while doing so!

7. What’s Missing?


Another fun and stimulating activity for kids, ‘What’s Missing’ is a challenging game that will effectively boost their memory.

You will need:
– a rectangular tub or tray
– various household items

After gathering these things, place a number of items into the tray (you can start with 3 or 4 and increase from there). Tell the kids to take a look and help them name each item. Then, ask them to cover their eyes or face backwards while you remove one item from the tray.

You can now let the kids tell you what’s missing! For older children, you can use more items and ask them to list down as many items as they can remember.

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