The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party

Summer is the perfect time to for throwing a garden party. The sun is out, the trees and flowers are blooming, and the kids are on their vacation!

However, an outdoor event may not be all smiles and sunshine, especially if you’re the organiser. It needs appropriate planning and decision-making to successfully take place.

An advanced and organised plan is the key to a successful party in your garden, and this is exactly what we have for you

Create a checklist using the following tips and focus on what you want to achieve.

Garden Party Checklist:



Most outdoor party ideas you’ll see online are about the designs and themes you can apply in an event. It is because a party’s theme should be on top of your checklist during the planning stage. It sets the mood for the party’s substantial elements: music, food, and attire.

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Likewise, a great theme can add tone and entertainment to the party. As the guests arrive, the decoration will give them an idea of how the event would roll out. Sometimes, first impressions last, so make the designs as exciting as possible.



Besides the theme, location is also a significant consideration in planning an event.

To save more money in transforming an area, choose a place that will be appropriate with the central theme of the event. You should also consider the availability of power supply within the place.

Admittedly, if you are throwing a garden party, it will more likely happen in your own space. It will be a great choice, especially if you have a large area in the yard. You can also save a lot by doing this, so maximise your space as long as you can.

Throwing a garden party can be tricky, knowing that you will spend the entire time in an open space. Thus, you must have a Plan B if ever your first choice fails to meet the requirements. Your second location should preferably be covered, in case of weather disturbances like torrential rain.



Don’t forget about the lighting! This is very important, especially if the party will happen at night time. You also need to match the amount of illumination with the theme.

If the mood of the event requires a dim setup, then go with yellow lights with less flicker. Same with the effect of lights and sounds in a stage play, the amount and colours of lights in the event will add to the vibe you want to achieve.



The invitation is the most overlooked item in the events planning checklist. In fact, this should be one of the first things to plan because the earlier the invitations will be distributed, the better: either online or personal. By doing this, you and your attendees will have more time to prepare and fix your schedules.

The layout of the invitation should correspond to the event’s theme as well. Therefore, incorporate your motif’s colour schemes and designs to the invitation.

You should also remember to indicate the attire you want the visitors to wear, as well as a map of the location, especially if it’s not available online.



An event program is for the people who will participate in several parts of the gathering. Giving out the information about the order of events will help them prepare for their roles.

Aside from that, knowing the program will satisfy the guests with the duration of the party, especially if it will materialise properly.

Remember, event organisers should estimate the time of every activity as accurately as possible. It is better to have a pattern for the event to have strategies as this makes the party more fun and engaging.



Guests need to get ready for every gathering they go to, so make sure you give clear information regarding their garden party attire. Check out this guide on easy-to-copy outfits created by our outdoor-loving friends from Garden Buildings Direct

Your guests’ uniformity in the event will make it look more appealing. If this will be part of your goal, make sure to convince everyone to dress appropriately.

However, you can choose not to limit their getup with the theme, but it’s still important to let them know.



It’s a summer party, so satisfy the attendees with the weather-appropriate meals. Think of all the refreshing and delightful foods you could think of then narrow the list down. The food in the event will be one of the factors that will determine its success.

If there will be many attendees, you should cook easy-to-prepare food so you could make tons of them and be able to accommodate every guest. However, even if there will be plenty of food, they should still satisfy your guests’ eyes and tastebuds.

If you’re having a bbq party, you can check out our list of party snack ideas if you are currently thinking about what savoury choices to include on the menu.

Event Host


Make sure to find a charismatic and entertaining host to keep the party fun and engaging. However, don’t forget to match the nature of the event in considering the person to take the role.

Look for a particular type of host after figuring out the vibe you want to achieve in the party. It can be a formal, quirky, loud, or intimate gathering, so make sure to inform the host on the approach he/she has to take.



Every item in your checklist will not work well without the aid of another. Thus, the strong association of music, lighting, and decoration will create a massive impact on the party

If you want to enhance the mood and atmosphere, excellent speakers and a good choice of music will do the job. Therefore, you should get your playlist modified and your sound system all set.

Bonus Tips


If the party happens at night, you need to have insect and bug repellents for your guests. Some natural insect repellents can be your centrepieces, such as plants and herbs. Sunscreen is necessary, meanwhile, if the party will happen during the day.

Include some games or performances that would entertain your guests during idle time. If the kids are the star of the party, you must prepare some engaging and entertaining outdoor activities for them. Take note that children have a shorter attention span compared to adults.

Throwing a garden party can be very demanding of time and effort, so we hope this article has helped you in planning for this event.

Enjoy your summer gathering

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