Festive Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting can create a nostalgic Christmas scene in gardens and front yards. It brings so much festive cheer outside of your home, brightening (pardon the pun) everyone’s day.

There’s no limit to what you can create. So to inspire your creativity this season, we’ve put together a list of our favourite outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.

Perfect for lighting up snowy or dreary holiday nights, take a peek and get started adding a little festive sparkle to your outdoor space!

1. White Christmas porch setup

It’s about time to think outside of your home’s four walls and fill every nook and cranny of your porch with Christmas lights! The white branch-inspired lighting in this idea gives off a major winter wonderland vibe.

White Christmas lighting porch setup

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2. Colourful Christmas trees along the pathway

Everyone loves the appeal of twinkling outdoor Christmas trees. Decorate these little trees with a combination of various light colours along the pathway.

Don’t forget about your porch, railings, and even staircases!

Colourful Christmas trees with lighting along the pathway

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3. Go all out with topiary animals

Don’t just use lights; incorporate illuminated animals to make your outdoor decoration even more fun. Take a cue from these lit up reindeer to impress not only the neighbourhood but also Santa!

Christmas topiary animals with lights

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4. Wrap the trees

Garden trees make an excellent addition to outdoor Christmas decor, especially when they have lights on. When wrapped with fairy lights, they also make a stunning visual display for onlookers whilst making your exterior look even more inviting.

Garden trees wrapped with Christmas lights

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5. Opt for laser lights

Why not opt for an outdoor laser projector for Christmas this year? You can create an aesthetic tree line or decorate with lights in whatever way you want.

Christmas laser lights

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6. The cascading icicle lighting effects

Create a beautiful light show in your front yard or garden with a dripping effect like this one! Simulating falling snow, simply add the lights on your roof or trees to add more value to your outdoor design.

Cascading icicle lighting effects for Christmas

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7. Bushes wrapped with net lights

Make use of the bushes around your home by wrapping them around with net lights. This concept makes a great deal of difference, adding massively to your outdoor Christmas setup.

Bushes wrapped with net lights

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8. Christmassy roof display

Be creative with your holiday roof decorations and have a little fun with your lights. Take this holiday roof light display as a blueprint. It perfectly shows the holiday spirit, and if you join the neighbourhood lighting competition – you’ll surely bag the prize!

Christmassy roof display

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9. Star lanterns paired with string lights

Not only do star lanterns look amazing, but they also give a festive look to balconies. Even if you don’t get snow for the holidays, sweeping string lights can give your balcony a spark that feels like winter.

Start lanterns paired with string lights

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10. Add neon signs

Go extra with your outdoor Christmas lighting game by adding a massive neon sign on your roof or front gate. It helps outline your house, mainly the roof, just as shown in the picture.

We’re telling you; going for this concept, your house could be the centre of attention in town!

Christmas neon signs

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11. Highlight your main door

Beautiful red bows with lush green creepers on your main door are enough to strike the right chords for your festive season. Beautify the outdoor space more with yellow lights and creepers around the pillars.

Main door decorated with Christmas lights and garlands

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12. Create a spiral bordered path with lights

By looking at this snowy garden path, the small outdoor lamps create a cheerful surrounding. They light up the street leading to your house, greatly impacting your holiday spirit mood.

Spiral bordered garden path with lights

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13. Bright, massive star on the wreath

Stars are one of the true symbols of Christmas. Your outdoor lighting setup won’t be complete without their presence. Welcome the festival of joy, a simple big star on a wreath concept like this around your house.

Bright, massive star on the wreath

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14. Go full-house

Imagine what Santa (plus the neighbours and passerby) will look like when he visits your home! From the roof, all the way to the fence, a Christmas display like this will never let you down.

House full of Christmas lights and decor display

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15. Light-wrapped pillars

Garland lights can easily wrap around railings to produce a stunning display. They add height and look incredible when used to outline the front door in place of greenery.

Pillars wrapped with Christmas lights

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16. Oversized starlight spheres

Create a focal point in your Christmas outdoor decor by adding massive-sized starlight spheres into the background! Choose starlight spheres in one or a few colours to complement your holiday theme.

Use mini versions to hang between each column or across the ceiling to complete your Christmas-themed porch.

