45 BBQ Shelter Ideas to Keep Your Grill Safe

We can’t rely on the great British weather to give us endless sunny days in the summer to enjoy BBQs with friends and family. 

So it might be worth investing in a shelter of some kind, so you can still fire up the grill even when the heavens open!

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

1. Cabin BBQ station

Perfect for any garden set up, the BillyOh Log Cabin Workshop can be your next BBQ station! The customisable opening windows and solid-boarded double doors makes it an ideal space for outdoor cooking.

With so much floor space, a mini dining set or a bar countertop can easily fit inside too!

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2. Stone BBQ area with simple poof

A small pergola will give you some shade while you’re cooking under the sun. 

Stone BBQ area with simple pergola

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3. Tiny corner BBQ with roof

You can still have an appealing BBQ area with a roof, even if your garden is not that big. You could create a small corner outdoor kitchen space like this to feed all of the family. 

Tiny corner BBQ station with sink sheltered with a small roof

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4. Bricks and light wood

If you prefer more of a rustic style, you could build your outdoor kitchen from weathered wood panels and natural stone.

Bricks and light wood style outdoor kitchen

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5. Modern BBQ shed

Is it a wooden wall? No, it’s an amazing BBQ with a foldable door that also serves as a shelter whilst you’re cooking. 

You can also close it off when it’s not being used.

Modern BBQ shed station with a foldable door

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6. Appealing outdoor kitchen shed

This one looks like a small storage unit from the outside, but when you open the door it becomes an ultra-modern outdoor kitchen area, with a useful sink and plenty of storage.

Ultra-modern outdoor kitchen area, with a useful sink and plenty of storage

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7. BBQ simple shack

Or maybe go for a simpler setup and just place whatever you need under a shelter for protection from the rain. No need to bring the entire kitchen if you don’t want to. 

BBQ simple shack setup with a grill and smoker

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8. DIY BBQ shelter

Try building a simple shelter for your BBQ yourself if you’re handy with wood, so you can make it as big as you need it to keep you and the grill covered while cooking.

DIY BBQ shelter made from wooden and metal roof materials

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9. Tiny BBQ shelter

This simple setup would keep your BBQ covered at all times, so it’s protected from bad weather. 

A tiny BBQ shelter that mimics a waiting shed, housing a gas BBQ grill

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10. Semi pergola for BBQ

Add a pergola (or a semi-pergola) to keep the BBQ protected from the rain and keep you protected from the sun.

A semi pergola BBQ shelter placed in an outdoor seating area with a fire pit

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11. DIY BBQ shack

A little bit of a project but with an amazing result. You’ll want to have a BBQ with your friends every day!

A DIY shack for a BBQ smoker

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12. Custom-built BBQ table and shelter

Build your own BBQ station (or get someone else to) around your BBQ so you can store your tools but still have space for serving up your delicious food out of the rain. 

Custom-built BBQ station with table made from timber

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13. Outdoor mini kitchen

You could add a transparent roof to your outdoor kitchen so light can still shine through and you’re still protected from the weather.

14. Modern stone and bricks BBQ shed

If you have the space, a modern outdoor bar and BBQ area is great for some friends or family gatherings.

15. Modern open BBQ shack

This contemporary design is perfect for BBQs by the pool but great for keeping the grill protected from splashes.

Modern open BBQ shack

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16. Cedar corner BBQ shed

A great setup built in a corner, so you can just close it when you’re not using it and save some garden space.

Built-in cedar corner BBQ shed

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17. Rustic BBQ wall setup

Some dark wood for a rustic look and a small semi-roof to gain some shade when necessary.

Rustic BBQ wall setup with dark wood

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18. Small simple BBQ shed

If you’re building your own BBQ shelter, remember to place some windows for the smoke to find its way out – great if you’re using a BBQ smoker.

Small simple BBQ shed with open windows for smoke to find its way out

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19. Foldable outdoor kitchen

This DIY outdoor kitchen setup is perfect for a small garden space, as you can fold it away and gain some garden space when you’re not using the grill.

Foldable outdoor kitchen setup for outdoor grilling

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20. BBQ deck and shelter

Build your BBQ area on your covered deck so you can still enjoy cooking outdoors on rainy days. 

A BBQ area with a covered deck

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21. No Walls

Just a great roof with some spotlights, perfect for cooking outdoors after the sun goes down.

Open BBQ grilling area with a great roof and some spotlights

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22. Simple BBQ gazebo

No need for a huge setup or spending a lot of money. If some shade is what you’re looking for, a simple gazebo goes a long way.

Simple BBQ gazebo shelter

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23. Small BBQ wooden shed

Again, if all you’re looking for is to cover your BBQ, there’s no need to go crazy with the setup.

