Guides for Log Cabins

Guides for Log Cabins

A log cabin can be used for a variety of great uses. If you would like a summer retreat or a cosy hideaway in winter months, a strong and solid log cabin is the ideal choice. Explore our log cabin guide to find out the advantages of a log cabin and more!

#1 Benefits of a Garden Log Cabins


There are many benefits of a garden log cabin, from lower energy consumption to a durable building you can spend time in all round. Check out the five big benefits a log cabin!

#2 The Advanced Guide to Log Cabins


If you wish to escape your traditional concrete house for a while, a log cabin is a perfect alternative home that will give you the cosy and warm feeling during the colder months. Not only that, log cabins are one of the countless ways to improve your garden space.

However, with so many garden log cabins that are for sale in the market, meaning—you have so many log cabins to choose from, how are you supposed to know the difference and which is the one best suited to your requirements?

In this advanced guide, we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions all regards to log cabins.

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#3 Best Log Cabin Treatment


With the right care and treatment, you can make your garden cabin sturdy and tough in any weather circumstance. Treating it is also best done before the construction of your wooden building. Pressure treatment, for example, is a very important wood treatment that could protect the building, make it weatherproof, and extend the lifespan of your log cabin.

Discover the best wood treatments you can apply!

#4 Here’s How You Can Find the Perfect Location for Your Log Cabin


One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a log cabin is to know where you’ll put it. Apart from considering the size of your outdoor space, it is important to determine how you will use the garden structure.

To help you with that, our garden experts have listed down the things you need to consider in finding the perfect location for your log cabin.

#5 Best Time to Buy a Log Cabin


Regardless of the weather condition, a garden log cabin will allow you to enjoy your spare time. However, for those who wish to purchase a log cabin, you might find it hard to know when is the best time to get one.

But, worry no more as this log cabin guide will enlighten you on the best time to purchase a new British log cabin. It will also help you decide which one you should choose.

#6 Five Clever Tips to Secure Your Log Cabin


During the Spring and Summertime, most of us spend our spare time in the back garden. However, we tend to neglect our log cabins, gardens and everything that is confined within them over the winter.

So, it is important to secure your log cabin considering the monetary and sentimental value it holds. Most importantly, during the colder months.

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