How to Recycle & Dispose of a Gas Barbecue

Gas Grill

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If you’re looking to get rid of your old grill but are unsure how to do so, this guide is for you. 

With so many different parts to a gas grill, safely getting rid of them can be long-winded if you don’t know what to do. 

It’s also important to consider how you plan to recycle your old grill, whether that’s via donation, recycling or other eco-friendly methods. 

Steps To Safely Remove and Empty The Propane Tank

First things first, you’ll need to start by emptying the propane tank to make sure there is no gas left in it. 

But before you go ahead and get started with emptying the propane gas tank, it’s essential to consider some safety precautions.

  • Make sure you’re in an open space, as propane can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s best kept away from houses and other humans. 
  • Wear safety equipment, such as safety footwear, to avoid any injuries in case the tank was to fall on your foot. Also use gloves and safety goggles to prevent any damage to your skin or eyes. 

Now that you’re prepared and wearing the correct safety equipment, it’s time to empty the gas tank. However, if you are new to emptying a propane tank, here’s what to do next.  

How To Empty a Propane Gas Tank

To find out whether your gas tank is empty, simply turn the knob, and you should smell gas. To safely empty your gas tank, it’s best to call a professional to have the tank correctly emptied or disposed of. Alternatively, RecycleNow advises of the best places in your area to get rid of gas tanks, and this includes your local recycling centre in most areas.

Propane gas tank

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How To Get Rid Of Your Empty Gas Tank  

There are numerous ways to safely get rid of your empty gas tank in the UK. If you’re unsure which is the best option for you is, here are some of the ways to get rid of your empty gas tank:

  • Return to the gas supplier 
  • Recycle at your local tip (check for charges here)

How To Dispose Of An Old Gas Grill 

Once you’ve disposed of your gas tank, there are still plenty of grill bits to recycle, reuse or dispose of. 

First things first, it’s vital to remove any debris and food waste from your grill, as this can stop it from being recycled. 

Where to dispose of the grill?

The grill body can be disposed of as scrap metal. For the gas valves, as long as these are brass or aluminium, they can also be recycled as scrap metal. 

However, the lid may not be recyclable. It is important to check before putting this in with your recycling. If you do not see the recycle symbol, put this in your regular rubbish bin. 

Where To Dispose Of The Rest Of The Grill?

Once you’ve disposed of the metal, you can then move on the rest of the grill, this includes the plastic control knobs, the wheels and all other attachments. 

Control Knobs 

Your control knobs should be made of plastic, therefore they can be recycled. However, if they have metal plating on them, they will need to be disposed of in your regular bin as opposed to your blue bin. 

Propane Hose

Since rubber cannot be recycled, you need to cut this from the connector and dispose of this in the rubbish bin as normal.

Side Shelves

Any plastic side shelves should be able to dispose of household waste unless they have the recyclable symbol on them. Any metal side shelves can be recycled as scrap metal. 


Any electronics and batteries used within the grill should be disposed of via a recycling centre. As there is a special drop-off points for these items. 


The wheels of a gas grill are easy to get rid of and can be recycled with other plastic products, this can be done by putting them into your regular bin or taking them to your local recycling centre. 

Alternatives To Disposing Of Your Old Grill 

If you’re looking for a different use for your old grill after removing the gas tank and are looking to repurpose it instead of disposing of it, here are some excellent ways to give your grill a new lease of life. 

DIY drinks cart

Looking to upcycle your old grill? Transforming your BBQ grill into a drinks cart is a huge success, and it’s also easier than it looks.

You can spray-paint the grill and stand to really give it a new lease of life. Then take the knobs off and use what used to be a grill as a place to store ice and drinks, and the metal makes for the perfect place to keep drinks cold too. 

The original old grill having wheels makes moving your cart around your garden easier than ever. 

Are you looking for more inspiration on how to make a DIY drinks cart from an old grill? Here’s a great post to inspire you


You can turn your old grill into a planter no matter what size your old grill is. Using spray paint and TLC, you can turn your BBQ into a gorgeous planter. 

Simply clean out your old BBQ, remove the lid, and spray paint the old grill and the frame (bright colours such as red and yellow look amazing.) Allow to dry and then you can fill it with soil and plant some gorgeous flowers within. 

Whether you’re looking to recycle your old grill or even repurpose it, we hope you’ve found this post helpful.