Rattan Garden Furniture

Are you looking for new patio furniture, lawn furniture or even a garden dining set? Well, rattan garden furniture is a stylish, environmentally friendly option. It's also highly durable and affordable when bought from BillyOh!

There's no question why rattan furniture sets are so popular around the world. Garden furniture made out of rattan is both easy to clean and maintain. It's also available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. It comes in a wide range of designs from outdoor sofas to coffee tables and cube sets. Not only does rattan garden furniture look good, but it's also perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Scroll down to browse our fantastic range of rattan furniture UK products, from dining sets, to rattan cube furniture, and even rattan corner sets.

Marbella 4 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table


BillyOh Modica 10 Seater Cube Rattan Dining Set


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan Effect Sofa in Graphite with Cream Cushions


BillyOh Milan 6 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set


Marbella 4 Seater Rattan Effect Armchair Set with Coffee Table


BillyOh Salerno 4 Seater Corner Rattan Sofa Set With Storage


Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan-Effect Sofa in Brown


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan Effect Sofa in Grey


Graphite Rattan Effect Sofa with Grey Cushions


Marbella 2-Seater Rattan Effect Balcony Set in Graphite


Marbella 2-Seater Rattan Armchair Furniture Set with Coffee Table

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How to furnish a larger outdoor space?

For larger outdoor spaces, we suggest either a rattan dining or sofa set. Start by measuring up your space, leaving room for access around, and consider where you want the focus of your garden or patio to be. A centrepiece like a firepit table can act not only as a talking, but a focal point.

Why is a rattan garden sofa the best choice for your garden?

Synthetic rattan is light so it's highly portable. It's also weather-resistant and built over a rust and corrosion-resistant frame of powder-coated aluminium. Synthetic rattan furniture represents a budget-friendly price point compared to natural rattan with much less maintenance hassle. A rattan garden sofa can be the perfect place to relax, read, or chat, and removable cushions make for easy upkeep.

How does rattan compare to wooden or metal garden furniture?

Compared to wooden garden furniture, grey rattan is certainly more contemporary. In this sense, rattan is more similar to metal garden furniture and both represent ease-of-use at an attractive price point. They are, however, not as customisable as wooden garden furniture which can be stained or painted.

What should I look for when buying outdoor furniture?

Look for something made from a durable and weather-resistant material (like synthetic rattan) at a price point that suits you. For the best quality spend as much as you can (and think is reasonable) at the outset rather than having to replace your furniture sets every couple of years.

How should rattan furniture be maintained?

Our rattan furniture is built to withstand both intense sunlight and harsh British weather. Still, all garden furniture requires some care and attention. If storage isn't an option, at least invest in garden furniture covers and remove cushions when not in use.

How to keep rattan furniture clean?

Synthetic rattan furniture is incredibly easy to maintain. For the glass tables, dust and then spray and dry with glass clean and a microfibre cloth. For the rattan itself, a simply wipe or even hose down is sufficient. For more, check out this guide to cleaning rattan furniture.

Is rattan furniture waterproof?

Rattan furniture is highly weatherproof and the frames are resistant to rust and corrosion. For peace of mind, though, we still recommend storing garden furniture indoors or at least under cover when not in use.

What's the difference between rattan and wicker?

Rattan is actually the plant from which the furniture is made and wicker refers to the weaving process or style. Rattan is then split into natural or synthetic (plastic rattan or polyrattan).

Synthetic rattan, like the rattans sets we sell here at BillyOh generally last longer, are UV-resistant, and are weather-resistant.

At BillyOh, our rattan garden furniture incorporates contemporary designs. Mix this with our high-quality products. The result? You'll have plenty of choices when furnishing your outdoor space. So whether it's for a backyard or a garden terrace, we've got a wide range of rattan garden furniture on offer. Perfect for every space and all budgets.

We're expects when it comes to Garden Furniture - and not just Rattan. We've got stylish, curated collections of wooden garden furniture, metal furniture, and more. Create a personalised space with rattan garden furniture deals and improve how your backyard looks. Pick up tables, chairs and more great decor all designed for the season. You'll get bargains you won't see in the stores!

Rattan Weave

Rattan weave is the merging of rattan (a bamboo-like plant) with wicker-style weaving. The result is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy garden furniture. See it featured on our beautiful sets like our 7 seater rattan garden furniture.

The synthetic and polyrattan garden furniture that we sell is largely made for outdoor use. But the design also looks great in a studio or conservatory. Get out in the sun with high-quality cube, dining, and patio furniture. If you want a different look, why not take a peek at our rope garden furniture piece. Shop for a deal on our website and make a choice that's good for the environment and your bank balance!

Rattan Cube Garden Furniture

One of our many garden furniture sets, the rattan cube set is the height of functionality. With cube chairs and stools, these outdoor furniture sets tuck away under each other to form a cube when not in use. For quality garden furniture with ease of use, think of rattan cube garden furniture sets. Check out our 8 seater cube rattan garden furniture to get started.

Patio Sets

Rattan and rattan weave sets are perfect for use as patio furniture. They're lightweight and easy to move around. They're also weather-resistant and low maintenance. Do you have a balcony space or want something smaller to sit near a feature like a garden swing? Then these are perfect. With aluminium frames on many of these rattan patio sets, they're able to withstand rain or shine.

Removable Cushions

Our rattan sets feature chairs with cushions that are soft and deep. These cushions are in keeping with the design aesthetic of each set. And a padded cushion can not only protect your bottom but your furniture from wear and tear!

You can find grey rattan garden furniture as well as shades of black, graphite and brown on our site.

