Winter Garden Ideas: Plants and Landscapes

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from your gardening hobby. Or allow the frosty climate to take over your backyard with a pile of snow.

You can still add beauty and interest to your outdoor space throughout the winter season. All you need is some planning and inspiration for you not to abandon your plot after the late summer.

If you own a log cabin or even a greenhouse creating a winter garden wonderland will be a lot easier on your end. So, if you’re looking for planning advice, ideas and influence, look no further!

Let’s get into the list and start designing your yard through winter in style.

1. Grow the best winter plants

If you wish your garden to thrive in wintertime, start planting cold-tolerant plants before the snow knocks in. Snowdrops can give you that sign of hope, even on the coldest of mornings.

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Snowdrops for your winter garden

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2. Bring structure to your plot

This doesn’t have to be with winterised garden furniture. Rely on colourful winter stems, such as a border of dogwoods, for a midwinter fire vibe.

You’ll have a heart-warming focal point in your backyard on a dull winter’s day.

Colourful winter stems like the border of dogwoods

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3. Keep growing your own produce

The frosty weather doesn’t mean it’s the end of the growing season. In fact, there are many delicious crops that flourish in this kind of climate. This is where your greenhouse comes in handy!

Winter lettuce for winter gardening

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4. Trust in your terrace garden

This tip works best if you’re thinking of adding a pergola in your garden. The patio structure is enclosed with toughened glass, including the roof, transmitting light with a view of nature.

Don’t forget to add your source of heat, such as a fireplace or a fire pit dining table.

A patio structure is enclosed with toughened glass, transmitting light with a view of nature

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5. Let the cool white and warm tones sparkle with snowfall

Make use of your trees this Christmas and make them the centre of attraction during this festive celebration. Light up your garden pathway with lanterns and Christmas lights for your trees.

Cool white and warm tones of a Christmas tree sparkle with snowfall

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6. Outdoor steam bath experience

Nothing beats a hot bath experience during the wintering months. And having an outdoor hot tub setup like this in your garden can give you that serendipity.

Outdoor hot tub setup in the winter

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7. Turn your log cabin into a holiday retreat

Log cabins can be used in a lot of different ways, and a holiday retreat is definitely one of them! Transform your cabin into something like this for comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Log cabin winter retreat

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8. Wrap your trees for winter

If you’re a tree grower, maintaining the health of your trees in the colder months is crucial. To ensure they’re all set for a successful growing season, wrap them up with a burlap blanket or corrugated cardboard.

But make sure to remove the wraps when the temperature gets warmer.

Trees wrapped with burlap blankets for winter

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9. Provide wildlife a home

One of the ways to liven up your sluggish garden is to turn it into a beautiful wildlife haven. During the coldest part of the year is when birds and other animals seek shelter.

Add bird boxes, hedgehog homes, or compost heaps for frogs, to thrive and hibernate.

A bird house with a pile of snow

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10. Contained wonderland

Don’t settle for the drab greys and browns of fall and winter; instead, create a cool container garden. Use evergreen sprigs, colourful twigs, and dried perennials to create a winter wonderland in your containers.

Container garden perfect for the wintertime

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11. Upright elements for interest

To add interest to your winter landscape, add upright elements and perennials like this into your yard. Not only does this add vertical interest as you gaze upon your garden, but also they’ll provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Upright elements that add interest in the white garden

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12. DIY holiday pedestal

If you have an extra and unused bid bath, why not transform it into a wintertime focal point? Take inspiration from this DIY pedestal; add evergreen bows and a massive red ornament to make your once-forlorn birdbath come to life again.

DIY holiday garden pedestal

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13. Winter fish pond care

You don’t want your fish pond to end up getting frozen, do you? Install de-icers and surface heaters to keep a hole in the ice and allow for proper gas exchange.

Garden fish pond with snow

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14. The evergreen joy

Evergreen foliage, from shrubs and trees, are the belles of the winter landscape. For one, the soft needles of white pine or the leathery leaves of Castle Spire Holly add lovely winter texture to the landscape.

Make a point to add more evergreens throughout your landscape.

Castle Spire Holly in a winter wonderland garden

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15. Twinkling lights and snow

These two always make a perfect combination. With shortened winter days, garden lighting can make a difference, illuminating your garden. Have a look at this twig structure ice crystallised by lights.

Ice in a twig structure crystallised by outdoor lights

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16. Al fresco dining in greenhouse

Greenhouses make an ideal sanctuary for the plants, but can also be a space for outdoor entertainment like al fresco dining. This polycarbonate greenhouse is transformed into an outdoor dining setup for the winter.

The evergreens, lights and candles make the space even more Christmassy.

Winter greenhouse al fresco dining

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17. When snows meets Christmas rose

This pest-resistant evergreen perennial can be a perfect addition to your winter garden. Plant it in a shady location with space to grow, and soon you’ll be noticing its white flowers among the pile of snow.

Christmas rose along with snow in the garden

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18. Boost heat in your greenhouse

Take this tip seriously if your plant sanctuary is unheated; heat retention and insulation are important for your winter crops. A DIY way to do this is to create a thermal mass or a heat sink like a few water-filled barrels.

Heated greenhouse for the winter produce

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19. Care for the chickens

If you have a chicken coop in your backyard, protect your chicks against the cold weather. Winterise their shelter by maintaining good ventilation and adding insulation.

Add a bit of decoration so it would blend well with your garden wonderland.

Chicken coop with chickens on a snowy day

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20. Have a winter wonderland fire pit experience

Save your family get-together around the fire pit after a snowy day. Make sure the paths aren’t slippery so you and your family can go to the yard pit safely. Add chairs with enough blankets; cups of cocoa drink and a bunch of marshmallows for s’mores!

The ultimate winter wonderland fire pit experience

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21. Fire alternative

If maintaining the fire in the pit is a bit challenging for you in the winter, take a cue for this creative outdoor lighting setup instead! Place some chunks of wood in the pit and decorate it with fairy lights for gorgeous landscape lights.

DIY fire pit decor with LED lights as an alternative to actual fire

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22. Eye-catching lighting watering can

Unleash a cascade of the teeniest LED lights pouring out of a decorative watering can. This simple magical decoration is a must in every garden not only in the winter but all year round!

Eye-catching lighting watering can

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23. Introduce the winter scent

Evoke the festive spirit from your home way to the garden with scented flowers like Witch Hazel. This yellow flower releases a delicious scent of liquorice into the air, adding a wintery scent to the garden.

Witch Hazel in a winter garden giving off a wintery scent

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24. Heated decking

Do you spend a lot of time in your garden, even in the wintertime? Heated decking may be an expensive way to heat up your garden but is surely an investment!

It is the same premise as heated floors inside the house, helping to keep toes warm and hopefully heat the rest of your body while on the patio.

Garden patio with a heated decking for the winter

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25. Layout your white garden

Wall gardens, hedges, and raised flower beds can add structure to your winter garden. They provide designated areas for different activities and can also be repurposed for different times of the year.

A white garden with a well-planned layout

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There are various ways to enjoy your garden in the wintertime, and one of them is decorating it. This time of the year is also the perfect excuse to prep up your backyard for the Christmas holiday!

Preparation and a bunch of helpful ideas are key. That’s what this guide is all about.

We hope our winter garden ideas will help you enjoy your outdoor space and exercise your green fingers throughout the season!

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