BBQs For Sale

Whether you're looking for gas BBQs or a charcoal BBQ grill, we've got it all here at BillyOh. With a range of models from 3, 4, and even 6-burner gas BBQs to a selection of charcoal grills and even smoker BBQs, you'll be spoiled for choice. Just check out BBQs by category to find something that fits your space and grill style!

BillyOh Oakland Small Round Foldable Steel Fire Pit

BillyOh Oakland Small Round Foldable Steel Fire Pit

£28.80 £59 SAVE UP TO £30.20
Astral 2-in-1 Fire Pit with BBQ with Spark Guard & Poker

Astral 2-in-1 Fire Pit with BBQ with Spark Guard & Poker

£55 £85 SAVE UP TO £30
Steel Outdoor Fire Basket

Steel Outdoor Fire Basket

£60 £89 SAVE UP TO £29
Star Outdoor Fireplace with Mesh Lid, Grill & Poker

Star Outdoor Fireplace with Mesh Lid, Grill & Poker

£90 £115 SAVE UP TO £25
3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, & Ice Cooler

3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, & Ice Cooler

£130 £209 SAVE UP TO £79
4 in 1 Square Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Tabletop

4 in 1 Square Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Tabletop

£135 £209 SAVE UP TO £74

BillyOh Dallas 5 Burner Gas BBQ

30" Tile Firepit Table

30" Tile Firepit Table

£110 £263 SAVE UP TO £153

BillyOh Matrix 3 Burner Gas BBQ


BillyOh Huntsville 6 Burner Gas BBQ


BillyOh Alabama 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Sink


BillyOh Montana Black Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal Hybrid BBQ

*Subject to delivery postcode


What are the benefits of a gas BBQ over a traditional charcoal BBQ?

Although more expensive initially, gas BBQs can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Gas BBQs are easier and less messy to clean and maintain. Changing fuel and the cost of fuel also works out cheaper in the long run.

Gas BBQs will reach temperature quicker but may not sear meat at as high a temperature as a charcoal grill, though.

How to find the best charcoal grill for you?

To find the best charcoal BBQ you need to figure out what space you have available (including access dimensions), what flavour profiles you want, and how much effort you're willing to put in. For example, the BillyOh Kettle charcoal grill is a great BBQ for first-timers at an affordable price.

For more experienced grillmasters, something like our Kentucky Smoker might be appealing with the option to adjust cooking time, flavour, and intensity.

How to host the perfect garden party?

To host a BBQ party, start with the grill. If you're hosting for a few people, you may want a larger 6 burner gas BBQ. This will allow you to cook a larger volume of food quicker. You should also clean your garden, set up areas for shade and hydration and prepare your BBQ with the necessary utensils on hand. That's why many of our BillyOh gas BBQs have hooks and handy shelves underneath the grilling area.

What to look out for when buying a gas BBQ?

Look for BBQs made from stainless steel for easy cleaning. Also look for added options like side plates or burners and the inclusion of free PVC covers and hose regulators, like many of our BillyOh models.

Are gas BBQs safe?

Yes, as long as the gas line isn't perforated and is shut off (and even disconnected) between uses, gas BBQs are very safe.

Is there a grill that uses gas and charcoal?

Yes, our Montana dual fuel hybrid utilises areas for cooking with both gas and charcoal so you can get the flavour profile you're after.

Does gas BBQ taste the same as charcoal?

It may to most people. But BBQ purists will claim that the flavours gained from meat and fish juices evaporating on hot coals, and the grill marks and sear achieved on a hotter charcoal grill lend food a more 'classic' BBQ flavour.

Whether you're looking for a charcoal barbecue, a gas barbecue or even a 3-in-1 pizza oven, here at BillyOh, we have a huge range of quality products on offer and options no matter what type of grill you want.

Do you love being outdoors, enjoying a warm sunny day and firing up the barbecue grill? Then it's essential to make sure you've got the perfect grill ready on hand to add to your outdoor living set-up. For the best place to buy bbq accessories and products, think BillyOh.

