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Outback Lava Rock Basket - for Select 6-Burner BBQs

Only £18.00

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  • Official Outback Replacement Part
  • Made from hardwearing materials
  • Made to fit select 6-Burner BBQs, Outback Excelsior 6
fit 6 Burner Models
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Now £18
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    Only £18.00

    Outback Lava Rock Basket - for Select 6-Burner BBQs

    Provide your all-time favourite BBQ companion—the mighty lava rocks—with a sturdy support to get all your grilling tasks done fast producing most sumptuous meals to ever tickle your taste buds. Made from hardwearing materials, the Outback BBQ Lava Rock Basket for 6-Burner Barbecues - Outback Excelsior 6 replaces your old or worn-out basket that no longer does the job.

    Keeps your lava rocks neatly arranged

    One thing we don’t want to happen whilst grilling meals and sausages is the lava rocks sitting underneath the grill getting unforgivably disarranged. The main role of these grilling companions is to distribute heat equally, making meats and vegetables evenly cooked and more flavourful. With the Outback BBQ Lava Rock Basket for 6-Burner Barbecues, meeting this minimum requirement becomes very easy.

    Helps limit flare-ups

    Unwanted flare-ups normally result in black soot and dangerous chemicals covering the food. To prevent this, the crate arranges the lava rocks and creates a solid bedding that catches the drippings and juices. With this feature, you get to enjoy grit-free meals!

    Why buy this product?

    • Prevents unwanted flare-ups
    • Offers solid support for your lava rocks
    • Fits select 6-Burner BBQs

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