Potting Shed Ideas: Storage and Organisation Hacks

If you sow seeds and pot up seedlings on makeshift tables, a potting shed makes a dream garden addition. Offering a peaceful place to plot and plan, organising is key to keeping it in working order.

It’s easy to forget your tools outside and possibly get them lost or rusted if you don’t have proper storage. Below is our curated list of potting shed ideas featuring space-saving storage solutions!

1. Invest in a quality potting shed

You’re lucky if you’ll find one that comes with 2-tier windows and interior shelves. The shelving units check off your storage concerns so you can focus more on cultivation.

This BillyOh Planthouse could be the perfect unit you’re looking for!

BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed
BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed

2. Get yourself a potting table

A practical work table is top of the list of necessities for a potting shed. Think of it as a workbench wherein you could place the materials you’re working on for your garden.

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It’s best to have it with raised sides to stop compost from falling onto the floor.

Potting bench
Image Credit: Flickr

3. Bins with lids

Keep your soil, fertiliser, and nutrients all secured in lidded bins. These bins will help save space and can make storing contents easier. Ensure the lids are sealed so no moisture enters your nutrients.

4. A place to hang tools

Install a pegboard, a row of hooks or special racks to keep your garden tools neatly stored off the floor. Racks and hooks can run either vertically or horizontally. Never leave them in a chaotic heap in a corner again!

Garden tools rack
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5. Install shelving units

You don’t want to leave everything on the floor; installing shelves will help you get rid of this problem. Shelves are perfect for storing materials, from small tools to big equipment that can’t be hung.

Potting shed interior with huge windoews
Image Credit: Flickr

6. Make use of an old sink

No water in the sink; just a place for mixing potting soil and filling pots. An antique and reclaimed sink fixture will surely adorn your long bench. It’ll also add a rustic charm to the space.

7. Have handy containers

Consider getting handy containers to store extra materials overhead. If you have lots of pots, get crate-types of containers to stack them in a corner. Sacks are also great storage for lightweight materials.

8. Functional storage on all sides

Equip your potting shed with plenty of functional storage. Install open shelves for pots, a countertop as a workspace and for a utility sink.

Add wall storage to hold ladders and various garden tools. Maximise the space on all sides to free your floor space.

Potting shed with storage cabinets and shelving
Image Credit: Flickr

9. L-shaped workbench

An L-shaped potting table is much larger than a basic one. It can accommodate and store more materials. At the same time, giving you a large work surface for projects and potting plants.

10. Shaker-style peg rails

Shaker-style peg rails are used to hang outdoor essentials such as brooms. Use two pegs for hanging larger tools like rakes. Three closely spaced pegs can be used to store rain boots.

11. Metal tub hose holder

A lying hose on the garage floor can quickly clutter the space and cause potential trip hazards. Wrap the garden hose around a metal tub attached to the wall. This DIY approach is simple, effective and attractive!

12. Trash bag/sack dispenser

Use two curtain rod brackets and a wooden dowel to create an inexpensive sack dispenser. Not only will it save you from clutter, but it’ll also give you quick and easy access. (Make sure the trash bags are clean and unused!)

13. DIY PVC holder

Keep your long and tall garden tools safe and orderly with these under-shelf PVC holders. Cut the pipe to length and widen it out until it fits the tool’s bodyectly. Sand any rough edges before attaching them to the shelf.

14. Hang pegboards

Pegboards provide ample space for hanging and rearranging tools and other gardening items. A pair of kitchen carts nearby allow for more storage for pots, soil in containers, and more.

Garden tools on pegboards
Image Credit: Flickr

15. Stash essentials in one place

Tired of endless hunting for your gloves, secateurs and string? Create a garden caddy to keep everything you need in one place. A simple canvas bag, basket or lined fruit crate will do.


A potting shed is a perfect space for experimenting with various planting techniques. No matter how big or small your potting space may be, it’s vital that it’s organised and fit for purpose.

It’s indeed a beneficial hobby to take care of plants, though the upkeep is another issue altogether. This is what our potting shed ideas are for!

Our storage and organisation hacks will help you get the job done as efficiently as possible.