12 Useful Garden Shed Storage Ideas

Garden sheds are a great storage solution if you want to spare your house and garage from excessive tools and equipment. However, storage sheds can easily get cluttered once you fail to keep items and equipment in order.

So, if you’re tired of stumbling over lawn tools and equipment in your garden shed, it’s time for you to check out this list of handy and efficient shed storage ideas!

1. Floating Shelves

Both a space-saving and efficient storage option, try taking advantage of your shed walls and install a few layers of floating shelves. This storage idea makes your shed look larger and allows you to easily access small items you would like to use.

2. Free-Standing Metal Shelf

Once in a while, we feel like our storage areas need to be reorganised. So, make sure to include a free-standing metal shelf inside your shed which is flexible and easy to move.

You can use this storage option for a variety of needs — for bins, tubs, garden tools, and other larger items. Aside from being durable, metal shelves also include raised legs which allow you to keep the bottom clean as well as grated tiers that prevent dirt and debris from collecting.

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3. Repurposed Bookshelf

Old bookcases or shelves deserve a place in your shed to store small gardening items, toolboxes, and even vases and plant pots. So, paint and make an old bookshelf look brand new to add efficient storage space in your shed. You can also use stick-on wallpapers at the back of your bookshelf to add a pop of colour to your space.

4. Adjustable Shelving

If you find your shelves inappropriate for your items’ varying sizes, you might as well opt for an adjustable shelf. Hanging one into your walls will allow you to create more storage space that you can easily move to accommodate different tool sizes.

5. Use of Plastic Tubs

Cords, screws, gloves, and other small items in the shed can make a great mess once disorganised. For such, small to medium-sized plastic tubs can help you put your things in order. Make sure to label them properly, however, so you won’t have to dig through each container every time.

6. Tool Hanger for Long-Handled Items

Vertical storage is a great way to save space inside your shed. And, the most appropriate tools to store vertically are the long-handled ones such as rakes and brooms.

For this idea, you can install a commercial tool hanger in one of your shed walls. You can use leftover PVC piping for an easy DIY tool rack as well. Your shed door can also hold a tool hanger if you have used up most of your walls for storage and decor.

7. Wood Pallet as Garden Tool Holder

Recycling a wood pallet into a garden tool holder can help a lot not only in saving space in the shed but also saving money on expensive racks. You can simply paint and screw hooks into it or join two or three together to create a sturdy organiser.

8. Magnetic Strips for Storing Metal Tools

Take advantage of magnetic strips in keeping easy access over metal items in your shed. They are a perfect solution in storing tools such as trowels, pliers, and screwdrivers which you can instantly get whenever needed. You won’t have to go through shelves and drawers if you have such a storage option.

9. Mason Jars as Paintbrush Stand

Paintbrushes are one of the common items we have in the shed, and they are also one of the common tools to make a mess in it. So, a great idea to keep them in order is using some mason jars as a brush stand. Whether you have varying brushes for art or simply some you use for the home, mason jars will keep them in place after use.

10. Pegboard Tool Organiser

A pegboard tool organiser will help organise your shed in a simple way. You just need to add the board into your wall, place hooks in the holes, and store your tools in one easy-to-access spot.

11. Rolling Storage Shelves

If you are using your shed as an art studio or workshop, you can take advantage of rolling shelves as a working table and storage area. You can easily move them around to free up space for new projects as well as join two rolling carts for a longer working surface.

12. Chalkboard for Notes

To organise, not only your tools but also your schedule and activities, hang a handy chalkboard inside your shed to remind you of things you need to accomplish!

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