Barbecues & Accessories

We have a massive selection of BBQs, barbeques, and barbecues (however you want to spell it!). For outdoor dining, come to BillyOh. Not only can we help you choose a BBQ by fuel type, we even have a wide selection of garden furniture to complement whatever you choose. While we offer both fuel types, you might be interested in our modern hybrid barbecues which combine the best of both!

No matter if you prefer a modern, easy-to-use gas BBQ, or a more traditional charcoal BBQ to give you that well-loved, authentic BBQ taste, there's a BillyOh product for you including a selection of pizza ovens!

We have a wide range of sizes, featuring various cooking methods such as burner gas BBQs, charcoal BBQs, and kettle barbecues, all available at budget-friendly prices. In addition, we offer relevant accessories to heighten your barbecue cooking experience, these include barbecue covers and BBQ regulators.

Gas Barbecue

Don't let the purists hear you but, for fuel type, gas makes cooking in your outdoor space easier, quicker, and simpler. To enjoy the beautiful feature of a stainless steel BBQ in your backyard or patio, check out our Gas BBQ UK selection.

We have quality options that won't break the bank. Buy bbq accessories along with your order. You can minimise the effects of rain on your cooking with hooded gas BBQs that won't go out and reduce cooking time in the process. If you don't want the hassle of lighting charcoal, then choose from our 3-burner BBQ, 4-burner barbecue, and 6-burner gas bbq range. 

Gas BBQs can provide you with the authentic charcoal BBQ flavour we all love so well. High-quality gas BBQs are easy to light and reach the optimum cooking temperature quickly. The design of the barbecue allows you to maintain a controllable, even cooking temperature across the whole grill with separate burners and side plates as well as ignition controls. Additionally, should you run out of fuel, the bottle-changing process is quick and easy, only taking you a couple of minutes (on average) to resume cooking.

Charcoal BBQs and Charcoal Grills

For a more classic option, our range of charcoal grills and BBQs has lots of options. So whether you just want to see that gentle glow of embers in a charcoal kettle BBQ or you want a charcoal grill that also doubles as a smoker, we've got you covered.

As well as gas barbecues we also offer charcoal barbecues. Available as either kettle barbecues, drum barbecues or in a barrel design. Charcoal barbecues may not be as convenient as gas barbecues but they do have a whole host of advantages. First of all, models like our Kentucky American-style bbq and our Texas Smoker BBQ produce a unique smokey flavour. This is as the dry heat of charcoal sears the meat quickly. This can create a crusty, caramelised exterior combined with a smoky flavour on everything from sausage and burgers to pizza.

Secondly, they tend to be less expensive and more portable than other barbecues as you are not having to cart a fuel bottle around but rather a bag of charcoal. Charcoal BBQs can reach higher temperatures and are used for that classic sear and grill mark we all know and love. Or, with our charcoal smokers, you can take it low and slow; playing around with woodchips and coals to bring our unique flavours.

Portable Barbecues & Fire Pits

And, with portable grills available, you can find a portable BBQ with more than enough cooking space. A durable but cheap barbeque with a portable design - be it with a handle or on wheels means that you can take portable grills with you on trips, to tailgates, cookouts, or just to the park. Why not check out our amazing Table-Top Portable Gas BBQ?

If you're looking for something that goes beyond the regular grilling experience, why not check out our Fire Pit BBQs? These multi-functional models provide a comfy spot to relax and get cosy around - while still cooking your food in that classic char-grilled style.

Barbecue Accessories

As well as full-sized barbecue grills on sale we have a wide range of barbecue accessories and utensils to help you prepare the perfect barbecue feast.

If a full-sized grill isn't for you, check out our portable range of barbecues including tabletop barbecues and portable oil drum barbecues. They give you the freedom to eat wherever you like. Ideal for those who enjoy camping, fishing or simply going for a picnic. A BillyOh portable barbecue is perfect for nomads or simply those who don't have the option of storing a large barbecue, or for those without a designated barbecue dining area.

