5 Top Houseplant Trends for 2020

Indoor gardening has become more popular than ever across the country and around the globe. With its countless benefits, such as improving the air quality and the opportunity for year-round fresh vegetables and herbs, no wonder why houseplants are now in demand.

With the arrival of 2020, it’s time to apply these gardening trends and make our indoor gardening more rewarding for all of us. 

To have a fresh start in your gardening journey this year, mainly if you wish to start indoors, we’ve got five houseplant trends that you can dig into.

5 Top Houseplant Trends for 2020

Indoor Plants with Colourful Foliage

Plants with pink leaves and splashes of white, such as snake plants or pothos, have been a recent trend. This year, our garden experts have predicted that houseplants with exciting colours and patterns on their leaves will prevail.

Some of the multicoloured foliage you may consider are crotons, stromanthe, and Chinese evergreens.

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More Succulents

Another type of indoor plant that’s been blooming lately is succulents. Succulents are fleshy-leafed plants that include cactus, chicks, aloe, sedum, echeveria, and hens. 

They are easy to care for, and they make a great statement! 

Here are some of the unusual succulents you can add to your indoor greens:

  • Jumping dolphins
  • Rosebuds
  • Jelly Bean Plant
  • Black Prince Echeveria
  • Black Knight

The Money Tree

A plant prognosticator named Joyce Mast sees that the money tree as one the 2020 trendiest indoor plants.  

Mainly grown indoors, it is called a money plant because of its leaves resemble coins — round, flat, heart-shaped, dark green, and plump. 

In Feng Shui practice, the money tree brings positive energy and good luck to its caretaker. Sounds like a perfect plan for 2020!

Houseplants Aesthetics

This year, it’s time to show off your creative houseplants as living decors rather than having them fade into the background.

According to Caitlin Sole, a home editor at Better Homes & Gardens, houseplants as living decor will be showcased with minimalist shelving and planters — to focus more on plants — and are also paired with natural textures and materials, such as think stone, leather, jute, and wood grains to enhance the plants’ aesthetic.

Plants That Harmonize With Blue

Another indoor plant predictions from the all-knowing Plant Mom, Joyce Mast (via Tree Hunger) that will be popular this year are plants that harmonize with blue.

Considering that Pantone has named Classic Blue as the colour of 2020, Joyce believes plants that pair nicely with the colour blue will have more attention this new decade.

While most plants can go well blue, some are sure to stand in particular, such as Sansevieria, Calatheas (especially orbifolia), Dracaena limelight, and bird of paradise.

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