Most of us dream of going on vacation to escape the things that stress us out on a daily basis. We imagine kicking back on our garden furniture as we watch the sunset over a beautiful beach halfway across the world. What we truly want is a getaway. What if we told you that you could create the ultimate getaway right in your garden (even if, for you, that’s just a proper home office)?

No, we can’t replicate the beach or a beautiful sunrise, but we can help you transform your garden into the most relaxed area in your home. So if you’ve ever seen, ahem, a certain neighbour’s garden and it’s made you want to fix up – check out these 10 ways to create the ultimate garden getaway.

1) Modify your deck

Your deck can be used for much more than just aesthetics. If you design and decorate it the right way, your deck can be one of the most luxurious areas of your property. Having a fabulous deck starts with using the right type of decking.

Check out this 4.2-metre pressure treated wooden decking. The wood has been treated with special preservatives to provide an added layer of defence against bugs, water and other environmental factors.

Once your decking has been laid, kick back with a friend or loved one on a pair of Rattan Sun Lounger chairs. Comfortable and stylish, the popular full-weave construction of this rattan garden furniture is just what you need to relax when you’re feeling stressed out. The set comes complete with a glass-topped table and two matching stools. This set alone is enough to transform your garden into the ultimate getaway, but there’s much more to do and see.

You can also add a garden parasol. Garden parasols can work either on your deck or on your patio making them the ideal choice for blocking out the sun. Also, they look fantastic sitting in your garden. Check out this hardwood frame garden parasol. it has a single pully design and a removable canopy. if you have the room, it will make a great addition to your deck.

2) Build an outdoor kitchen

Grilling outdoors is fun and all, but nothing beats cooking on a solid counter. If the idea of bringing your cooking expertise into the comfort of your garden excites you, then you should invest in an outdoor kitchen. It could be the perfect place to cook up some home-grown vegetables.

We’re not simply suggesting bringing a grill outdoors for a quick and easy BBQ. We’re talking about building a full-fledged kitchen with countertops and an outdoor stove. You don’t have to stop there. Adding a mini fridge, sink or even a bar will truly give you the outdoor kitchen experience that you’re looking for. Now when your friends come over, you can wine and dine them in style. With some fast-growing veggies, you can be cooking at home from your home produce in no time!

When it comes to decorations, plants are the perfect companion for your counters – or even some herbs and edible plants. They’ll receive all the sunlight they need and beautify your outdoor kitchen in the process.

3) Add a Hot Tub

What would a garden getaway be without a hot tub? Nothing melts away the troubles of a hard day at work than taking a dip in a hot tub. This is a must have luxury that’ll add an entirely new element to your garden, just make sure to keep it covered if you have pets!

Location is everything. Do you want your hot tub to be in the shade? In the sun? Connected to your house? In a secluded area of your garden? Knowing what you want will help you find the perfect location for your hot tub.

Now, don’t assume you’ll be able to roll one into your garden and simply fill it with water before calling it a day. Your average hot tub can take up to 30 square feet and can weigh up to two tons. Not only will you have to ensure that you have the room for your new hot tub, but you may have to lay a separate foundation from that of your deck or patio.

Though this may sound challenging, the idea of relaxing in your new hot tub should be all the motivation you need to make this happen.

4) Incorporate outdoor lighting

You don’t have to stop enjoying your garden when the sun goes down. You can enjoy it any time of the day with proper outdoor lighting. If you’re going for low impact, a simple porch light will be all you need. It’ll light the way back to your house and provide sufficient background lighting as you sit in your garden. Outdoor lighting works especially well with brightly-coloured flowers too.

However, if you’re going for a truly unique experience, then you can use low- voltage accent lights around the garden. You could even stick with a typical light bulb or add multicoloured bulbs to give your garden a magical appearance. Your garden can truly become a wonderland of unique lights when the sun goes down if you have proper outdoor lighting.

5) Hang up a hammock

Have you seen those holiday pamphlets advertising a luxury cruise or high-end hotel? Almost every time we find someone lazing about in a hammock as they relax on some distant beach. Add the image of lazy luxury to your garden by hanging up a hammock.

Hammocks provide a cheap and easy excuse to laze about in your garden. Simply find two trees or an area on your deck to stretch out and relax. Imagine coming home to find a hammock waiting for you. It doesn’t get any better than that. Where better to laze away the day and listen to the sounds of your sensory garden?

6) Create the ultimate patio

Patios are typically one of two things – a boring area where you allow your dog to run around when they need exercise in the middle of the night, or it can be an exciting part of your home that you’d be more than happy to share with your friends.

Designing a patio area can be done in an infinite number of ways, but we have a few suggestions that might help you out.

Transform your patio with the Rosario patio sectional sofa 6-seat sofa set. The luscious dark chocolate flat-weave rattan material of this set sits in perfect contrast with its soft white cushions. it’ll definitely wow your friends the moment they step out into your patio. this set comfortably seats six people, allowing you to entertain a larger number of guests.