BBQ Party

And if you're looking for BBQ party inspiration, head over to our blog. Whether you need the right recipe for a Bohemian vibe, or simply want to find the best grill for you to enjoy the British summertime, you'll find that and more with garden tips, and more than the odd handy garden inspiration guide. Or head over to our clearance or cheap BBQs page to see if there are any bbq offers currently on. Find a cheap bbq for sale with BillyOh.

Everything For The Customer

Here at BillyOh, we pride ourselves not just on our high-quality but affordable garden furniture range but on our range of BBQs too. So for your one-stop shop to pick up everything from a garden table to a premium gas BBQ, look no further.

The Team here at BillyOh believes in putting the customer first, so we're always on hand to answer questions and give advice on everything from purchase to delivery to cooking. Just get in touch And we know that deciding which barbecue is best suited to you or even understanding the difference between the different styles might be difficult. So, we've put together the ultimate barbecue guide to try and address any questions and queries you may have during your barbecue buying experience.

As well as useful tips for once you have your BBQ starter set and how you should best go about maintaining it. Additionally, take a look at our customer stories where you have the chance to hear from our customers directly as they share their BillyOh experiences.

Spend This Summer In Your Garden

The weather is getting hotter every year, so it's the perfect opportunity to make the most of your outdoor spaces with a barbecue. A BillyOh grill is a perfect centrepiece for small gatherings or a great way to cater for a summer garden party. A barbecue can become an extension of your kitchen into your garden, giving you more space to entertain and more reason to be outside enjoying the sun. This summer, make a real feast with a BillyOh barbecue.

How To Light a Gas BBQ

To light your BillyOh gas BBQ:

  • Turn the valve on the top of your gas tank a 1/4 turn to the 'open' position
  • Open your BBQ lid to avoid gas build up and so you can see when the BBQ is lit
  • Find the ignition knob (labelled 'ignition burner' or with a lighting bolt symbol on it)
  • Push the ignition in and turn it up high
  • Press the electronic ignition button until flames are visibly lit
  • Turn on your required burners to pre-heat your BBQ

How To Light a Charcoal BBQ

To light your BillyOh charcoal BBQ:

  • Remove your charcoal BBQ's grill rack or charcoal tray (smokers)
  • Build a small pile of kindling (twigs and bunched up newspaper) with space for air gaps
  • Optional: Crumble up firelighters to use as an accelerant
  • Build a pyramid of lumpwood or charcoal briquettes around the kindling
  • Using a BBQ lighter and keeping a safe distance, light the kindling
  • Once the fire has started, replace your lid or charcoal tray and wait until coals are white-hot to pre-heat your grill

How To Clean BBQ

To clean a BBQ start by heating it up. This will carbonise any food debris which can then be scraped off with a scraper or wire brush once cool. Once your BBQ is cool and has been scraped, remove any grill racks and either hand wash with dilute soapy water or run them through your dishwasher.

Remove either your ash-catcher or fat tray and dispose of the contents, then rinse out. For a gas BBQ, use a brush to clean out burner holes. Then use either dilute soapy water or stainless steel cleaning spray and microfibre cloth to clean your grill's exterior and replace all parts. For more, check out our guide to cleaning a BBQ.

What BBQ Is Best?

To decide on what barbecue to buy start with whether you want a charcoal grill, a smoker, or a gas BBQ. For ease of use and maintenance, we suggest our gas BBQs. Whereas, if you're more interested in flavour profiles and have more time and patience with your grill, check out our charcoal BBQs and smokers.

Next, decide how many people you'll be catering for regularly. Is it just your family or friends too? For example, for medium-sized groups, we recommend 3-4 burners. For larger groups and catering, go for a 6-burner gas BBQ. Or, you might be interested in our range of portable and camping BBQs which are highly portable and compact.