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Aluminium Garden Furniture

At BillyOh, we stock a range of garden furniture products made from a variety of natural materials including wooden furniture and rattan. But metal is a longstanding popular choice amongst homeowners due to its weather-resistant qualities.

With an array of metal garden products to choose from and a host of different seating options, including 4-seater, 6-seater and 7-seater sets, there's something for everyone at BillyOh. Our current range spans from the affordable to the premium.

Affordable prices

The Enna 4-seater garden dining set is just £999, and is perfect for smaller families and those who aren't expecting as many guests! The Amalfi, our 7-seater garden dining set, boasts a contemporary style and is also popular. Priced at £1,649, it comes in a set with a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa and two chairs. Both sets come with coffee tables that are perfect for entertaining.

Weather Resistance

Aluminium is a lightweight but sturdy and weather-resistant material, which makes it perfect for outdoor dining and lounge furniture.

That's why our aluminium garden sets are made from it. While allowing for easy transportation, it also boasts excellent corrosion resistance - in simple terms, it won't rust or wear easily, and is weather resistant to boot as well. This makes it much easier to leave during the winter months - without having to worry about it getting damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Our metal and aluminium garden furniture sets come in a variety of designs so you can find the perfect choice for your garden space.

Quality Garden Furniture

We stock a wide range of garden sofas as well as metal outdoor tables and bistro sets to cater to your needs. Even at the end of season, we have a range of products still left in stock, meaning that even if you're a bit late with the purchase, you can enjoy outdoor dining with your modern metal garden furniture well into the autumn and beyond.

Find your perfect furniture set here at BillyOh. Whether it's your dream garden chair or a beautiful new garden table, you're bound to find it within our fantastic selection of on-trend products, handpicked for the tastes of the British public.

Generally, yes. Aluminium is a great conductor of heat so in the sunshine, metal bars are likely to be warm to the touch. Be careful! 

With that being said, many of our aluminium products are clad with wood and, for the most parts, cushions cover the metal framework of the seats and the back. This will protect you from the heat.

Pick exterior-grade acrylic or latex paint that's designed to be used on metal.

Luckily for you, our 6-seater Venice aluminium set comes with a corner sofa that's designed to fit in awkward-to-use garden spaces.

Yes - all you need to do is

  1. 1. Spend a minimum £600 and above
  2. 2. Pay a minimum deposit of 10%
  3. 3. Have a minimum finance amount after deposit of £540 and above