The Ultimate Winter and Christmas Garden Design Ideas

Homes and gardens are dressed up, and the fire pits are glowing brightly. What’s the occasion? Oh, Christmas is just around the corner, and the neighbourhood has never been this jolly.

To celebrate the festive season, we’re giving you our small present in advance. We’ve put together this winter and Christmas garden decoration ideas just for you!

These inspirations come with links to helpful resources. Are you ready to impress your neighbours and Santa?

Winter Garden

Winter Garden Ideas: Plants and Landscapes

Winter Garden Ideas: Plants and Landscapes

Your garden doesn’t have to be dull this winter. Our list of winter garden ideas has everything you need, from planning advice to design inspirations.

22 Winter Bedding Plants Gardening Ideas

22 Winter Bedding Plants Gardening Ideas

You might think it pointless looking after your garden in the winter. But there are ways to add a splash of colour to your backyard, such as some winter bedding plants.

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Trust us; this is a lot better than looking out at empty flower beds from your window or patio.

Ways to Heat up Your Garden in Winter

Ways to Heat up Your Garden in Winter

Don’t let the cold weather curb your enthusiasm for the outdoors. With the right outdoor heating setup, you can make the most of your patio in the late autumn to winter months.

Christmas Garden

Christmas Garden Ideas for a Jolly Outdoor Space

Christmas Garden Ideas for a Jolly Outdoor Space

Outdoor Christmas lights, check! DIY wreaths, check! Garlands and bows, check! Giant ornament displays, check! Fire pits, check!

Did we miss something? Better check these Christmas Garden Ideas to add more yard holiday decors to your list.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

Festive Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting brings so much festive cheer to the outside of your home. And what do we have here? That’s right – our Christmas Lighting Ideas for added nostalgic scenes in your outdoor space!

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas

So you’ve decided to do a major clean-up in your backyard and garden building. Good for you. But what’s next?

How about allowing outdoor space to be seen and admired by all this festive celebration? If so, you’re going to need our Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Unique and Practical Garden Gift Ideas

Unique and Practical Garden Gift Ideas

Hold on; have you started looking for the best year-end holiday gift for gardeners? Delight your favourite fellow with green fingers with these Garden Gift Ideas!


With thousands of ideas available online, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. But with this hub, you can save time from scrolling and searching through the Internet.

The links to all our winter and Christmas design ideas will be updated regularly, so check back from time to time! We’ve also provided you with extensive FAQs at the bottom to answer more of your questions.

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You can still add beauty and interest to your outdoor space throughout the winter season. All you need is some planning and inspiration not to abandon your plot after the late summer.

You may refer back to our Winter Garden Ideas to know how.

There are plenty of attractive bedding plants suitable for the colder season. Japanese orange Azalea, for one, can add bright, fiery colours to your garden.

Winter heather also can add flush, contrasting against the dull palette of winter. Check our round-up of Winter Bedding Plants for more.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant your winter bedding plants. This is the time of year when they establish and take over from your spent summer plants.


Above all, they can provide you with fresh new blooms to enjoy in winter.

The most effective solution you can get is to have the right heating source. It could be a fireplace, a portable fire pit, a heater, or having your patio deck heated.

Continue to water them in the middle of the day when temperatures are a little warmer. Cover larger shrubs and trees with frost cloths and fleece covers.


Use a windbreak for protection against icy winds, and so on.

Just don't wait until you're freezing. Be proactive about it.


If you're going on a trip, do your research temperature-wise on your adventure.

Although evergreens with lights look beautiful and festive, go beyond the evergreen boughs. DIY outdoor ornaments, fire pits, garden building holiday retreats can all look Christmassy.

Icicles and Christmas balls can add a festive touch to trees. Using ornament hooks, hang them on branches and twigs.


If the branch is too wide to fit an ornament hook, wrap a zip tie around the branch, securing the hook to the tie or line.

Light hanging clips are the easiest way to hang your Christmas lights outdoors. Using light clips also make your lighting setup look nicer, especially when hung on gutters, shingles, and windows.

Wrap all connections between strings with electrical tape to keep moisture out. Plug lights into a covered outlet protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Decorate your home with Christmas DIY pieces! It could be an alternative advent calendar, paper trees, snow globe, or even wreaths.

Stick to the rustic Christmas cheer. It's a cosy interior concept, especially ideal for log cabin homes or garden buildings.


The colour and lighting scheme and the idyllic surroundings scream the perfect Christmas space.

From tool sets to greenhouse units, you’ll find practical present ideas online. But make sure that gift is up for the gardening tasks.

We’ve got something for you here.

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