Oversized starlight spheres

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17. LED snowflakes

Step into a winter wonderland every time you arrive home with lighted snowflakes on your porch. Add a wintry mix with snowflakes in different sizes and styles hanging above the front entryway or backyard trees.

LED snowflakes Christmas lights

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18. Stay gold

Gold is a great choice of colour theme if you want to stick to one type of Christmas light design. You can’t go wrong with it as it works well with just about any home style. Gold-toned lights also avoid an over-the-top look, perfect for a simple outdoor Christmas setting.

Gold-toned Christmas lights

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19. Or go for a red and green colour scheme

Keep the lights minimal and clean with a red and green colour scheme for your outdoor space. This colour combination denotes all the Christmas cheer!

Use green lights on the bushes and your roofline, then contrast the green with red backlighting.

Red and green Christmas colour scheme

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20. The ultimate flying Santa and reindeer display

How about a quick ride with Santa this holiday? Lift the mood of your neighbourhood with this flying Santa and reindeer display! The bright neon lights and other Christmassy displays complete the spirit of Christmas.

Flying Santa and reindeer display

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21. Outline the section of your home

Use fairy or globe lights to outline your house and turn it into the perfect gingerbread house at night. Focus on the roof, windows and doors to create a merry-effect light display. Warm colour lights also add a hint of vintage charm.

Christmas lights outlining a home

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22. Keep it minimal

Even with a minimalist approach, you can get your home into the holiday spirit. Take this front yard makeover, for example.

The simple wreath hung on the door signals that Christmas is around the corner. But the small globe lights on each container plant make the area look simply festive.

Minimalist porch Christmas lighting setup

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23. Light up the fence

Don’t forget your fence when decorating your front and back gardens for the season. Use garlands and holiday lights to illuminate your home’s border at nighttime. Add ribbons for a holiday cheer.

Fence with garlands and Christmas lights

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24. A tropical holiday

Who says tropical garden ideas can’t get Christmassy? Palm trees make an excellent Christmas tree alternative.

Use string lights to wrap around them to channel a tropical holiday spirit. Simple outdoor lighting like this will give your home the bliss of the holiday season, even without the snow.

Tropical holiday Christmas display

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25. Christmas experience on the patio

Get that romantic winter experience by covering your patio with Christmas lights! A combination of net and string lights can help recreate this dreamy setup. This is fantastic if you plan on hosting alfresco dining this holiday season.

Patio filled with Christmas lights

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26. Light wreath display

This holiday lighting display is made from string lights and a few ornaments. Wrap the lights around a wire wreath frame and hang it by the window or entrance door. What a creative way to make use of the Christmas lights – and a great DIY project for the kids, too!

DIY wreath made from string lights

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27. Lighted rattan reindeer

A family of reindeer by the front or back yard is a lovely way to welcome Christmas. This year, opt for something new such as this rattan reindeer display.

Wrap string lights around them and add holiday ribbons for finishing touches.

Lighted rattan reindeer display

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28. Hang Christmas light balls

Decorate your patio or porch with these Christmas light balls. You can even make one or a few yourself using wires and string lights!

Just wrap the lights around a circular wire frame – make sure the whole thing is covered. Complete the look with ribbons or metal strings to hang on trees, ceilings or windows.

Christmas light balls on tree branches

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29. Solar-powered glass lanterns on the trees

Solar Christmas lights guarantee a lower electric bill and smaller carbon footprint. The benefits outweigh the costs without taking away from your festive display.

This Solar Powered Glass Jar Lantern Light is a great example. Invest in a few and hang them around your trees, pergola ideas, or fences.

Solar Powered Glass Jar Lantern Light
Solar Powered Glass Jar Lantern Light

30. Easy elegance with natural elements

Deck out your home’s entrance with loads of natural elements and string lights. Take a cue from this cheery home with a lit evergreen garland. Plus, two large urn planters with spotlights for a dramatic statement.

Christmas light decors with natural elements

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31. Tomato cage trees

Pull your tomato cages out of the shed and give them the spotlight this holiday season. With a bit of imagination and bling, you can transform them into amazing Christmas trees! A DIY project can only take around 15 minutes to make.

