Wooden Garden Furniture

At BillyOh, we stock loads of garden furniture that's suited to any garden - with a huge range of wooden furniture to boot.

There's everything from wooden bistro sets to dining sets, benches and chairs. You'll be spoilt for choice. So if you're looking to buy A-grade wooden outdoor furniture, you're in the right place.

At BillyOh, we have an extensive range of wooden garden tables, garden chairs and garden sets. They're crafted from the finest quality wood and are designed to last for years in any outdoor setting. Browse now!

BillyOh Windsor Wooden 4 Seater Oval Outdoor Dining Set

BillyOh Windsor Wooden 4 Seater Oval Outdoor Dining Set

from £310 £419 SAVE UP TO £109

Teak Hardwood Folding Drinks Trolley

BillyOh Windsor 1m Octagonal Garden Dining Set (2-4 Seater)

BillyOh Windsor 1m Octagonal Garden Dining Set (2-4 Seater)

from £100 £202 SAVE UP TO £102

Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest

BillyOh Windsor 0.6m Square Bistro Set For 2

BillyOh Windsor 0.6m Square Bistro Set For 2

from £90 £124 SAVE UP TO £34

Bowland Adirondack Wooden Rocking Chair

BillyOh Windsor 2 or 3 Seater Traditional Wooden Bench

BillyOh Windsor 2 or 3 Seater Traditional Wooden Bench

from £100 £134 SAVE UP TO £34

Teak Square Side Table

BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

£120 £149 SAVE UP TO £29

Solid Teak Hardwood Sherford Folding Outdoor Armchair

from £82

Sherford Folding Teak Hardwood Square Garden Table

BillyOh Windsor Armchair - 1/2/4/6/8/10 Wooden High Back Armchairs

BillyOh Windsor Armchair - 1/2/4/6/8/10 Wooden High Back Armchairs

from £58.50 £89 SAVE UP TO £30.50
*Subject to delivery postcode


How do you clean wooden garden furniture?

Try to hand wash your outdoor furniture whenever possible as a pressure washer may be too powerful and damage the wood. Hot, soapy water should suffice well enough to clean any stains off the wood. Use a stiff brush to get rid of any debris or dirt that's stuck fast.

How do you take care of wooden garden furniture?

The best way to ensure the longevity of your wooden outdoor furniture is to treat it with wood preservatives yearly. Making sure to coat it so that all the gaps are filled is paramount, and will keep rot at bay.

Does garden furniture need to be covered in colder months?

During the winter months, there's nothing to stop you from packing away your wooden garden furniture and storing it in the garage. Otherwise, be sure to cover garden furniture. This will protect it from rain, which can cause wood to shrink, warp and bend.

If you are planning to leave it outside during winter for long periods of time, covering it with a sheet of tarpaulin or otherwise is recommended, but not needed. It'll help to protect it from bird poo, leaves, moss and other stuff though, so if you can get a cover, we'd say do!

How long does wooden garden furniture last?

It's largely dependent on what type of wood it's made out of and how well it's treated, but generally, you should be looking at at least 5-10 years of usage if it's treated well. It also depends on things like how much you sit on it! But wood is a surprisingly durable material and even dirty or damaged looking wood is easily restored with a good coat of paint.

How do I paint my wooden garden furniture?

Just check out our selection of paints and treatments for a natural stained look. Or, you can look for specific paint at any local hardware store. Find a pot that is branded as being for wood and for outdoor use.

Before you paint, if you're going for a full restoration, it's a good idea to clean furniture first with water and a sponge. Let it dry, then sand it down by hand with some sandpaper. This will help remove any old paint from the surface so the new paint sticks better, and will also help smooth out any ridges, bumps or other imperfections in the wood.

Fill in any holes (if you want to) with caulk and leave that to set for a day. Then you'll want to prime it with the correct oil-based primer to help the paint stick more and to give the bench an extra layer of protection against the elements. Now you can get painting!

Make sure it's a day where it's not likely to rain as you don't want your paint to get ruined. Paint in the same direction as the wood grain in long, smooth strokes. Apply multiple coats for full coverage and leave the paint to dry for a few hours in between each coat.

Do you offer finance?

Yes - all you need to do is:

  • Spend a minimum £600 and above
  • Pay a minimum deposit of 10%
  • Have a minimum finance amount after the deposit of £540 and above

How to revive wooden garden furniture

To restore wooden garden furniture, first dry clean it with a bristle brush to remove caked-on debris. Then, wet-wash it with a sponge and hot soapy water and leave it to dry. Finish by treating the wood and even priming and painting it if you want to change its colour or go for something other than a natural wood stain. Check out this guide to furniture maintenance for more info.

You might be looking for chunky wooden garden furniture like the Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest. With extra-wide armrests, this is somewhere where you can sit and relax. Or if you're on the hunt for tables and chairs for dining outside - find it all here at BillyOh. Do your shopping from the comfort of your own home and choose from our wood garden furniture and patio range. With teak and acacia wood on offer, you can keep up to date with the latest garden trends.

