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spring awakening

Signs Of Spring and What To Watch Out For In Your Garden

by last updated February 20th, 2017

With Spring only around the corner, gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts can finally look on with relief that winter is at last behind them. Having said that, the winter months have been very different this year, prompting spring to effectively come on a little earlier. When the days get hotter, it usually prompts spring to literally […]

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10 Gorgeous Shed Ideas Which Will Inspire Your ‘She Shed’

by last updated January 30th, 2017

Switching from work and family mode to down time can be a struggle. Finding an area of peace and quiet, without spending a fortune getting out of the country is a challenge. There are too many every day stresses that come with family life. So what’s the solution? For men, it’s called a ‘Man Cave’, […]

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Composting Guide for Beginners: Helpful Tips To Make Great Compost

Studies and first-hand experiences have shown the potency of compost in bringing vitality to the garden soil and plants. And the good news is that making compost is easy and environmentally-friendly. It could be made from kitchen scraps such banana peelings, wood ashes collected from outdoor barbecue grills or worn out pieces of age-old garden table and […]

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Essential Home Office Set Up and Organising Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

  Struggling to make ‘work from home’ effective for you? Here we’ll give you essential guides on how to turn your home office into a more productive place to work in. First, you might want to ask:   What seems to hinder my productivity in a home office set-up? Your house or cabin normally provides […]

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