Five Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution in the Garden

From rowdy neighbours to the noise of cars driving past your house, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax in your garden but being constantly disturbed by other noises.

Luckily, there are measures you can take to try and stop as much noise as possible from filtering into your garden. Whether the sounds are from the street or a noisy air conditioning unit, here are the five ways you can reduce noise pollution, provided by our garden experts.

1. Planting Shrubs


Planting shrubs is one of the effective ways to lessen the noise in your garden. For instance, plants like Hollies and Junipers have thick branches at ground level, which can help reduce traffic noise. Once these shrubs have grown and reached maturity, they will create a barrier to stop noise travelling.

It’s best to plant the shrubs close together so there are no gaps. You can also plant them in more than one row to increase the density. Keep in mind that shrubs aren’t a quick fix. But it’s guaranteed that they offer privacy once established.

2. Adding Water Features


Water features, fountains and streams, and are known not only to create a peaceful environment, but also to assist in reducing noise pollution (e.g. highway traffic noise) in your garden.

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By installing a water feature in your garden, you’ll be surrounded with soothing sounds which will help your brain to focus, as opposed to the noise of traffic beyond your boundary.

Tip: Place the water feature in outdoor seating areas or near your house, depending on the noise. 

Our Sparkling Bowls water feature is guaranteed to help block out the irritating noise in your garden space. Here at BillyOh, we offer a vast range of water features that are suitable for in and outdoor use and will look great in any setting. Go check them out!

3. Landscaping

There are a variety of landscaping methods that can help you lessen the unwanted traffic noise. Although it’s a more expensive and time-consuming option, it will likely be one of the most effective solutions.

Planting evergreen trees is one of the great landscaping tips you can apply to block noise from a busy street. Regular trees can only reduce noise when they’re full of leaves. In contrast, evergreen tree leaves don’t fall off seasonally. Most of their branches can extend to the ground too — making them an excellent landscaping option for traffic noise reduction.

4. Building a Fence


Another effective way to reduce noise pollution in your outdoor space is by creating a sturdy barrier with a thick fence or wall installed around your garden.

Solid walls such as brick and stone fences are the best option, especially if you have a larger budget. On the other hand, traditional wood plank fencing also makes an excellent economical choice to minimise traffic noise. 

Note: Ensure the panels are packed tightly together and with minimal gaps to lessen the space sound has to travel through. Here’s a guide on how to build a fence, courtesy of Lowe’s.

5. Achieve a Wildlife-Friendly Garden


Did you know that leaving food outside can encourage birds and other wildlife into your garden? By encouraging wildlife into your outdoor space, you’ll be joined by an abundance of pleasant, natural sound — which is a great distraction from external noise.

Transforming your humble garden into a wildlife haven may require time and effort but it sure is worth it! If you wish to have a wildlife-friendly garden, our ultimate guide shares a wealth of advice and information on how to do it. Make sure to read it!

If you’re eager to reduce noise pollution in your garden, these five ways are worth giving a go! Once you block the noise out, you’ll have a greater sense of privacy in your garden, and at the same time, it will help keep stress at bay.

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