Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal BBQ - Black


  • Dual ignition with independent temperature controls.
  • Thermometer included on each hood.
  • Bottom cabinet with included
    rack shelves.
  • Side tables included for utensils and preparation.
  • Option to barbecue with gas
    and/or charcoal
  • Separate covers for the gas and charcoal grills
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the BillyOh Montana BBQ?


Ensuring BillyOh quality in every BBQ.

Easy To</br>Assemble
Easy To

Comprehensive instructions for quick construction.


Individual ignition for all cooking preferences.


Choice to use gas and/or traditional charcoal.

What is it made from?

Dual Cookers

Two spaces with separate hoods and thermometers that, combined, allow you to cook a wide range of food at the same time.


Dual-thermometer allows you to quickly and easily keep an eye on both cooking temperatures.

Storage Space

With side trays and extra rack storage below, you can keep utensils underneath your gas barbecue or nearby to stay organised.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel construction with a grey and silver finish for a sturdy build and a premium, stylish look.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Wheels allow you to easily move the barbeque grill outdoors and BBQ around your garden or patio. The included cover means you can even keep your hybrid bbq away in storage over the cold months.

Dual Fuel

The separate grill areas allow you to cook using two distinct styles. Get fired up and lend that smoky flavour to meat with the charcoal bbq grill, or use the gas barbeque for vegetables.

And much more...

  • Charcoal and gas cooking
  • Dual hoods
  • Thermometer included
  • Traditional cooking
  • Great for mixed dishes
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Easy assembly

BillyOh Montana BBQ

The BillyOh Montana BBQ offers the best of both worlds.

With this versatile hybrid BBQ, you choose the fuel. Get fired up on the charcoal bbq grill to get that smoky flavour for meat dishes, or utilise the efficiency of the gas grill for vegetables and side dishes.

Stay tidy with ample storage including 2 side shelves, rack shelves below, and cabinet storage. This dual fuel hybrid is the perfect garden bbq, with the included wheels you can use your portable barbecue grill outdoors, or easily wheel it inside for storage in the winter.

Dual cooking capabilities and sleek stainless steel construction with a black powder coat finish, make this dual-fuel gas and charcoal bbq the perfect addition to your garden.

Grill Size and Cooking Space

The BillyOh Montana offers ample cooking space with dual hoods split across two grilling areas. Choose to grill with gas and/or charcoal to customise your cooking experience. 


For those who want all the convenience of a gas BBQ without losing out on the smoky taste and authentic taste of BBQ, look no further.

Thermometer and Temperature Control

The in-built thermometer allows you to keep an eye on cooking heat while separate temperature knobs allow for flexible cooking. Whether it's slow cooking or searing, you can do it all with the Montana dual fuel BBQ.

Types Of Barbecue: Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal grills offer the flavour of cooking that we tend to associate with traditional BBQ. Simply fill up a charcoal tray and cook your food in a wonderful cloud of barbecue taste for a fuller flavour. But a classic charcoal grill does have its limitations when it comes to set-up, clean-up, and portability.

Gas Burner & Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues, on the other hand, offer your complete control over temperature with separate controls and electric ignition so you can cook at that perfect temperature. But some purists argue that some of the flavours are lost in the process.

Hybrid Barbecues (Dual Fuel BBQs)

That's where hybrid barbecues come in. This handy feature of being able to cook with one of both of the cooking options available to BBQs means you really do get the best of both worlds.

Utilise a variety of cooking methods - from gas canisters and gas bottles to good old charcoal fire. With your choice of fuel type you can mix and match to create flavour profiles you never knew existed.

Get the smokey flavour of charcoal cooking, but on a practical level, get a stainless steel frame with wheels like that of the Montana. One of the sturdiest frames going with clear aesthetic appeal, the durable, powder-coated steel frame of this BillyOh BBQ is sure to make you fall in love.


And make the most of your outdoor space when the Montana isn't in use. With the cover included with your order, you can keep the stainless steel frame clean and unmarked during the colder months. Or, use the storage shelf as extra storage space for BBQ utensils when in use.

Guide To BBQs

To learn more about the key features of everything from gas to electric grills, and to get some ideas for delicious food on the way - check out our barbecue guide.


If you have a search query or want to see fast and free delivery times for dual fuel models - get in touch with our customer service team or order online. Get your Montana hybrid with built-in lid thermometer today!

Dimensions Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal BBQ - Black
Assembled Dimensions 100cm x 162cm x 52cm
Features Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal BBQ - Black
No. of Burners 3
Side Burner? No
Side Shelves 2x Folding S/Steel
Cover Included? Yes
BBQ Finish Black
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


If you want the best of both worlds - convenience with traditionalism and flavour, then yes! And at just £459, the BillyOh Montana dual fuel BBQ is too good to miss out on.

The BillyOh Montana's design insights include:

  • Dual ignition with independent temperature controls.
  • Thermometer included on each hood.
  • Bottom cabinet with included rack shelves.
  • Side tables included for utensils and preparation.
  • Option to barbecue with gas and/or charcoal
  • Separate covers for the gas and charcoal grills

If you have restrictions on open flames or cooking outdoors because, for example, you live in an apartment building - then consider investing in a smokeless electric grill.

Otherwise, choose between gas for ease-of-use and quick turnaround time or charcoal for authentic smokey flavours and high searing temperatures. Otherwise, get the best of both worlds with a BillyOh Montana dual fuel BBQ.