The Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds

Pressure treating is a process which involves ensuring that wood is given the longest life possible. Pressure-treated timber is immersed in a liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber, forcing the chemical into the wood fibres and thus making it more resistant to damp, rot and other factors which affect natural materials such as timber. This is a process which creates a magnificent work of art. It includes multiple steps, but the finished product will be of a much higher quality and better equipped to last longer in your garden!


Pressure treated sheds last much longer than untreated wood. The process consists of drying the timber naturally using a kiln or air flow. When all the moisture in the wood is removed, it will now be ready for the next step.

After this, the wood will be placed in a pressure treatment tank wherein a vacuum will remove all of its air; with the wood being situated in a vessel full of wood preservative. After some time, the liquid is then removed using a vacuum.

Therefore, properly pressure treated wood can stand up strongly against any weather which the UK can throw at it. Thus, it can give you many benefits.

It doesn’t matter what kind of garden shed you have, whether it be a large shed, or a small shed, the important thing to consider is the shed’s longevity. You can guarantee that quality by buying a pressure treated garden shed.

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Here are some of the advantages of pressure treated sheds:

1. Longevity

The Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds
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An excellent pressure treated wood can last longer than an untreated one. Sheds that have untreated wood tend to decay much faster.

It is known that garden sheds play a significant role in keeping garden items safe and organised. Therefore, pressure treated sheds are much needed to keep all these valuable items together as time passes.

Untreated sheds are more vulnerable to damage. You need a shed that will be able to comfortably house and store your garden tools and equipment for an extended period of time, irrespective of weather or temperature.

2. Weather-Proof

Similarly to longevity, a pressure treated shed can withstand any weather that mother nature can throw at it – and it can do so for years and years! Even if a shed is placed on uneven or sodden ground, the preservative will act as protection against rot and decay in damp places.

3. Cost-Effective

The Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds
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When people tend to think about the money they would spend on an expensive thing, the quality gets compromised. For example, choosing temporary surface protection for your shed will cost you more money than buying one which is pressure treated.

This is due to the continuous buying of a temporary one to protect your shed. You will end up realising that you could have just bought something worth the money in one go, as opposed to making a number of smaller purchases.

Pressure treated sheds are penetrated with quality wood preservatives – inside and out. Thus, a shed doesn’t need regular treatment to remain in tip-top shape. Pressure treated sheds do require an additional initial outlay, but you may well end up saving money in the long run.

There are more budget-friendly pressure treated sheds available. Buying a legit one will allow you to save more money because of its longevity and low maintenance. You might think of comparing the money you could spend on both sheds first – treated and untreated, with the latter being the cheaper option – but pressure treated sheds are undoubtedly the final best choice.

4. Durable

You already know by now that pressure treated wood is much stronger than the untreated alternative. Pressure treated wood is better equipped to survive strong physical impacts. You can rest assured that you will have a solid structure for your shed because of its treated wood board.

And, if you want to want to have even more durability for your shed, you may want to consider buying it a base. A base will be the shield of your shed from direct contact with the ground. This base can keep it protected from all the bugs and moisture. Hence, making the shed more durable for an extended period.

5. Low Maintenance

The Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds
BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed

Pressure-treated sheds are ideal for people who already have plenty on their plate, thanks to a greatly reduced amount of maintenance. With all the preservatives infiltrated in the wood, your shed will be resistant to any weather conditions and pests. Therefore, once you’ve built your shed in your backyard, you can put the notion of maintenance and upkeep firmly out of your mind for a while at least.

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