How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Spring season is coming, and from preparing your tools to getting rid of nasty pests, gardening tasks should be done entirely now that winter is over. Outdoor experts, of course, give you the best guides on how to wake up your garden this spring.

Whether it be for the preparation of your gardening tools or killing those pests, these tips and tricks will surely help you to spice up your garden again.

Garden experts stated that you should do the gardening tasks as soon as the spring has come because doing it in the middle of the season would not allow you to give your best potential with your garden.

Anyway, you had probably done your siesta and lazy days last fall. Now it is time to get on your both feet and enjoy the warmth of the sun this spring.

You may be an experienced or a first-timer in cleaning garden; you should still do the work. Get your plots ready and your hands dirty on one day (or probably more) of these warmer months.

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Here Are the Nine Top Tips to Help You Get Your Gardens in Full Bloom:

1. Plan Planting

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Get whatever you have to list down your garden plans and goals. You should plan what look are you rooting for: colours, style, plants and flowers, furniture, and placements of all the things you want in your garden.

Once you are finished with your style plan, you can now think of the store/s where you can buy the things to recreate your yard. After that, you may then start with your agenda and sow those seeds and wait for their beautiful bloom in summer.

2. Collect Rainwater

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Won’t you love to save money and the mother earth at the same time? Yes, get a garden water butt to keep rainwater from the passing showers from your house.

You could fill up your watering cans and be able to comply with the potential hosepipe ban during the sunny days.

3. Spruce up Garden Tools

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Your garden tools need some grooming after months of not using and only keeping them in your storage or basement.

Like your shears and hand pruners, if you left them uncleaned, they might infect your newly-pruned plants from the dirt they have accumulated. Therefore, cleaning and sharpening your tools again could make your work easier and faster.

You take your time to hone those edges and apply lubricating oil.

4. Tidy the Backyard

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

You would undoubtedly start your gardening job by removing the leaves and remains which caused by the winter. You determine the areas that need reseeding and shovelling.

However, if you have perennials that you could still salvage, cut down foliage and save it for your compost bin. Also, you may divide them for future replanting or share them with your friends.

Moreover, you can even start with the fixing of your fences, gates, and mesh to devote more time with your plants after the general cleaning of the garden.

5. Deal with Pesky Pests

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

In case you are not aware, hibernating pests like slugs, snails, aphids, and larvae may have been hiding in your plants during the winter.

If you want to get rid of them, you could do natural means such as homemade pesticides. You are not only contributing to the preservation of our land but also killing the dangerous creatures living in your garden.

6. Trim Shrubs and Trees

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

If you haven’t had the time to prune your trees and plants this past winter, you may now do so this spring. You can remove the damaged, dead, and diseased branches but remember to research first about when is the best time to prune particular plants.

Some need to be pruned before spring and others are needed to be pruned after flowering. Meanwhile, the best time to prune fruit trees is as early as possible during spring.

Moreover, it is advisable to cut thin dead foliage before new growth begins. If not done yet, thinning would be much difficult to do.

7. Prepare the Beds

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Pulling out weeds would be a lot easier now than in winter. You could prepare the bed now by raking the mulch that had remained on it. The lawn borders should look nice and fresh too before you start planting on them.

Take a spade around the edges and get rid of the debris.

8. Revive the Soil

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

There’s a possibility that your soil is not good for planting seeds anymore after being lifeless during the winter. A simple tip to know is by grabbing a handful of your soil from the yard and squeeze it tightly.

Open your fist, if the soil crumbles, it is still okay; but if the soil forms clumps, you already need fertilisation.

Also, the pH level test of soil is necessary to enrich it properly. Add some dolomitic lime for soil with low pH level and sulphur to lessen the pH level. You could also add some compost or well-rotted manure.

Mix everything well by using a spading fork and use that for the fertilisation.

9. Create a Compost Heap

How to Wake up Your Garden This Spring

Now it’s the time to have the on-demand homemade supply of organic fertiliser at home if you don’t have your own yet.

Homemade organic fertiliser means no cost, and you can have some at any point of the day when the blooming starts. With this, your plants can have the most nutritious boost they need but in a budget, which is a better option.

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