Hall’s Rainsaver Shed Gutter Kit

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  • Innovative Design
  • Universal
  • Unique Bracket Design
10ft Gutter Kit
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    Only £40.00

    Hall’s Rainsaver Shed Gutter Kit

    The Halls Rainsaver 10ft Gutter Kit is Innovative shed guttering system that can be installed easily and quickly, with no tools or expertise required. It also has a universal fit, meaning it will be suitable for most garden sheds. The unique and specifically designed brackets use small standard 3” mini guttering.

    Plus, the kit is a versatile rainwater saving solution, as you can fill multiple water containers with just one Rainsaver Kit. Collect water wherever it is needed, perfect for your garden or allotment!

    Great Rainwater Saving Solution

    This repositionable Rainsaver can make filling up multiple water containers easy. Without any tools, just loosen the brackets and place around the other side of the shed, or simply slide off and back on the other way round so the downspout is at the opposite end or slide along to fill another water barrel. Even unclipping the downpipe and swapping ends is easy as everything is hand-fit.

    On larger sheds, you can just loosen the brackets and slide along to fill up more rainwater containers. The Rainsaver does not need to fit the whole roof length to collect gallons and gallons of water! As standard, 75mm mini guttering is used so extending the length is straightforward.

    The 10 ft Gutter Kit Includes

    • 1 x 1.7m (5.6") Length of 75mm Guttering
    • 1 x 1.13m (44.5") x 75mm (3") Gutter Extension
    • 1 x 75mm Gutter Union
    • 1 x Stop-end Outlet
    • 1 x 1.0m (3'3") x 50mm Downpipe
    • 1 x Stop-end
    • 3 x Hall's Rainsaver Brackets

    Why buy this product?

    • Innovative shed guttering installs in an instant - no tools or expertise required
    • It's universal - fits any shed* or similar building, out of the box
    • It's unique - specially designed brackets use small standard 3" mini guttering
    • It's movable - fill multiple water containers with just one Rainsaver Kit
    • Collect the rainwater where it is needed (in the garden or allotment)
    • Environmentally friendly - save gallons and gallons of water
    • The versatile, cost effective guttering and rainwater saving solution

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