8 Ways to Make Cheap Garden Furniture Look Expensive

You may have bought on a lower budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for garden furniture that looks cheap. Think about what visitors (and even passers-by) think when they see your garden…then let’s think about how we can add some value.

With a little bit of creative thinking and improvisation, there are always ways to give those cheaper garden items a make-over and create the appearance that they’re a lot more expensive.

In this article we’ll look at 8 clever hacks to give your garden furniture a touch of added quality and expense.

Lick of Paint to Transform Your Bench

Whether an old bench in need of some tender loving care, or one that was bought on a budget, the application of a few coats of paint can help transform it into a classy and elegant addition to your garden.

Consider a brilliant white to give the furniture a traditional bright, clean style that can make the bench glint in the sunshine and look every bit like the stylish piece of furniture to grace any garden.

Transform Your Plastic Furniture

Similarly, plastic chairs and sun beds are a popular, and cheaper, option for many homeowners who like to spend some time outdoors when the weather allows. That doesn’t mean you need to settle for the plain look that we might often associate with such furniture (think of the rows of white beds by the hotel pool, for instance).

If you’re of a creative bent, then they can provide the canvas for a classy patterned design that can breathe individuality and fun into your furniture.

Adding Colour for A Vibrant Look

Adding Colour for A Vibrant Look

White can certainly have a classy, transformative effect on your garden furniture, but, either as an alternative or complimentary action, you could also consider adding bright and vibrant colours.

Cheaper furniture options maybe perfectly functional but sometimes slightly less appealing on the eye. The application of a bold primary colour can create that visually appealing designer look.

Similarly, you might have a metal garden table or suite that could be brought to life and given a high-end aesthetic through spray-painting. A simple gold sheen, for instance, can turn that inexpensive table into an exquisite eye-catcher.

Re-Finish Your Wooden Furniture

Wood represents a classic material for garden furniture, but it comes at a pretty expensive price that falls beyond the budget of many homeowners.

However, you can still get the quality appearance of a more costly piece by using a little bit of craft and imagination.

For instance, if you’ve bought a cheaper wooden set, then chances are that the colour will not be quite as rich as that classic wooden garden furniture. It’s also likely that the surface may not be as smooth or free from blemishes.

But, by sanding the surfaces down and then applying a stain, you can bring out the natural look of the wood and have the perfect addition to a newly installed summerhouse.

Adding Accessories for Added Elegance

Adding some well-considered accessories can be a great and simple way to create a luxury look and feel to a cheaper garden furniture set.

Some brightly coloured and well-placed cushions, for example, can be a great addition and bring the entire suite to life, catching the eye and turning what might otherwise be a plain garden set into a comfortable, classy environment to entertain and relax.

Repurpose for a Retro Feel

How about breathing new life and new purpose into an older piece of furniture? (And speaking of breathing, just make sure to ventilate any areas you’re working in – especially with paint!).

Taking an older item and giving it an alternate role to play in your garden can, when done correctly, be a great way to create a stylish and expensive retro look.

In fact, the piece in question need not have been intended as garden furniture in its ‘first life’.

What about that old cabinet that’s gathering dust or storing half-used pots of paint in the garage?

With a little love, a clean, a paint and a bit of imagination, you might be able to transform this into a handsome garden unit to show off your plants or ornaments.

Add a bit of Bling

If you’re thinking of fun ways to transform your garden with the whole family – look no further. While there might be a difference in build quality, often the difference in appearance between cheaper pieces and their more expensive counterparts comes down to the little details.

It’s really amazing what a few intricate additions can do. Brass trim, for instance, applied to the edges of a table can create a more expensive look, turning a potentially plain piece of furniture into an attractive centrepiece for your garden.

You could also think about replacing some of the fixtures on your furniture pieces to create a more stylish or modern look.

Get a New Look Through Contact Paper

Adhesive contact paper is a quick win when it comes to adding a sense of expense to your garden furniture.

Easy to apply thanks to its robust self-adhesive nature, the paper is available in any number of options, from classic wood look to stylish marble and other stone finishes. This enables you to quickly and cheaply transform the look of your table, to match the style and appearance that you desire.

We all have to work to our own budgets when it comes to affordable garden furniture. But whatever your particular price point, there’s always a way to add some vitality, and a touch of elegance that belies the price-tag.

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