Rattan Garden Sofa Set

In our range of rattan effect garden furniture, we have dining sets as well as single products. Everything is intended for kicking back and relaxing in your garden. So why not pick up a garden sofa with storage and kill two birds with one stone? Or embrace the Mediterannean with our aptly-named Seville and Sicily garden furniture models. Just remember to use a rattan sofa cover when not in use.

Corner Sofas

A rattan corner sofa can be the perfect way to get the most out of your space. Fitting into tough-to-use spaces, these modular corner sofas come in an array of models. Just take this rattan four-piece set, for example. Or upgrade to our 5 seater corner sofa for more room. Whatever you pick, modular rattan garden furniture is easily re-arranged. Check out this corner sofa set or 6-seater rattan garden furniture set. Both are easy to move and fit perfectly next to a hot tub or outdoor sauna.

Rattan Dining Sets

You can even find a garden sofa and dining table set. For enjoying food with family and friends, why not switch up the traditional look? With gazebos and benches on offer, create a whole backyard barbecue space. Pick from chairs and table bistro sets all the way up to larger models. Our range of furniture includes sets designed for dining or for a coffee or sitting and reading. For larger families check out our 8 seater rattan dining set. Or, see our Modica 10-seater rattan garden furniture. And for those who want added functionality, try a cube rattan dining set. Or even a modular rattan garden furniture set.

Casual Dining Sets

Our casual dining sets are made from weather-resistant synthetic or poly rattan. They offer a range of buying choices, including our firepit garden sets. Add a touch of pure beauty to your dining experience and wow your guests when you order today. Looking to add some shade? Simply pick a design with a parasol option to give yourself a bit of shade when you need it most this summer. If you want something more laid back, we have a 7 seater rattan sofa set. These outdoor sofas work wonderfully in any garden setting.

Rattan Chairs

Rattan garden chairs offer comfortable seating. All whilst being easy to maintain and light enough to move around. This means that working out a configuration to suit your group with our quality rattan garden furniture couldn't be easier. Pair them easily with a Rattan Effect Outdoor Coffee Table.

Check out our new range of Marbella garden furniture with garden chairs on offer in a range of colours. Pick a grey cushion to offset a graphite chair. Or choose from brown and black. Whatever you're looking for, we have a rattan solution to make your garden dreams come true!

Sun Loungers

And if you're looking for a rattan daybed, look no further than our site. Our garden outdoor patio sun loungers are perfect for by the pool, a deck or a canopy porch. Relax in the sun this summer with one of our great sun loungers. Plus, they can be easily stored in the garage when not in use. Set the trend this season with a comfy sun lounger.

Rattan Tables

A rattan dining table from BillyOh, manufactured with high-quality materials, offers a lovely centrepiece to a set. They're made with aluminium frames and stylish poly synthetic rattan weave. We offer sets with a garden table as well as a glass coffee table or a square rattan table conversation set. Find the perfect size and style for your garden today.

Rectangular Table

Whether it's a dining table or a garden fire pit table, we have garden sets to suit everyone's tastes. Choose from glass tables, fire pits and even a combination of the two. Find bargain rattan garden furniture at BillyOh.

Pricing and Delivery

Get free delivery to most of the mainland UK and England. With further delivery options for Wales, Scotland, and Ireland). Snap up a popular design today from our rattan range. Enter your address details to get started. Or get in touch with customer service if you have any further questions.

Pick up a deal from one of the best stores on the market today in the UK. We promise good on-page experience, secure payment, and excellent aftercare. You can't go wrong with BillyOh. Order today to get your rattan direct. Or shop around to find premium-quality goods at unbeatable prices.

And, if buying one of our products straight out is difficult right now, then we offer finance options. Check to see if they're available on your desired set. Or head over to our blog and resource pages to learn more when your buy rattan patio furniture with us. (Check our site terms and conditions for information about our returns and refund policy.)

What Is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan itself is a broad term for a group of old-world climbing palms. Woven with a wicker technique, rattan garden furniture creates an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden or patio with a style that is synonymous with outdoor living.

Modern synthetic grey rattan, however, is made from polyethylene which not only grants it added durability and weather-resistant, but a decidedly more contemporary look. That's why modern rattan sets are becoming increasingly popular - they're cheaper, less work to maintain, and they look fantastic. You'll find a wide range of rattan outdoor furniture here at BillyOh.

How To Clean Rattan Furniture

One of the best things about polyethene (PE) rattan is that it's incredibly easy to maintain. Keep your grey rattan look as good as new by simply:

  • Dusting any glass tables and in between the weave
  • Spraying down with a cleaner or diluted soapy water
  • Wiping dry

You could even use a garden hose or a pressure washer on a very light setting - that's just how easy and resilient PE rattan is. For more information, check out this guide on cleaning rattan furniture.

Where To Buy Rattan Furniture

At BillyOh, we have a wide range of rattan garden furniture and sets. If you've got an awkward corner to use in your garden, why not have a look at our Salerno corner sofa set?

Or if you want to bring a 'wow' factor to outdoor dining and furniture, check out our rattan outdoor sets with built-in fire pit tables. Perfect for year-round use, you can stay cosy outdoors well into the evening, no matter what the season. 

How Long Does Rattan Furniture Last?

Synthetic or PE rattan is well-known for its weatherproof qualities including its resistance to:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Frost
  • Harsh UV rays

Consider that the aluminium frames of our BillyOh rattan furniture are also powder-coated and you have a garden set that could last you anywhere been 5-10 years (and even beyond if properly stored and maintained). That's why rattan garden sets are such a great investment for their price.