Do you love being outdoors, enjoying a warm sunny day and firing up the barbecue grill? Then it is essential to ensure you have got the perfect griller ready on hand to prepare your outdoor meals for your friends and family.

The One-Stop Barbecue Shop

No matter if you prefer a modern, easy-to-use gas BBQ, or a more traditional coal BBQ to help give you that well-loved, authentic BBQ taste, there is a BillyOh product for you. We have a wide range of sizes, featuring various cooking methods such as burner gas BBQs, charcoal BBQs, and kettle charcoal BBQ, all available at budget-friendly prices. In addition, we offer relevant accessories to heighten your barbecue cooking experience, these include barbecue covers and BBQ regulators.

Gas BBQs

Gas BBQs can provide you with the authentic charcoal BBQ flavour we all love so well. High-quality gas BBQs are easy to light and reach the optimum cooking temperature at a quick pace. The design of the barbecue allows you to maintain a controllable, even cooking temperature across the whole grill, and is available as either a four-burner or a six-burner barbecue. Additionally, should you run out of fuel, the bottle changing process is quick and easy, only taking you a couple of minutes (on average) to resume cooking.

Charcoal BBQs

As well as gas barbecues we also offer charcoal barbecues. Available as either kettle barbecues, drum barbecues or in a barrel design. Charcoal barbecues may not be as convenient as gas barbecues but they do have a whole host of advantages. First of all, they produce a unique smoke flavour. This is as the dry heat of charcoal sears the meat quickly. This can create a crusty, caramelised exterior combined with a smoky flavour on everything from sausage and burgers to pizza.

Secondly, they tend to be less expensive and more portable than other barbecues as you are not having to cart a fuel bottle around but rather a bag of charcoal. A kettle BBQ is perfect for those looking for a low and slow cooking process, lengthening the time it takes for the kettle grill to reach a very high temperature. This helps brings out the best of your seared meat and burgers.

Barbecue Accessories

As well as full-sized grills we have a wide range of accessories and utensils to help you prepare the perfect barbecue feast.

If a full-sized grill isn’t for you, check out our portable range of barbecues including tabletop barbecues and portable oil drum barbecues. They give you the freedom to eat wherever you like. Ideal for those who enjoy camping, fishing or simply going for a picnic. A BillyOh portable barbecue is perfect for the nomads or simply those who don’t have the option of storing a large barbecue, or for those who do not have a designated barbecue dining area.

Everything For The Customer

The Team here at BillyOh believes in putting the customer first, so we’re always on hand to answer questions and give advice on everything from purchase to delivery to cooking.

Deciding which barbecue is best suited to you, or even understanding the difference between the different styles, might be difficult. Therefore, we have put together the ultimate barbecue guide to try and address any questions and queries you may have during your barbecue buying experience. As well as useful tips for once you have your BBQ starter set and how you should best go about maintaining it. Additionally, take a look at our customer stories where you have the chance to hear from our customers directly as they share their BillyOh experience.

Let us know how we can help you make the most of your grilling!

Spend This Summer In Your Garden

The weather is getting hotter every year, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your outdoor spaces with a barbecue. A BillyOh grill is a perfect centerpiece for small gatherings and a great way to cater for a summer garden party. A barbecue can become an extension of your kitchen into your garden, giving you more space to entertain and more reason to be outside enjoying the sun. This summer, make a real feast with a BillyOh barbecue.