DIY BBQ wooden shack

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24. Huge appealing wooden roof

If you prefer a more permanent feature to protect your BBQ from the weather, this type of solid structure is perfect. You can even fit a pizza oven under there!

A solid structure with a more permanent feature to protect the BBQ from the weather

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25. BBQ deck with black and white tones

This ultra-modern BBQ kitchen has useful built-in storage and a sleek black roof structure to protect your cooking area from the rain. 

BBQ deck with black and white tones

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26. Side pergola for BBQ

This pergola is perfect to gain some shade while cooking on a hot, sunny day. The trellis provides some extra privacy from neighbours. 

Side pergola housing for BBQ

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27. BBQ deck on slope yard

With a concrete base to make the space level, you can still have a BBQ shelter even if there’s a slope on your garden.

BBQ deck on slope yard with a concrete base

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28. Small cooking deck

You could go for a decked area for your outdoor cooking to keep your grass safe from food spills or grease from the BBQ.

Small cooking wooden deck for BBQ get-togethers

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29. DIY huge BBQ shack

You’ll need plenty of time, wood and dedication to build your own BBQ shack, but the result could be amazing. You could add a bar and bar stools for your guests, and string lights to add to the party feel and keep your gathering going into the night.

DIY huge BBQ shack with a bar area

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30. Red wood BBQ shelter

You could use tin sheets to make your own shelter for your BBQ area. 

Red wood BBQ shelter with tin sheets

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31. Wooden BBQ area with transparent roof

This outdoor kitchen uses all natural tones to help it blend in with the garden, and a transparent roof to provide protection from the rain while still letting natural light through.

Wooden BBQ area with transparent roof

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32. Classy wooden pergola

You could go for a lavish Japanese style pergola to create a stylish shelter for your BBQ area. 

Classy wooden pergola

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33. Huge BBQ area setup

Brown and silver tones provide a clean finish on this amazing BBQ setup. There’s even an air extractor to keep the outdoor kitchen smoke-less. 

Huge BBQ area setup with brown and silver tones

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34. BBQ and small bar gazebo

This stylish, standalone gazebo provides a great BBQ shelter. It even has a couple of little bars to hold your drinks while you’re cooking.

Stylish, standalone BBQ and small bar gazebo

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35. Outdoor corner small kitchen

A rollable canopy gives you the choice to enjoy the sunshine while you’re cooking or shelter from the rain. It can also provide some shade if the sun’s rays get too much. 

Outdoor corner small kitchen with a rollable canopy

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36. Side oak gazebo

You could build a shelter for your BBQ to match your decking. All you need is the grill and maybe some comfy chairs and you’re good to go!

Side oak gazebo BBQ shelter

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37. DIY BBQ station

This small BBQ station is easy to recreate at home and won’t take up too much garden space. The stove is a great addition as it means you can do all your cooking outside if you want to. 

DIY small BBQ station with countertop

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38. Grey big BBQ gazebo

This simple but sleek and stylish gazebo would add a modern touch to your BBQ area. 

Sleek and stylish gazebo with a modern touch

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39. Small BBQ shed on wall

If you have a small garden, you could keep it small and simple with a half-shed against a wall for your BBQ shelter. 

Small corner BBQ shed installed on the wall

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40. Transparent canopy for BBQ

This sleek canopy provides protection from the rain but still lets the sun shine through. 

Transparent canopy covering the BBQ grill

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41. DIY wooden BBQ area with lights

If you’re the kind of family that likes to party into the night, be sure to add some lighting to your BBQ shelter.

DIY wooden BBQ area with lights

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42. Modern simple BBQ gazebo

Not all BBQ shelters have to be made of wood. This modern metal shelter helps provide some shade and a spot for your drinks to help you keep cool on hot days. 

Modern simple BBQ gazebo

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43. Tiny BBQ deck and roof

With a small shelter like this one, there’s not enough room to throw a party next to the grill but at least you and your meal will be safe from rain!

Tiny BBQ deck and roof

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44. Classy grill shelter

A classic-style wooden gazebo can be used as a shelter for your BBQ. Add trellis to the sides for extra privacy; you could even add some climbing plants!

A classic-style wooden gazebo used as a BBQ shelter

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45. Useful BBQ gazebo

This useful design has plenty of shelving for preparing and serving your food, and hooks to hang up your tools.

Metal BBQ shelter with shelvings

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With the sporadic nature of our weather here in the UK, adding a roof over your BBQ will mean you can enjoy cooking outdoors come rain or shine. 

Whether it’s a small, simple shelter you’re looking for, or a building to house a lavish bar and outdoor kitchen, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of ideas.

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