What would a patio be without a BBQ? If you’re the type who enjoys grilling up steaks in the summer, a BBQ grill is a must have addition to your patio area. The problem with BBQ grills is that there are various types available and it can be difficult to just choose one. It all comes down to your personal cooking preference.

One of the more popular grills are charcoal BBQs. Outback omega 100 grill fits the bill magnificently. this is a hooded type grill built in a trolley style so that you can easily wheel where it needs to be. charcoal grills are the most traditional grills you can buy.

If you’re looking for a more modern grill, you can check out a gas grill. The Outback Meteor Hooded Blue Gas BBQ grill has four burners with a hose and regulator.

No matter what you prefer, a grill will complete the transformation of your patio.

7) Add a water feature

Nothing is more tranquil than a small pond or a fountain faintly trickling away in the corner of your garden. The sound of constantly running water will add tranquillity to your outdoor space, making it a serene getaway when you just want to relax. Adding a water feature can even help to
combat noise pollution (think strimmers, mowers, and passing cars!).

If you have the real estate, adding a pond will definitely wow your visitors. You can even add fish. If you don’t quite have the space to add a pond (or the financial resources), then a fountain should more than suffice. The sound of running water and a bit of birdsong really can do wonders for your sense of peace.

8) Make it a lush getaway

Trees, potted plants, a well-kept garden – there are a number of things you can do to transform your garden into a lush getaway. Imagine walking through a row of large leafy bushes to find garden furniture tucked into a quiet area in your garden. Each visit to your garden would become an adventure. Why not try growing your very own moss garden?

9) Add a fire pit

If you truly want to transform your garden into a getaway, add a fire pit. As you’re sitting around the pit telling stories, roasting s’mores and simply enjoying the outdoors you might just forget that you’re sitting in your own garden.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can build your own fire pit. You can make it a permanent fixture by overhauling your patio area and inserting your fire pit right in the centre. Or you can simply pay your local hardware store a visit and purchase a portable fire pit.

Whatever route you decide to take, a fire pit might just make you forget that you’re sitting in the comfort of your own garden.

10) Add as many amenities as you can

If you’re truly looking to create the ultimate garden getaway, it all comes down to adding as many amenities as you can. Patio furniture is the number one way to go, but there are other amenities that you can add to help make your garden a unique getaway.

It can get cold at night, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your garden. Warm up the area with the La Hacienda Carbon Fibre Table Patio Heater. Made of stainless steel and with a heat output of 1500W, this heater will put out more than enough heat to keep you and your guests nice and toasty.

You can also add a bench. No, benches aren’t just for parks. You can add them to your garden to provide convenient seating. You don’t need anything too big. A simple bench that seats up to two to three people should be more than sufficient to meet your needs, a bench such as this traditional bench made from beautiful acacia hardwood. Easy to assemble and made from high-quality materials along with a comfortable seat cushion, this bench provides the laidback comfort you need.

What about tables you may be asking. Well, we have you covered there as well. Garden tables serve a number of functions in a garden setting. They can be used to set down your garden supplies, for entertaining guests or for outdoor meals.

There are tables of varying sizes that you can add to your garden. Some are large enough to sit a small family while others are no bigger than a dinner tray. Or, pick up a small coffee table or bistro set to sit and enjoy some home-grown tea.

Let’s not forget about the kids! You can’t just hog the garden all to yourself. Adding outdoor toys will give your kids an excuse to get out of the house and play outside. You can even get them involved with what plants you grow. If you have small children the Keter Boogie garden plastic slide should provide hours of entertainment. It’s easy to fold and store and it’s rounded and solid structure makes it just as safe as it is durable.

Another option for the kids is the Keter Patio Center children’s picnic table. This is a great choice for the kids to sit down to have an outdoor lunch and do arts and crafts. The colours are bright and powerful, and the durable poly resin construction can stand up to any beating your kids give it. Now your kids will have an excuse to go outside. And if they’ve got allergies, you can even grow anti-allergen plants to keep them outdoors year-round!

Changing up the style and adding various elements to your garden is the perfect way to transform your outdoor space into the ultimate getaway. Whether you’re looking for a more festive theme or an environment that’s more laid back and relaxed, your garden can truly become an escape to paradise.

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And who knows, spending a bit of time renovating your garden might even increase your property value and appeal. Just remember when you’re doing all this to keep an eye on your garden. Invasive plants like Japanese knotweed can cause havoc to a garden and even stop you from selling your house

But not to worry – with some new decking, perhaps a DIY pond, and some lush plants can transform your backyard into a real garden getaway. And, although it might sound like a lot of work, you can even save yourself some maintenance hassle by growing hassle-free plants. Then you can spend more time sitting back and enjoying them!