50 Very Small Garden Ideas On a Budget

You can make your garden an enjoyable, relaxing space, even if it’s only very small. You just need to make the most of every inch!

Transforming your small garden doesn’t have to be expensive either. We’ve compiled a list of 50 ideas for very small gardens on a budget to help you transform your space.

Ready to increase the value of your garden? Let’s go!

1. Simple pergola

A simple pergola will give your garden a whole new look. If you’re handy with a saw you could even build your own pergola to keep costs down. 

Add some climbing plants for extra privacy and shade. 

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A simple garden pergola with some climbing plants for extra privacy and shade

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2. Corner pergola with simple table

If you’re short on space, make use of every inch by creating a cosy seating area in the corner of your garden. Add a pergola, climbing plants and pots to transform a concrete corner into a relaxing hideaway.

Corner pergola with simple table

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3. Grass island

A circular lawn helps a small square garden feel less enclosed and boxlike. A trellis is a great way to hide an unsightly shed and divide your garden into defined spaces. 

Grass island with a trellis that divides the garden into defined spaces with a dog on the lawn

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4. Plants and bench

Use plants of different heights and colours to disguise walls and fencing and help your garden feel more like a forest setting than a concrete, square garden. 

Plants and bench that give off an urban forest setting

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5. Old garden steps

Recycle your old garden steps as a base for tiered planting. The extra height means they’ll take up less space than regular beds so they’re great for small gardens. 

Old garden steps with pots of plants

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6. Mirror in garden

A mirror is great for making a small space look bigger. It also reflects more light into the garden, so it will feel less enclosed.

A mirror in the garden that makes a small space look bigger

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7. Small garden with deck

You can use different floor styles to create defined areas in your small garden and make it feel more spacious. This tiered garden looks great with a decked seating area, a lawned area for relaxing or playing and a gravelled area at the back for a shed and some greenery. 

Small garden with deck

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8. Vertical garden

A vertical garden is a great solution if you haven’t got much space for planting on the ground. This example uses an upcycled stair bannister to create a beautiful herb garden.

A mini vertical garden

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9. Hanging flowers

If you have a tree, try hanging plants or flowers from it to gain some ground space. If you’re on a tight budget, brighten up an old colander with some paint and use it as your hanging basket. 

The draining holes are perfect for allowing excess water to seep through. 

Hanging flowers with colourful pots

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10. Vertical vegetable garden

Grow your own herbs or veggies in your backyard in a homemade vertical garden. 

Vertical vegetable garden

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11. Small cosy side yard

You can still create a comfortable spot to relax in a side yard. Use light colours to give the feeling of space and airiness. 

Bamboo screening is a budget-friendly way to cover a plain wall or fence. 

Small cosy side yard setting

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12. Bricks and plants

Use asymmetrical planting to make your garden feel less square and fussy. Bricks are a simple and affordable material for creating your own flower beds.

Bricks flower beds with surrounding plants

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13. Small patio with couch

You don’t need a large space to create a relaxing outdoor environment. All you need is a comfortable sofa to spend those sunny days and add some neat flower beds and a tidy lawn to give it a contemporary look. 

Small patio with L-shaped couch

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14. Zen small backyard

The trickling sound of a water feature is perfect to help you relax in your zen garden. Add some simple flowers and plants for a splash of colour.

Zen small backyard

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15. Plant walls

If you like greenery but there’s not much room to plant on the floor, try the walls! A living wall is the perfect way to spruce up a plain fence or shed. 

Plant walls that help spruce up a plain fence

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16. Corner planters

Make the most of every small space in your garden by adding some corner planters. If you have a small yard, this is the perfect solution to add some colour to a concrete space. 

Corner DIY planters

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17. Open simple garden

If your garden has plain walls, brighten them up with some hanging planters and tall plant pots. Add a bench so you can sit out and enjoy your garden.

Open simple garden with a picnic table

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18. Small garden shed

A tall, narrow shed is the perfect spot to keep all your gardening tools in one place when you’ve only got a small garden space. 

Small garden shed

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19. Picture frames in garden

A living picture frame is an amazing decoration for your backyard, with close to no upkeep needed. Help bring some life to a plain wall!

Picture frames in garden

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20. DIY vertical planter

Design your own vertical planter to keep the cost down. All you need is some wood and the results could be amazing! 

This is a great solution if you’re short on planting space. 

DIY vertical planter

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21. Balcony garden

Even if your only outside space is a balcony, you can still create a beautiful area to relax. Add some cosy seating, an outdoor rug and plenty of flowers to make the most of your small space. 

Small, colourful balcony garden

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22. Garden beds and corner bench

Build your seating into your garden bed borders to make the most of the space and give your garden a modern look. 

Garden beds and corner bench

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23. Small garden cabin

Add a small cabin into your garden to give yourself some sheltered space outside, so you can still enjoy it when the weather isn’t great. Add some cosy touches to make it feel homely.

