BBQ Shelter Ideas to Keep Your Grill Safe

We can’t rely on the great British weather to give us endless sunny days in the summer to enjoy BBQs with friends and family. 

So it might be worth investing in a shelter of some kind, so you can still fire up the grill even when the heavens open!

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

1. Cabin BBQ station

Perfect for any garden set up, the BillyOh Log Cabin Workshop can be your next BBQ station! The customisable opening windows and solid-boarded double doors makes it an ideal space for outdoor cooking.

With so much floor space, a mini dining set or a bar countertop can easily fit inside too!

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BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop
BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop

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2. Stone BBQ area

Revamp your outdoor cooking experience with an optimised stone BBQ shelter. Adjacent to the BBQ, you’ll find a seating area that offers comfortable seating for you and your guests.

To shield you from the sun’s rays and provide respite on warm days, install a pergola that stands tall above the area.

Custom outdoor kitchen using stone materials

3. Tiny corner BBQ with roof

Transform your modest garden into an inviting BBQ haven, complete with a roof. Embrace the limited space by adding a kitchen nook that caters to your family’s culinary desires. Indulge in the pleasures of al fresco dining without compromising on style!

4. Bricks and light wood

Use weathered wood panels and authentic natural stone. This design effortlessly blends timeless elegance with nature’s raw beauty. Experience the pleasure of outdoor cooking amidst a rustic oasis.

Custom outdoor kitchen setup using light bricks

5. Modern BBQ shed

Is it a wooden wall? No, it’s an amazing BBQ with a foldable door that also serves as a shelter whilst you’re cooking. 

You can also close it off when it’s not being used.

Bespoke shed BBQ shelter
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6. Outdoor kitchen shed

Outdoor kitchen shed

Transforming a shed into a BBQ station is simple. Clear the shed, install shelves for storage, and place a sturdy table for food prep. Add hooks for utensils and hang a whiteboard for menus. Install a ventilation system for smoke. Don’t forget to create a cosy seating area nearby!

7. BBQ simple shack

Or maybe go for a simpler setup and just place whatever you need under a shelter for protection from the rain. No need to bring the entire kitchen if you don’t want to. 

BBQ shack shelter in a campsite
Image Credit: Flickr, anoldent

8. DIY BBQ shelter

Try building a simple shelter for your BBQ yourself if you’re handy with wood, so you can make it as big as you need it to keep you and the grill covered while cooking.

DIY BBQ shelter with a chimney
Image Credit: Flickr, Mike Carter

9. Tiny BBQ shelter

Install a compact roof structure made of weather-resistant materials. Attach sidewalls or curtains for additional protection. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent smoke buildup. Add hooks or shelves for utensil storage.

10. Semi pergola for BBQ

Position the semi-pergola over the grill to provide shade and shelter from rain. Choose a sturdy material like wood or metal for durability. Add a retractable canopy or curtains for adjustable coverage. Arrange seating and a food preparation area beneath the pergola.

11. Modern stone and bricks

Lay a strong foundation using concrete. Construct the shed walls with stone and bricks, ensuring a sturdy structure. Install a durable roof and provide proper ventilation. Incorporate modern design elements, such as sleek lighting fixtures and clean lines.

12. Open BBQ shack

Choose a suitable location and clear the area. Erect a basic wooden frame for the shack’s structure. Install a sturdy roof to provide shade. Leave the sides open for ventilation and a spacious feel. Add a grill and ample counter space for food preparation.

Black outdoor gas grill on grey pavement

13. Cedar corner station

Choose a corner area in your outdoor space and build a cedar frame for the station. Install a durable countertop and attach a grill and storage. Create seating with cedar benches or chairs to complete the look!

14. Foldable outdoor kitchen

Select a compact foldable grill and a portable table. Choose a convenient location that maximises space, unfold the grill and set it up. Place the portable table nearby to maximise the space. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of your foldable BBQ station!