Tomato cage Christmas trees

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32. LED starlight

Add the perfect finishing touches to your home with a LED starlight. Not just for Christmas, this indoor light can be used all year round to create a cosy ambience in your living space.

This novelty starlight with fireworks is entwined with 100 microlights that give off a warm glow.

LED Star Light
LED Star Light

33. A merry outdoor fireplace

There are so many seasonal and festive outdoor fireplace mantel ideas that you can try out too. And below is one of our favourites, and we thought you’d also like it! Pair them with green garlands and red ornaments and displays for accent.

A merry outdoor fireplace mantel display

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34. Snow globe terrariums

It will only take you a few minutes to pull off these DIY winter-themed terrariums. Pick up a few jars and stuff them with fake snow, LED lights, vintage figurines and bottle brush trees.

Hang them anywhere, such as on trees, windows or pergolas, through twine or string.

Snow globe terrarium

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35. DIY burlap Christmas garland

Lighted burlap garland adds a rustic touch to holiday decor and can be used yearly. Spruce up the look by adding festively coloured ribbons to a string of white lights.

Perfect for fences, columns, doors and windows. Get the tutorial at Create Craft Love.

DIY burlap Christmas garland

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36. Pinecone lanterns

Add seasonal style to your home with pinecone decors, such as these lantern displays. The rusty lantern case and wooden sledge offer a rustic charm, perfect for pinecones. 

They will look magical as winter centrepieces, door decorations, mantel accents, and more.

Pinecorn lanterns for patios and pathways

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37. Christmas topiary greenery

These little trees created from herbs or other evergreens work well as holiday trees. A great alternative if you don’t have a big backyard to have an actual tree.

Snip, trim, and shape the plant’s foliage into the design you want to go for. These tips will come in handy.

38. Draped string lights

Shower your patio with a glittering glow with curtain lights. String or icicle lights will do the work!

Just drape them on the patio, porch, and windows like a curtain. This will give your home a charming, festive twinkle that feels like winter.

Draped string lights on a patio

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39. Holiday garage makeover

When it comes to garage/carport design ideas, you can’t miss the Christmas makeover. Take a cue from this cheery garage decorated with a big red bow, garland, and wreath.

Light up the garlands and wreath to add a touch of holiday elegance.

Holiday garage makeover

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40. Wall lamp decorations

Add holiday decor to garden wall lamps to give them a pop of holiday cheer without being overbearing. Wreaths make an excellent choice as they only need to be hanged. They’ll look better if they’re wrapped with string lights, so they’ll stand out at night.

Wall lamp Christmas decor with a wreath

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41. The nativity scene

Bring the story of Jesus Christ to life by placing a nativity scene in your front or back garden. Crafted with fabric and sisal over a metal frame, it features Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

The addition of Christmas lights shines brightly in this crèche.

Nativity Christmas display

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42. Candyland display

Candy canes and peppermint candies are on the sweeter side of Christmas decorations. They make any garden, front yard, or property – in general, look adorably Christmassy.

Turn your home or a garden room into a Candyland for the neighbourhood to enjoy, especially kids!

Candyland Christmas display

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43. Or give it a candy cane look

You don’t have to go overboard with the candies. A simple candy cane-inspired look will do. Take a cue from this gingerbread-like house.

It’s decorated with peppermints and candy canes, and the lights are all red and warm white. The best part? The white roof gives an appearance of white icing!

Candycane inspired Christmas home setup

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44. Frosty the Snowman

The addition of Frosty the Snowman into this setup creates a magical atmosphere around the house. And the owner didn’t stop at that!

They wrapped the trees and bushes with bright string lights. Plus, the presents under the Christmas tree also make lovely decors.

Frosty the Snowman display

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45. Rustic porch

This rustic porch Christmas setup has that cosiness to welcome friends and family. The simple displays match the aesthetic of the cabin home, spreading holiday cheer.

Wrap the wooden beam with garlands and ornaments. Place a few lanterns on the pathway to welcome guests.

Rustic porch Christmas setup

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Thanks to these ideas, your home will be the envy of your neighbourhood! At least one from this list will help you bring some great outdoor lighting setup that will dazzle your surroundings. 

Most importantly, spread the spirit of the holiday season like never before!

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