Caring for your Teak Furniture during the Winter

Living in the UK means winter is filled with rain, snow, and everything in between. These weather conditions can be harmful and even ruin wooden furniture. Therefore, making sure that your outdoor furniture is taken care of is important. With heavy rain and cold temperatures, your furniture can be damaged easily. 

However, if you have Teak Garden furniture, caring for your outdoor furniture is a lot easier. This is due to Teak being one of the most durable woods available on the market today. Making it ideal for wooden recliner chairs, wooden patio furniture, and benches. 

Your outdoor furnishings may already be teak, but if you are unsure as to whether this is the case, it is important to find out as you do not want to ruin any pieces. Not to worry, it is easy to tell whether your wooden furniture is teak. Continue reading to find out. 

A wooden chair amongst long grasses in a garden

Image Credit: Hannes Grobe, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

How do you know if your wooden furniture is Teak?

Teak is easy to identify due to its distinctive properties. Since a lot of garden furniture can look like teak it is important to know what properties determine whether you have real or fake teak. 

  • Scent: One of the key indicators of teak is the scent, as teak has a natural oil content which makes it resistant to water, bacteria, and pests. The oil has a distinct smell, which smells almost like leather – the higher quality the teak is, the stronger the scent is. 
  • Colour: Although teak can vary in colour, the highest quality of teak will be a golden-brown colour. 
  • Weight: Teak is heavier than a lot of other woods, therefore if you have teak, you can expect this to be good quality and not easily breakable. 
  • Water test: One of the best ways to figure out if you have teak is via the water test. If you have high-quality teak, you can put drops of water on the wood, and it should sit on the surface rather than soaking in. 

Are there different grades of teak wood? 

When purchasing teak, it is important to consider what you are wanting to use the teak for. The grading criteria is based on a scale from A, B or C. Teak furniture which is A grade is the highest quality and retains high amounts of oil. 

Aiming for grades A or B provides the best experience, especially during colder months. The lowest grade of Teak wood is C which does not offer the same properties as A and B. 

Why choose Teak furniture?

Teak furniture not only looks great, but it is also sustainable, tough, and resistant to decay from insects and pests. With teak having a unique scent it is easier to identify than many other kinds of wood. 

The properties of teak wood make it durable; you can expect your furniture to be looking as good as new even after years of use. 

Although Teak can be a more expensive material up front, it is long-lasting therefore making it a perfect choice for garden furniture, which will last for years to come. 

Can your Teak furniture be left outside all year round? 

A question you may have is whether you can keep your teak furniture outside all year round. 

As teak is high quality, durable and made to be weather resistant, you do not need to worry about finding a storage place for your wooden furnishings when they’re made of teak. As even during harsh weather conditions, your teak furniture will stay strong throughout the years.

Surprisingly people find teak furniture stays in better condition when kept outside due to the lack of moisture in the air. 

You can find cheaper wood but expect problems such as decay which leads to grime and dirt. For that reason, teak is a real game changer.

Most benches are made from teak as they are long-lasting and stay sturdy even when kept outside in all weather conditions.  

How to take care of your Teak furniture in the winter months

Still unsure as to whether to leave your teak furniture outside or bring it inside? It is worth noting if you are planning on storing it indoors, it is important to make sure there is no moisture, as this can damage the furniture. Moisture can discolour teak, meaning it no longer has a golden-brown hue to it. 

Many expect that teak needs special care conditions due to it being such an expensive type of wood. However, teak is one of the best types of wood for being low maintenance. 

Even during the coldest winters, torrential rain and winds your teak furnishings should remain unscathed. Teak furniture does require occasional cleaning, however, things such as sealing, oiling, and painting are not required.  


Whether you are seeking some new garden pieces or looking to upgrade your existing furniture teak makes for great material. After all, you can get a lifetime of enjoyment with minimal effort when you invest in teak garden furniture.