15. BBQ deck and shelter

Build a sturdy deck using weather-resistant materials. Install a roof or canopy for shelter from the elements. Position the grill in a safe and accessible area on the deck. Add seating and a dining area for comfortable enjoyment.

16. Simple BBQ gazebo

Set up a simple BBQ gazebo effortlessly! Choose a suitable location in your outdoor space, then assemble a gazebo kit with a sturdy frame and roof. Ensure proper ventilation for smoke. Add seating and a small table for convenience.

BBQ gazebo shelter
Image Credit: Flickr, Randy Greve

17. BBQ deck on slope yard

Level the area by building a retaining wall or using adjustable deck supports. Construct a sturdy deck frame that follows the slope. Install a durable deck surface. Then, position the grill securely on the level deck area and seating.

18. Wooden and transparent

Build a wooden structure for the BBQ area, including walls, countertops, and storage. Install a transparent roof made of polycarbonate or glass panels for natural light. Ensure proper ventilation, add seating and outdoor decor.

19. Side oak gazebo

Create a levelled and paved space for the BBQ station. Use oak wood for the construction of countertops, shelves, and seating. Add decor elements like hanging plants, lanterns, and rustic signage. Also, consider incorporating natural stone accents for a rustic touch.

20. Transparent canopy for BBQ

Install a sturdy frame for the canopy and secure transparent panels. Position the grill and prep area underneath. Enhance the decor with string lights, vibrant cushions, and a cosy seating arrangement. Add a weatherproof rug for comfort.

BillyOh Hexagonal Pop Up Gazebo (2x2x2m)
BillyOh Hexagonal Pop Up Gazebo (2x2x2m)

21. DIY wooden BBQ area with lights

Build a wooden frame for the BBQ station and install countertops. Hang string lights above the area for a warm ambiance. Add decorative lanterns and solar-powered pathway lights for additional illumination.

Incorporate cosy seating with cushions and a dining table (if the space allows). Use planters and flowers to bring a touch of nature.

22. Metal gazebo grilling station

Assemble the metal gazebo and position it in your desired location. Install a sturdy grill and food preparation area inside. Enhance the decor with outdoor-friendly rugs, comfortable seating, and vibrant cushions. Hang lanterns or string lights that match the material for ambience.

23. Tiny BBQ deck and roof

Build a compact deck and attach a weather-resistant roof for protection. Opt for space-saving furniture like folding chairs and a small table. Utilise built-in benches with storage underneath. Maximise space by using vertical planters or wall-mounted décor.

24. Classy grill shelter

Construct a stylish shelter using quality materials. Choose elegant and comfortable furniture pieces. Or opt for versatile options like benches with storage. Enhance the ambience with soft outdoor lighting – and plants for a touch of greenery.

Create a sophisticated grilling station that exudes both class and comfort!

25. All-in-one gazebo BBQ space

Assemble the spacious gazebo and position it strategically. Position a large grill and food preparation area. Arrange a dining set with ample seating and a serving table. Add cosy outdoor sofas or lounge chairs for relaxation – or for extra seating.

BBQ gazebo
Image Credit: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

26. Tiki-inspired BBQ hut

The perfect BBQ shelter idea with its exotic and tropical ambience! The thatched roof and bamboo accents evoke a sense of relaxation and vacation. This concept effortlessly transports you and your guests to a beachside paradise.

Achieve this idea in your garden by using natural materials like bamboo and thatch. Incorporate tropical plants and tiki torches and lanterns to complete the look.

27. Elevated BBQ platform with a thatched roof

This design provides a unique and elevated outdoor dining experience. The thatched roof adds a touch of rustic charm and protects you from the elements while enjoying BBQ.

Construct a sturdy platform or raised deck in your garden and cover it with a thatched roof or canopy. Add comfortable seating and ambient lighting to create a cosy and inviting space.

