Ways to Heat up Your Garden in Winter

The cold temperature may curb your enthusiasm for the outdoors. But here’s some good news for you: there’s still loads of use you can get out of your garden in winter.

With the right outdoor heating setup, for one, you can make the most of your patio in the late autumn to winter months. And by heating up your winter garden, there’s no need to squeeze all your guests into your humble home.

So we’ve brought together the best heating options for your outdoor living space! Check them out and see how you can take delight in your garden in colder temperatures.

Key takeaways:

  • We tend to overlook the use of our garden space due to the cold climate and danger of frost. Even so, many homeowners are looking for ways to best use their outside space no matter the season.
  • Heated underfloor decking and hot tubs can help guests battle the cold. Fires and wearing layers of clothing, in contrast, does the job for keeping bodies warm.
  • Setting up fun games (such as snow baseball) to get the blood pumping will also help stave off the cold!
  • This post is for those looking for the best ways to warm their patios and keep their alfresco living space in action all year round.

Group of friends gathered up around the fire

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Keeping Your Family and Guests Warm

It’s a luxury to enjoy outdoor living any time of the year. But colder months can make outdoor entertaining a bit less comfortable.

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This calls for some preparation before your family and guests arrive. One of the main concerns during cold temperatures and late winter snow is how to keep everyone warm.

Adding heat sources to your backyard landscape is an attractive way to heat your patio. But we have more helpful ideas for you to keep your outdoor entertaining no matter what winter brings your way!

Blazing fire pit on a winter night

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1. Fire pits

Winter holiday is all about getting people together in a warm environment, a.k.a. in the comfort of your home. But to make it extra special, take the festivities outside around the fire pit.

Garden fire pits are an affordable option for providing extra heat in outdoor spaces. They create a perfect setting for family and friends to gather and spend time together.

Portable fire pits are a quick, easy option if you need a last-minute way to warm up your space. Fire pit tables, in contrast, feature a fire pit at the centre of a table, offering ambience with a safe but authentic flame.

And if the cold extreme weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse a few hours before your mini get-together, both make an excellent heating option.

If you fancy adding a touch of luxury to your landscape design, you can’t go wrong with a permanent fire pit. It can be installed by a professional or build your own using this easy DIY fire pit guide.

Outdoor patio fireplace setting

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2. Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces also make a fantastic addition to home exterior living space. They can even boost the overall value of your property, which is a plus for prospective buyers.

A great example of this is a beautiful paving stone patio with a professionally installed fireplace. This setting can create a focal point and become the perfect place to host family gatherings or entertain guests.

Most importantly, to make the most of the freezing temperatures with total comfort and warmth.

Guests keeping their hands warm with a patio heater

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3. Patio heaters

Heaters are a perfect investment for your garden, especially in times of cold extreme weather. Like taking a radiator outside, heaters can soon warm up a space, and the people in it.

Portable heaters do their job well and put out a good amount of heat, keeping small areas warm. You can place them inside gazebos, too, and the hot air won’t escape or cool down as quickly.

You can also find standing, tabletop and hanging options on the market. But if you’re willing to spend a bit more, we recommend floor lamps, which are more attractive options.

These faux fireplaces are a great choice for those who have an electrical source nearby. They are also ideal for temporary use – heating an outdoor space for a gathering for a period of time.

Small patio chimnea

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4. Chimeneas

Chimeneas are patio heating options that were originally used in indigenous cultures. They provide not only warmth but also a cooking source.

They are portable and usually in freestanding type, made from clay, aluminium, or cast iron. Many UK homeowners use chimeneas as functional garden decor and outdoor heating sources.

Like with heaters, they are more affordable than an outdoor fireplace.

Top tip: Chimeneas can be used on covered patios or garden gravel areas. But they don’t usually have a screen to keep sparks from flying, so they shouldn’t be used on natural lawns, wood chips or bark.

Patio infrared heater

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5. Infrared heaters

The best thing about investing in infrared heaters is you can turn them on only when heat is needed. Modern models also feature trigger sensors.

This means they’ll switch off automatically when you’re not outside basking in their warmth. As a result, this minimises your energy usage.

If you have a modern garden setting, they can add practicality and exquisite touch to your space.

Garden with outdoor hot tub

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6. Outdoor hot tub

Are you looking for ways to add instant luxury to your backyard? Imagine a yard with a hot tub ready for you to slip into and chill out.

How about that? A hot tub spa incorporated into your deck or in your backyard is a must-have for those relaxing soaks.

What an extraordinary winter experience to have a few drinks in a hot tub with family and friends! Not only do you get to fight off the cold, but also enjoy the winter scenery until the chilled festive evening.

You can create the perfect outdoor space with our irresistible hot tub design ideas!

Winter garden heated decking

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7. Heated decking

This may be the most expensive option but is surely an investment worth making! Heated decking is especially a must-have if you spend a lot of time in your garden.

Precisely the same premise as heated floors inside the house, it’ll help keep toes warm, and hopefully, offer enough body heat.

Winter log cabin retreat

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8. Log cabin retreat

There’s something peaceful and romantic about winter nights. And what better way to enjoy the cold season than by relaxing in a log cabin?

And you may or may not know, but wood is a natural insulator. Given that, this makes wooden cabins the perfect winter retreat!

Your garden building doesn’t have to be off-limits just because it’s cold outside. Embrace the darkness and cosy up against the colder climate in your backyard cabin.

Draw the curtains, curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and fortify and retreat from the world. You can place your heater or fireplace inside the cabin for added gentle heat.

Transform it into a cosy get-together place for you and your family can enjoy the season, oblivious to the weather outside.

Extra layers of winter clothing

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9. Extra layers

Hat and gloves are the best combos when it comes to keeping yourself warm when it’s cold outside. If you’re planning to throw a winter social night, make sure your guests are wrapped up warm with an extra layer of protection to fight the cold.

Make sure to distribute throw blankets to your guests for extra warmth! This is essential if you’re throwing an outdoor movie night or having a circle of friends around the fire pit.

A person holding a hot cup of cocoa with winter gloves

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10. Additional tips for staying warm outdoors

Add a curtain to your covered patio to keep in the heat. Roll-up bamboo shades can also help block the wind while adding privacy to your outdoor living space.

If you have a fire pit or fireplace around, make sure to keep the curtains at a safe distance to avoid a fire hazard.

You may also create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with candles and soft lighting. And a cosy cushion for the guests to sit on will surely be much appreciated.

Don’t forget to serve hot drinks, such as spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, or coffees to keep everyone warm. You also might want to buy fun drink koozies for your guests to use on cold drinks.

Lastly, of course, a winter party with a fire pit is not complete without marshmallows! Making s’mores is a great excuse for everyone to gather around the fire and stay warm.


With these cool ideas, you can confidently say that “the cold never bothered me anyway.” Now it’s your turn!

What are your best tips for winter outdoor entertaining? Do you have any? Share them with us in the comments!


The most effective solution you can get is to have the right heating source. It could be a fireplace, a portable fire pit, a heater, or having your patio deck heated.

Continue to water them in the middle of the day when temperatures are a little warmer. Cover larger shrubs and trees with frost cloths and fleece covers.


Use a windbreak for protection against icy winds, and so on.

Just don't wait until you're freezing. Be proactive about it.


If you're going on a trip, do your research temperature-wise on your adventure.

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