Best Exercises With No Equipment You Can Do In The Garden During Quarantine

As we are limited to where we can go and what we can do, staying at home for prolonged periods can pose some challenges to keep yourself physically active.

But with days getting lighter and warmer, you can take advantage of your self-isolation and get your sweat on indoors or even in your garden. With our ‘5 Best Exercises With No Equipment You Can Do In The Garden’ guide, you can give yourself a full-body workout and remain physically active in uncertain times like this.

1. Squats


They say 50 squats a day keeps the doctor away. According to Dr Christopher Stepien, a sports therapist and chronic pain expert — “daily squats will help you mentally and will even give you better yearly check-ups with your primary physician.”

A squat is one of the most basic exercises that you can do literally anytime and anywhere, including in your humble garden space. By doing this exercise, you have to use all your muscles to keep an upright position, making it a total body workout.

Although it may seem easy to perform as you’re only pretending to sit, maintaining the position requires a lot of power and self-control. But trust us, squats are worth doing. In addition, toning up your lower body, performing squats can also help burn fats, improve posture, balance and flexibility, build abs and much more!

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You can follow this  30-day Squat Challenge (courtesy of Coach Mag UK) to shed fat and build functional muscle, or this 100-day Squat Challenge from YouTube (courtesy of Koboko Fitness).

2. Push-Ups


Push-ups are a popular exercise for strengthening the core and upper body and are considered as the equipment-free version of barbell bench press. Not only can this exercise can improve your muscle mass, but it can also boost your overall cardiovascular health.

Plus, push-ups can be done from virtually anywhere, including your garden, and don’t require any equipment. However, this requires you to have upper body strength, a strong chest and triceps, and a good core.

You can watch this step-by-step ‘How to Do Pushups for Beginners’ on YouTube, courtesy of 

Athlean-XX for Women. Then you can challenge yourself by doing this ‘30-day Push-up Challenge’, courtesy of Shape.

3. Reverse Crunches

Unlike traditional crunches, reverse crunches are more natural, efficient movements. This exercise mainly targets your major abdominal muscles, including the external obliques on the sides of the abdomen. 

Reverse crunches are also one of the popular abdominal crunch exercises. It’s a good ab exercise to include in your routine to develop an appealing stomach musculature and strong functional abs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for beginners, courtesy of Zero on YouTube. Or you can read this ab workout routine with reverse crunches, courtesy of Men’s Health.

4. Plank


Planking is one of the simplest and effective core exercises that can help you build stability and strength throughout your whole body. So, if your goal is to build up your core muscles, planking can be your go-to exercise.

What makes this body-weight exercise special to most people is it can be done pretty much anywhere, and you don’t need to buy expensive equipment to do it. You only need a yoga mat or a flat surface, and you’re good to go!

In addition to that, you can improve your posture and flexibility by just performing different plank variations for 10 minutes. You can also expect your arms, back, butt, core and legs to be more toned than you expected if you do it regularly.

It’s almost similar to push-ups, but instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, you hold your position with arms extended for about 30 seconds to a minute. You can follow this 5-minute Plank Challenge for firm abs and core, courtesy of Joanna Soh Official on YouTube.

5. Mountain Climbers


Last one on our ‘Best Exercises With No Equipment’ guide — mountain climbers.

Perfect for beginners, the mountain climber is a full-body workout that targets your arms, shoulders, quads, and core. This exercise is performed in a plank position, and then you’re alternate bringing one knee to your chest, speeding up each time as if you’re running against the floor. 

While performing mountain climbers sound simple, this works up your whole body, especially your quads and core, and get your heart rate up too. With just a yoga mat, you can perform the move right in your outdoor space.

This video will provide you with steps on how to do the workout correctly, courtesy of Fit Father Project. To challenge yourself, you can take this 5-minute Fitness Challenge: Mountain Climbers by Women’s Health.

Important Note: Stretching


Many people tend to skip the stretching part before and after working out. Little do they know that it’s a crucial part of a workout, not only to increase flexibility and range of motion but as well aid will cool down and the recovery process. 

Stretching for 10-15 minutes before you start your workout also helps prevent injuries, such as muscle pain and strain. So even if you’re just at home, never underestimate the power of warming up!

Here are our favourite stretches and positions you can add to your new exercise regimen:

There are tons of options besides hopping on a stationary bike or treadmill to exercise, and we hope our ‘5 Best Exercises With No Equipment You Can Do In The Garden’ guide will come in handy!

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