28. Repurposed shipping container BBQ shelter

An innovative DIY approach that combines functionality and sustainability! The durable shipping container provides a sturdy enclosure for your BBQ activities.

To carry out, find a suitable shipping container. Then, modify it to include proper ventilation, windows, and a functional cooking area. Paint the exterior to match your garden aesthetic. Consider adding seating or storage options inside to finish the setup.

29. Contemporary glass and steel BBQ pavilion

Offering a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with a contemporary garden! The use of glass and steel creates a stylish and open feel. This allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape.

To get started, consult with a professional to design a custom glass and steel structure. Incorporate ample ventilation and add blinds or shades for privacy and sun control.

30. Rooftop BBQ terrace with a retractable canopy

This design can maximise your outdoor space while offering a versatile entertaining area. This idea allows you to utilise the rooftop of your building as a dedicated BBQ space. Plus, with the added benefit of a retractable canopy for shade and protection.

You’ll want to ensure that your rooftop is structurally sound and can support the weight of a BBQ setup. Install a retractable canopy or pergola system to provide shade when needed. Finally, furnish the terrace with comfortable seating and appropriate safety measures.

31. Asian-inspired Zen garden BBQ gazebo

An Asian-inspired Zen garden BBQ gazebo combines tranquillity and functionality! This scheme creates a serene space for outdoor cooking and dining.

The gazebo’s design incorporates elements of Japanese aesthetics. This can include clean lines, natural materials, and minimalistic features.

Execute this idea by designing a gazebo with a simple and elegant structure using wood or bamboo. Incorporate Zen garden elements to create a calming ambience for your BBQ gatherings. Start with pebbles, bamboo fencing, and plants. Adding a small water feature nearby also enhances the Zen experience.

32. Portable pop-up BBQ tent with built-in seating

Sunjoy Pindo 4x4m Brown Steel Gazebo with 2-tier Tan and Brown Dome Canopy
Sunjoy Pindo 4x4m Brown Steel Gazebo with 2-tier Tan and Brown Dome Canopy

With built-in seating, this idea offers versatility for outdoor cooking on the go. Ideal for picnics, camping trips, or impromptu BBQ parties in different locations.

To achieve this idea, invest in a high-quality pop-up BBQ tent that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Look for models that include built-in seating. Or those with options for attaching lightweight foldable chairs.

33. Mediterranean-style clay tile BBQ pergola

This brings a touch of Mediterranean charm and warmth to your outdoor cooking space. The clay tiles provide natural insulation and help create a cosy atmosphere.

Construct a pergola structure with sturdy wooden beams and pillars. Use clay tiles or terracotta roofing for the roof to evoke a Mediterranean aesthetic. Add climbing plants such as bougainvillaea or grapevines to enhance the ambience.

34. Multi-level BBQ deck with integrated shelter

The multi-level design allows for separate areas dedicated to cooking, dining, and lounging. This provides a dynamic and versatile space for outdoor entertaining. The integrated shelter provides weather protection while still allowing for an open-air experience.

Design a multi-level deck with durable and weather-resistant materials. Add a covered section with a retractable or permanent roof for the merged shelter. Furnish each level with appropriate seating and amenities.

35. Tropical bamboo BBQ hut with palm leaf roof

An excellent idea that brings a sense of exoticism and relaxation to your BBQ space. The use of bamboo and palm leaves creates a natural and tropical ambience. Like the tiki-inspired, it can transport you to a tranquil island retreat.

Construct a hut-style structure using bamboo poles for the frame and a palm leaf roof for the shelter. Add bamboo or rattan furniture for seating. Make sure to incorporate tropical plants and accents to enhance the tropical atmosphere.


With the sporadic nature of our weather here in the UK, adding a roof over your BBQ will mean you can enjoy cooking outdoors come rain or shine. 

Whether it’s a small, simple shelter you’re looking for, or a building to house a lavish bar and outdoor kitchen, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of ideas

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