BillyOh Smoker BBQ Charcoal Grill Full Drum + Offset Smoker Barbecue
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BillyOh Outdoor Pizza Oven, Chimney Smoker & Charcoal Barbecue
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BillyOh Kentucky Smoker BBQ - Charcoal American Grill Outdoor Barbecue
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BillyOh Texas Smoker BBQ Charcoal Grill
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BillyOh Arizona 3 in 1 Charcoal Smoker Steel Upright BBQ Drum
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BillyOh Kettle Black Charcoal BBQ
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Best Selling BBQ Grills

Our range of BillyOh barbecues also includes budget-friendly and premium charcoal grills to suit every budget.

With quick and easy assembly, stable and movable, with metal frames and a powder-coated stainless steel barbecue, how can you not admire the BillyOh Charcoal BBQ grills collection?

One of the best sellers in this collection are our Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grills. These trolley charcoal BBQs, like the Kentucky smoker are the ideal partner a grill master would want to have. On the other hand, a kettle charcoal grill is a perfect choice for first-timers who want quality that isn't going to break the bank.

Product Benefits

From portable kettle BBQs to charcoal drum and barrel models, you can find the perfect grill for you. Whether you want indirect smoking with an offset smoker or even to get the best of both worlds with a 3-in-1 pizza oven and grill, you'll find it all here at BillyOh.

Made with high-quality materials and featuring fast and free delivery to most of mainland UK, our charcoal BBQs are the perfect choice for grill purists. Just check out this handy BBQ resource for more information. 

Charcoal Grills

In fact, charcoal BBQ's are so good at searing temperatures and offering that authentic flavour that you may want one instead of, or in addition to, a gas BBQ. With charcoal grills, you can have a lot more influence over the flavour profiles you lend to food.

Unlike say, the Matrix gas BBQ, simply fill your grill up with black charcoal and portions of chips into the ashtray or smoking box (depending on what wood you're using) and off you go! And with models like the Kettle charcoal BBQ grill portable barbecue, an ash collector makes cleanup easy.

Charcoal BBQs For Sale

Unlike gas barbecues, the thing that makes a charcoal grill special is the intimacy of the cooking experience. If you like tinkering with flavour profiles and finding premium coals and wood chips, then charcoal barbecues are probably for you.

And, with a range of barbecues featuring models like the Texas smoker with a bottle opener, you'll have no reason to ever leave your grill!

Kettle Charcoal BBQ Grill Portable Barbecue

Our BillyOh black kettle charcoal BBQ is one of our most popular models. With a classic style that'll be recognised by all, you can easily transport your kettle BBQ on the portable wheels to your patio, a friends house, cookouts, and even camping!

Meals For Charcoal Grills

The meal options for cooking on a charcoal grill don't differ too much from the capabilities of a gas BBQ. What you may find yourself wanting to cook, though, are foods like lamb doner/chicken doner and grilled pitta bread served with a fresh salad. With a charcoal grill, you can really offer a smokey flavour to dishes like lamb shish/chicken shish on your barbecue grill. Just finish with green peppers on skewers, or why not try your hand at BBQ chicken? 
Whatever you cook, just set up a condiments table with your choice of sauce and invite the crew round! For more tips and ideas, check out this guide.

Start by measuring up your usable outdoor space and consider any access points for delivery. At BillyOh, we also offer charcoal grills to suit every budget. Depending on whether you want to smoke or grill food directly or indirectly as well, one charcoal grill might suit you better than another. Consider how many people you'll be cooking for and the grilling space you'll require.

 Yes, as well as handy removable ashtrays to make the disposal of smoking chips and briquettes easier and safer than ever. 

Absolutely! Keeping the lid on your charcoal grill will ensure heat retention and allow you to monitor food with the built-in thermometer featured on most models. Keeping the lid closed will also be crucial for the long and slow smoking of BBQ meats.

This may vary from model to model, the type of charcoal you're using and whether or not you've any accelerants. The general rule of thumb is to let the charcoal burn for at least 10 minutes before adding any food to the grill. However, leaving charcoal until it is white-hot and ready for cooking at higher temperatures may even take around 40 minutes to allow your grill to heat up properly.

It depends on your preference and budget. One isn't better than the other, but they are different. For example:
  • Charcoal grills may take longer to set up and clean.
  • But they're more portable.
  • Charcoal grills may cost more in fuel in the long run.
  • But you can customise that fuel to get unique and exciting flavour profiles.
  • Charcoal grills may require more attention whilst cooking.
  • But that means you get to stand at the grill all day!

The choice is up to you. But for a budget-friendly alternative to a gas BBQ that doesn't skimp on quality, think of a BillyOh charcoal BBQ.