Wooden Garden Tables, Benches, Chairs and More

Our range offers fantastic durability, quality and pricing. Get your garden ready for your next family gathering. Shop from dining sets to benches and a range of garden tables and chairs. See our gorgeous jack and jill garden seat, our sun loungers, as well as our lounge chairs. You can't go wrong with wooden furniture from the BillyOh store!

Shop Online For Wooden Garden Furniture

Sitting in the sun around an outdoor dining table on a warm day is one of the summer's finer pleasures. And our cheap wooden garden furniture collections allows you to do just that. No matter what size your group is! Perfect for everything from picnics to BBQs, we’ve got sets to help you enjoy the outdoors.

If you already have a table, or furniture set, and need some extra seating then outdoor chairs are just what you're looking for. Choose from one of our many wooden garden chair or wooden deck chair designs. With a range of styles on offer, including folding and adirondack chairs, you can get one that looks just right in your garden. 

You'll find everything from single wooden chairs and tables up to multi-buy items. You'll also find a choice of colours, styles and affordable prices. For durable patio furniture made from quality materials, BillyOh is your one-stop-shop. You'll find a great range on the pages of our site featuring products of all kinds. Perfect for whether you want a black parasol set or a wood-effect love seat!

Pick The Perfect Dining Set

If you're looking for a classic design, then our wooden garden furniture sets are ideal. Chose from a selection of hard-wearing acacia and teak furniture. These woods will last year-round and for years to come. They also have weather-resistant qualities which will help you get the most out of them for a long time.

So, if you're looking for alfresco dining - check out our two and four-seater sets. Or maybe you're shopping for a balcony, roof garden or small garden patio? Then we have bistro sets in traditional and contemporary designs.

For Garden Parties and More

Our selection of wooden furniture is ideal for summertime backyard parties. Provide comfort and a touch of class for any potential guests. Or you might be after a folding garden table and folding chairs for lunch outside in the sun. Or even a garden bench for a balcony to make the most of your space and the sun. Buy wood patio sets, single chairs, or modular garden furniture sets from this range.

The array of options made from traditional materials makes BillyOh the place to go. You don't have to worry about how long our products last, either. Plus, many products in our wooden garden furniture range feature steel and aluminium frames.


Many pieces from our wide selection of outdoor furniture come with garden cushions. So you don't have to spend any extra on decoration or comfort. The rustic charm of a garden bench in neutral tones might be tempting. But a little extra comfort never goes amiss. Our cushions are designed to be extra comfortable. And they use weather-resistant fabric so that you can focus on relaxing.

Everyone has different tastes. But the simple design and natural tones of wooden furniture appeal to almost everyone. Our selection of tables, chairs and benches provides a functional alternative to rattan, plastic, and metal furniture. And if you need seating in a pinch, we have coffee tables, stools, and Bistro sets to suit every taste.

Besides their timeless appeal, our wooden products also require minimal maintenance. Simple clean down with some warm water from time to time. Then, apply a yearly treatment to keep them in tip-top shape. Plus, our furniture range offers various seating options for family-friendly set-ups. Seat everyone - whatever your requirements are.

A Wide Range of Outdoor Furniture

We've got something to suit every budget and taste. Our heavy-duty wooden garden furniture really suits contemporary courtyards. But we have sets for outdoor rooms and rustic gardens alike.

Four-seater dinner sets are an ideal option for families. With great patio furniture, you can enjoy home-cooked meals outdoors. All without having to venture out and spend a fortune! Some our dining sets also come with space for a parasol to be added in the centre of your wooden dinner table. This allows for easy access to shade and protection. Perfect for escaping the heat in the sunny summer months when the temperature spikes.

Affordable Outdoor Solutions

Or, pick up a smaller coffee table to create a more intimate space. Whatever you chose, you can buy in confidence that you're getting a sturdy piece.

Or, our reliable sun loungers are great places to unwind and chill out after a hard day. They're also available with a range of customisable cushions for added comfort. Most of the timber garden furniture range can also be stained and painted. This allows you to create a gorgeous personalised garden furniture collection. You'll find a great range of affordable and cheap wooden garden furniture here at BillyOh.

Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking to style some pub garden furniture? Or compact furniture for a small space? Our variety of designs and styles guarantees you'll find the right type for your garden. Our products are designed to be durable, traditional and stylish. Explore our wide range of wooden garden bench sets and wooden chairs right now! Or, pick up a 4 person seater round table for the whole family.

Finding the best place to enjoy the stunning views of your back garden has never been easier. With the uniqueness of the style and the calibre of materials used in our range, you can find everything from a day bed to a dining set! And if you're feeling inspired, head over to our blog for more furniture and garden ideas. Look out for our sales to bag great details on all out products! Checkout now to see if you can get wooden garden furniture near me delivered free to most of mainland UK.