How Technology is Changing the Way We Barbeque

A cartoon image of a smartphone next to a BBQ grill

How Technology is Changing the Way We Barbeque

The Barbeque Grill has existed in some form in cultures around the world for a long time. There is something about the process of cooking meat and other foods with an open flame that calls to people.

It creates a pleasant social environment and makes it an experience greater than the food being cooked and consumed.

In the UK barbequing popularity has surged over the past few years. And while barbequing has been around for thousands of years, more recent technological advances have changed the details of how we barbeque.

These new tech features make the cooking experience more convenient and efficient. That leaves you with more time to focus on friends and family and with confidence in superior results.

Smart BBQ Grills

Smart grills are connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal to an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Using a variety of sensors or probes, every detail of that juicy steak or searing veggies is transmitted to the palm of your hand. 

The smart device may also use formulae to calculate perfect cooking times based on the desired doneness and other factors you input.

Some grills give you the ability to adjust the temperature automatically or give you ultimate control remotely with the tap of the screen.

All of this means that you no longer must station yourself next to the grill while your guests have fun around you.

Look at some of the top technology features that are taking backyard BBQs by storm in the UK and around the world.

Automatic Temperature Control

One of the most difficult tasks is getting a grill or smoker to reach and maintain the perfect temperature. 

Temperature is determined by the heat source intensity and the amount of airflow within the grill. The key to this automated technology is being able to regulate the airflow and adjust how much oxygen reaches the flame.

Some grills will handle this tricky task for you. Certain models come equipped with an attachment that monitors the interior temperature of the grill and adjusts a fan to increase or decrease the airflow as needed.

This means that troubles like hot spots or flare-ups are reduced and give you the ability to cook food just the way you want it.

Kits are also available so that models without this feature can be modified to give them this superpower.

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are perhaps the newest form factor in the grilling world. There are some key differences between these cookers and more traditional cooking methods like charcoal and gas.

With pellet grills, hardwood pellets are used as a fuel source. These compressed sawdust pieces are placed inside a hopper and the electric grill is powered on. 

A fan blows air over the ignited pellets while heat and smoke are transferred to the cooking area.

Many pellet grills include a probe that can be used to monitor the internal temperature of cooking meat. Precision temperature control is achieved with a digital or manual temperature dial.

In-Grill Thermometers

Every time you open the grill lid, you are drastically changing the cooking environment which makes it difficult to maintain optimum cooking conditions.

Meat thermometers that communicate remotely and allow you to see the internal food temperature solve this annoying problem.

The in-grill thermometer is one of the best tech devices that will allow you to:

  • Avoid foodborne illness by cooking to the correct temperature.
  • Limit dry turkey breast or steak that’s too rare.
  • Match your personal preference in doneness and taste.
  • Supplement novice cooking skills

Self-Cleaning Grills

Grilling is supposed to be fun. One of the biggest drawbacks of barbequing is the clean-up process. No one looks forward to the scrubbing and scraping needed to clean the grilling surface.

But cleaning is a necessary evil to remove food debris, carcinogenic compounds, or rust. 

The traditional wire brush is the go-to tool for many enthusiasts, but these can leave metal wires behind if care isn’t taken and end up in served food.

One feature that addresses these concerns is self-cleaning technology. High, sustained heat can make the grates far easier to clean after the cooking session and leave you with a ready surface for next time.

Infrared Grills

Infrared technology is another technological advancement for the grilling industry. A gas grill may use radiant heat from an infrared burner rather than directly exposed flame.

The infrared element provides a radiant heat that is more efficient, using considerably less fuel to achieve the same results.

With the flame not being directly exposed to the air, heat loss is minimised – especially when the lid is open.

These grills can reach high temperatures relatively quickly so they can quickly cook meat and sear in the juices and flavour.

BillyOh Montana Black Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal Hybrid BBQ in a modern garden space

Multi-Cooking Grills

Some outdoor BBQ grills are entire kitchens of cooking devices in one! A hybrid grill may allow for a variety of fuels – like charcoal, wood pellet, or propane.

Leaving your options open is never a bad thing. Some grill models will let you sear, bake, and roast to your heart’s content.

This makes your grill investment even more worthwhile and gives you a wider set of meal options.

Portable Grills

A good portable grill gives you flexibility. Their compact size makes them ideal for small patios or balconies.

Their smaller size means they will heat up quicker, although you will probably be able to cook less food at once too.

You will also have the option to take them on the go with neighbourhood parties, tailgating events, and camping trips.


Technology has expanded our options when it comes to backyard barbequing. With a range of smart sensors and probes, you can now monitor the cooking process more closely than ever. 

Or you can take a hands-off approach and let it be more automated than ever. That’s the beauty of technology – you are in control.

Grills may feature infrared cooking elements or use new fuels like wood pellets. Or they may be ultraportable and clean themselves.

Whatever tech features you choose to employ, know that it has never been more convenient to fire up the grill!