Small garden white cabin

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24. Simple side yard

Side yards are cosy by nature. Add a small table and chairs, and then decorate it with colourful bunting and beautiful flowers to turn that plain side yard into a calming, peaceful space. 

Simple, colourful side yard

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25. DIY tiered planters

Use some leftover fencing to create your own planters. Go for a tiered-style planter if you’re trying to save space but still want to add some colour to your garden. 

DIY tiered planters

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26. Wall string trellis

Add some life to a plain wall by creating your own string trellis to grow climbing plants. It’s a budget-friendly solution and you can get creative with the shapes. 

Wall string trellis

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27. Corner shed

A small corner shed is a good way to keep all of your tools in one place and not have to worry about your kids playing with them. 

A mini backyard with small corner shed

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28. Custom stepping stones

Use leftover stones to create your own customised stepping stones or pathway. You can design it yourself and they’ll give your garden a whole new look. 

You could even get the kids to help you paint the stones!

Custom stepping stones

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29. L-shaped sofa

An L-shaped sofa with monochrome accessories will give your small garden a modern look. 

L-shaped garden sofa

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30. Small backyard lighting

Add some soft lighting to your small backyard to make it feel a little cosier. 

Small backyard lighting

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31. Minimalist modern backyard

Use minimalist furniture and light colours to make a small space feel less enclosed. Add tall trees to soften a harsh wall and elongate the garden. 

Minimalist modern backyard

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32. Side flower beds

Leave the centre of your garden clear for it to feel more spacious. Place all of your plants and flowers to the sides of your garden to brighten up plain fencing.

Side flower beds

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33. DIY garden bar

Create a little spot to serve drinks for your garden gatherings with a foldaway bar. 

DIY small garden bar made from pallets

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34. Zen fountain

Nothing beats relaxing in your backyard while listening to the sound of running water. A modern bowl-style fountain is easier to install and maintain than a pond and takes up much less space.

Mini zen fountain

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35. Floating pots

Make your plants look like they’re floating on the wall by using minimalist hangers. It will help to spruce up a plain white wall and give you back some ground space. 

Floating pots on a plain white wall

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36. Shed vertical garden

Recycle an old wooden pallet to create a vertical floating garden to hang on your shed or fence. Add some small blackboard pieces so you can keep a note of what you’re growing.

Shed vertical garden

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37. DIY wood pallet deck

Create your own decking using recycled pallets for a simple but effective patio area for your dining table. Add some splashes of colour with planters and a colourful umbrella. 

DIY wood pallet deck

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38. Pots on shelf

If you’re short on ground space, add a shelf along your wall or fence to give your plant pots a new home. Bunting and string lights will also add charm to your small garden.

Colourful pots on shelf

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39. Herb garden on corner

Use simple planters and some old steps to create a tiered planter for an empty corner of your garden. It’s easy to set up but will add some appeal. 

Herb garden on corner

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40. Large garden bar

Another example of a foldaway bar, this one has a built-in planter for decoration and a sturdy table top for eating and drinking.

A side garden bar that features built-in planter for decoration and a sturdy table top for eating and drinking

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41. Wood lined plant frames

A different but stylish choice to have your plants on the wall instead of the floor. These would be easy to create yourself using leftover wood and then hang them on your fence or wall. 

Wood lined plant frames

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42. DIY bench and pergola

You’ll need some wood and maybe some patience but the outcome will be a nice place to sit in the corner of your garden and relax. You could even add some climbing plants to the trellis and pergola.

DIY bench and pergola

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43. Gravel path and flowers

Gravel looks great as a substitute for grass and can make a small garden look very classy. It’s also an inexpensive way to transform your garden. 

Gravel path and flowers

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44. Japanese lanterns

Transform the look of your garden with zen lanterns or sculptures to help you relax the moment you step outside.

Japanese lanterns for zen gardens

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45. Hanging pipe planters

You can craft a planter out of almost anything. This leftover plastic piping looks great for this hanging planter and can be easily modified. 

Hanging pipe planters

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46. Classy stone garden bed

A simple garden bed can transform the look of your garden. This style is easy and inexpensive to make yourself. 

A gravel base is great for drainage and helps to keep weeds at bay.

Classy stone garden bed

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47. Pallet garden table

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wooden pallets. You can even use one as a garden table to enjoy your meals outside. 

Pallet garden table painted in yellow green

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48. Recycled junk garden

Got some old stuff in your shed? Use it to add some personality to your garden.

Recycled junk garden

(Image Credit)

49. Buried pots

Bury your plant pots to add a different style to your garden beds. The addition of white stones in the curved pattern gives this bed a modern look. 

Buried pots with white stones

(Image Credit)

50. Balcony hanging pots

If you live in an apartment or flat, decorate your balcony with some hanging plant pots. Add a number of pots to the same metal rod to make it a real feature.

Balcony hanging pots

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It can be tough to know how to make the most of a small garden when you’re on a tight budget.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in our list to help you revamp your garden without spending too much and create a relaxing space you can enjoy.

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