8 Types of Shed Owner: You Might Be One of Them!

Sheds can either be bought for personal use, or for the benefit of the whole family. But whatever you do with your shed, the contents of your outdoor building can reveal a lot about your personality.

Aside from a storage area for rusty garden tools and kids’ bikes, sheds can also reveal the deepest secrets of our character. In fact, if you want to get to know a person better, you have check out their shed instead of looking at their Facebook profile.

Most shed owners don’t allow a lot of outsiders to enter their private space. This is the reason why a simple structure can be a repository for their passion.

It’s not that difficult to identify the types of shed owners. Even the choice of garden building, whether a shed, summerhouse, or a log cabin, can tell about what the owner wants.

So to help you identify yours or someone’s personality through a shed, here are the eight types of shed owners:

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The 8 Types Of Shed Owners

1. The Keen Gardener

This one’s easy to distinguish. Their shed is full of beautiful pot plants and various gardening tools. Just remember this: Don’t touch anything.

2. The Hoarder

Hoarders tend to fill up their shed with things that they won’t want to let go of. Clothes that don’t fit, unused fitness equipment, old personal notes, or broken electrical goods, name it they have it.

3. The DIY Fanatic

A handyman’s heaven for DIY, model making and home repairs, this one is stacked with scraps of metal and wood that’s almost unrecognisable and some complex machinery. You’ll easily know that you’re in a Toolshedder’s garden because of all the unfamiliar things in it unless of course, you’re a Toolshedder as well.

4. The Survivalist

These shed owners will be the among the few who will survive when aliens land, a zombie virus hits, or when the triffids attack. They have a quarantined shed stocked up with canned food, bottled water, outdoor gear, warm clothing, and maybe some weapon. Hopefully, they remembered to bring a tin opener.

5. The Young Family

The Young Family owns a shed that’s filled with split trampolines, dusty sandboxes and old baby clothes. Even though the man of the house has every intention of fixing the broken toys, he simply can’t, because there’s no more space for a Toolshed.

6. The Man Caver

Of course, the most popular and most familiar of all sheds. The Man Cave either has screens, sports equipment, guitar with 4 strings, and trainers that are banned from the household as biological hazards. This shed is full of mysterious cables and switches that don’t do anything, as these are known to appear wherever men are found.

7. The She Shedder

More and more women are also setting up their own outdoor space with She Sheds. These often come in white with window boxes, and they are significantly popular among busy mums who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of their household and just spend some quiet time with a book and a cup of tea.

8. The Future Tycoon

A lot of entrepreneurs are utilising their outdoor building as an office or their makeshift warehouse. Once the business grows, that’s the time they will purchase an actual office, or for some, a larger shed.

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