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Grill Kill

Licensed to Grill or Licensed to Kill

June 24th, 2016

Considering everyone’s safety when grilling can spell the difference between an extraordinary afternoon barbecue party and a horrible one. Avoid these common grilling mistakes and make your BBQ sessions always fun, safe, and satisfying!


How Plants on Mars will Revolutionise Our Everyday Life

If you pore over it, humans inhabiting the Red Planet is nowhere near an unintelligible thought. One way to make that close to possible is by unlocking the key to planting trees on the planet. A big challenge it may sound but taking a closer look at Mars’ geosphere would introduce us to an array of interesting possibilities.


Nine Things a Practical Parent Needs to Be Told

March 04th, 2016

\When someone becomes a parent, they sometimes tend to forget they too have their personal needs. Well, parenting is ultimately a selfless act. But one needs to know that rearing a family shouldn’t be as complex as some claim it to be. Here are nine practical tips every parent needs to know.