Why Rattan Garden Furniture Is So Popular

Rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular for gardens in the UK. Many furniture designers and manufacturers are now producing a wide variety of styles for beautiful rattan outdoor pieces. Search for ‘rattan garden furniture’ on Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll be served up plenty of inspiration for different designs.

If you’re wondering why rattan furniture for gardens is becoming so popular, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many reasons why homeowners are starting to opt for rattan furniture over wooden garden furniture:

  • It’s stylish. Many people choose rattan furniture purely for aesthetic reasons. The texture makes it a little more interesting and the earthy colour contrasts nicely against the greenery in the background.
  • It’s very versatile. You can now get a wide range of  garden benches, garden chairs and garden tables made of rattan. This makes it easy for you to get a few different pieces that all work well together, and you can also easily find the right styles to fit into the design aesthetic of your garden. Rattans furniture comes in everything from cubes, to coffee sets, and even dining sets.
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance. One of the best things about rattan garden furniture? It requires minimal maintenance and is easier to care for than wooden or metal garden furniture. This is highly attractive for those who don’t want to spend ages tending to their garden or storing their furniture inside every single time it rains.

rattan garden furniture

  • It lasts for ages. Invest in rattan furniture for your garden and you won’t need to keep getting new pieces. Rattan is a long-lasting material that you can rely on to see you through many years.
  • It doesn’t get damaged easily.  Unlike wooden garden furniture, which can get damaged easily upon moving it or leaving it out in certain weather conditions, rattan garden furniture is tough and strong. There’s no need to worry about scuffs and marks as the material is designed for durability.
  • It’s not expensive. As this style of furniture has become more and more popular, there are now many high-quality cheap rattan garden furniture pieces to choose from. Choose from a variety of rattan garden benches, chairs and tables to find a style that you love.
  • It’s comfy. Many of our rattan sets come with deep-backs and furniture cushions for a comfy sitting experience.

Rattan garden furniture is lightweight

  • Rattan garden furniture is lightweight. Want garden furniture that’s easy to move around or put into storage if need be? Rattan furniture is much lighter than wooden or even plastic garden furniture. Carry it with ease and freshen up the look of your garden by trying out a few different arrangements. It’s also easy to take with you if you ever move house.
  • You can get UV resistant rattan garden furniture that comes with a weather guarantee. Keep your rattan furniture outside throughout the year without worrying about deterioration. Rattan is designed to handle all types of British weather without losing its looks. There’s no need to fret about frost damage, moss or invasive weeds growing on your rattan garden pieces.

Keeping all these reasons in mind, it’s easy to understand why rattan furniture is such a huge trend for outdoor spaces at the moment. If you’re considering it yourself, browse through our wide range of garden furniture to find the best pieces for your home. . Or, if you don’t believe us about just how good it is – check out some of our customer stories!