Spruce Up Your Home and Garden This Spring With These Simple Ideas

Spring is peeking from behind the curtains of winter and is ready to transform the entire environment into a non-stop giddy growth of all thing lovely and beautiful. We will see the grass grow green again and the flowers bloom.

The leaves will begin to sprout and the small furry animals will begin to pop their head out of their holes to sniff and inspect the environment. And while you’re at it, you might also want to start setting up your gas barbecue grill as spring also means small outdoor parties. Or what do you say you take out your dusty backyard trampoline for your kids to play on? Oh the endless things spring can bring!

Why not jump on the bandwagon? Spruce up the garden with these simple ideas to turn your garden or patio spring ready. Spring cleaning is awesome and you’ll get more out of it than just cleanliness. Have a try at these and get your garden ready for spring!


Repurpose the Garden Furniture by repainting with monochromatic colours.

You stored them away for winter, now is the time to bust them out of the storage. Why not give extra pizzazz by painting your garden furniture with what colour you like or what you think will blend well with your garden and paint everything with that colour.

You can paint it according to the appeal you want your garden furniture to have. Red for strong appeal and excitement, paint it blue if you want it to look calm and reflective, and maybe even orange for fun and warmth.

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You can learn more about the psychological properties of colour and you’ll know what perfectly matches your personality.


Repaint with Rainbow colours.

If you can’t pick a colour, why not use all of them? Rainbow coloured furniture matches the energetic and vibrant atmosphere of spring. Blend all the colors you know and have a blast. Let the family in the painting too. This is a fun idea that you and your family will enjoy.


Put up a patio dining table and enjoy fun family gathering.

What’s better than to bask in the warmth of the sun or the cool night breeze Mediterranean style? Have your lunch or supper and make memories with style. It’s a fairly simple approach yet it can work wonders in transforming your garden. We all know that good ambience will add flavour to any meal.


Paint the old patio umbrella.

You can make stencils give the patio umbrella a new look and fresh design. Let the designer inside of you spring out. You can use stencils in designing the umbrella. Pinterest is always a good place to look for resources.


Stain those massive wooden furniture instead of paint to bring out the natural colours.

Garden furniture, especially the big and clunky ones might have had to endure the effects of winter weather. Give those massive wood furniture some love by letting the beauty of wood grain pop out. Give them a fresh look as well as protection additional protection from the weather.


Enjoy the spring by hanging a hammock.

Put up one and you’ll be glad you did. You can relax and at the same time enjoy time outside of the house. If you have kids, they would love this idea. Lie down and let the fun under the sun roll.


Decorate around a couch.

If you don’t fancy a hammock and value the security of having a stable lounger, get a couch instead and decorate around it. Add lamps, put vases around it, or fill it with pillows. Design it however you want, the choice is yours. Make sure that the couch is weatherproof and can accommodate lots of people because it will be used a lot.


Mix chairs with other chairs you have lying around or in storage.

You’ll surprise yourself with the satisfying effect of finding random design just fitting together. Just go crazy. Good times always start with a little insanity. Not only that, you also get to use any garden furniture that has been stored for a long time.

Another idea worth mentioning is that you can paint them with the same colours to make them match even more.


Hang a canopy.

You can use canvas, silk cloth or even a blanket. It could be made from any material strong enough to block the sun and withstand the wind. Not only will it protect you from direct sunlight but also protects your garden from being boring. Now your garden has a cape, we should call it Super Garden.


Install an outdoor bar and barbecue grill.

What better way could you celebrate spring? Celebrate with your family and friends. Get yourself a bar and a grill in your garden. If you’ve been looking to get a backyard grill, this spring, go get one.


Light up.

Put lights in the most creative places you can think of. There’s nothing like properly placed lights. The lights will accent the beauty of your garden. Augment your favorite spot and make them look stunning by highlighting them with a bunch of lights

Bunny Guinness wrote an article here explaining the possibilities and range of garden lighting.


Try out colourful lights.

Pop colours work best and never fail to impress the guests. You want your garden to be appealing to you and your guests. So don’t be afraid to try out the modern colours to make a good impression. Plan it out, play it out and let your creativity flow.


Put up some lamps outside.

If you have an extra lamp inside your house, then it is time to put one outside. Your garden furniture will pop right out because of the warm feeling that the lamp brings. You now have a fancy outdoor reading nook where you can enjoy your weekend and your favourite book.


Light up the garden path.

Use any lighting materials. You can even use torches to add romantic Tropical effect. Or you can even hang lights on trees and make them look like fire flies. You’re hitting two birds with one stone: well lighted and beautiful pathway.


Build a treehouse.

You may have one when you were young or you have yet to have one. Every day is a good time to have a treehouse. It is a simple getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The memories that will follow will make the effort worthwhile. Here’s a guide on how to make a simple one. Note that in the UK, you have to ask a planning permission before the build.


Decorate rocks.

This is a pretty simple project you and your kids can do. Make this a bonding moment for you and your family. You can also paint the rocks the name of the vegetable if you have an allotment.


Purchase new garden furniture.

Sell the old ones and buy new ones. It is always great to have new furniture. Spring is about starting again and seeing new things. So why not invest in quality furniture this season?

No matter how long the winter was, spring always comes and it brings new life and joy to all things.Your garden can also find happiness with less than a little effort. Mix and match these ideas to make a new unique idea of your own.

What do you think? These are simple but can effectively spruce up your garden and make you feel better about springtime. Do you have any more ideas that you think should be included in this list? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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