Modern Garden Ideas: The Ultimate List

Tired of your traditional garden? Want to try something new this year but don’t have the time or know-how? 

If you’re looking for a fresh design or quality outdoor pieces that’ll make your home look great, then take a look at these modern garden ideas. 

There are all kinds of ways you can add interest and beauty to your yard with just a few simple changes. Read on and see our curated list of modern garden design ideas!

1. Wooden deck

Add a twist to garden decks by making them look like a pathway and take a stroll.

garden wooden decking

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2. Ivory minimalist

Simplicity is synonymous with elegance. Try a lighter shade like ivory for your patio and add some elegant looking planters.

Ivory Minimalist Patio

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3. Contemporary family garden

It’s family time! Design a contemporary style garden idea of galley style deck to give yourself a stage.

Contemporary Family Garden with circular patio and furnitire

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4. Small corner bar

Have a corner space in your garden? Build a small cabin for a nice, cosy bar.

wet patio with large potted plants and corner shed in modern garden

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5. Modern Japanese pergola

A stylish addition to lawns, these modern Japanese pergolas make a perfect place for a shady retreat and relaxation.

Modern Japanese pergola in garden

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6. Comfy corner 

L-shaped benches or sofas create a nice corner for an evening chat over a cuppa. This setup would look amazing in your square garden!

Comfy garden corner patio

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7. Pebbled borders

A layer of pebbles helps garden soil retain its moisture for a longer period. Plus, they’re great border accessories.

Pebbled borders with plants against a fence

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8. Bright minimalist

Bring a touch of grace by going minimal. A bright shade of paint and simple shrubs create a perfect spot for a romantic evening.

Bright minimalist patio design with table and candle lanterns

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9. White pots

Who said white is boring? Uniquely shaped white pots give a contemporary look.

modern white plant pots against a water feature

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10. Step lighting and garden

Elevate a portion of your garden, build a few steps, and install a few LED lighting strips for a serene night walk.

step lighting on patio steps

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11. Contemporary town garden

An open-themed garden is a great space that can be converted into a spot for dining or playtime. 

contemporary town garden and decking

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12. London family home

A well-trimmed lawn, a narrow pathway and some choice plants as borders are lovely for a tea party. 

glass-front London Family Home, garden and patio

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13. Fulham modern

Horizontal panelling brings a Fulham modern look to the patio.

Fulham Modern patio decking

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15. The clancy

A patio with a unique personality and customised elements like a BBQ space, dining area, compatible plants, and little bushes looks warm and welcoming.

16. Modern landscape

Create a small portable pond with some water plants and place it by your garden deck to enjoy those cool evenings. 

Modern Landscape garden and decking

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16. Small garden

Small is beautiful. Even a small space in your backyard can be converted into a cosy hangout spot. 

Small Garden with wood table and pruned trees

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18. Multi-zone garden

A garden for every activity! This multi-zone garden is perfect for dining, socialising, hobbies or laze-around time.

Multi-zone garden with shed and hanging chair at the end of the garden

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18. Elegant modern garden

A sophisticated backyard with granite flooring, a high-tech deck, and a feature wall with a water blade result in an elegant modern garden.

20. Open minimalist garden

An open garden with a wide lawn and a neat corner deck gives space for more fun and relaxation. 

Open minimalist garden with large green lawn and raised decking

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20. Modern planter bench

Adding a few planks of wood or fixing an old crater between two box planters is a refreshing idea to make a small seat amidst your plants.

modern planter bench

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21. Beach pebbles entrance

Throw a breezy welcome to your guests by converting your mundane entrance into a beach style patio. Simply add some lovely pebbles.

beach pebbles entrance

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22. Minimalist garden

A simple wooden dining table, a few chairs, an open space and neat wall side planters bring you a minimalist garden.

minimalist garden on tiled patio with table and chairs

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23. Contemporary modern garden

An open space brings multiple options to make get-togethers and parties extra-special. Line up exotic plants and bushes against the patio wall.

contemporary modern garden with large decking area

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24. Modern garden with trees

Elevated garden spaces are tree-friendly. Bring in some bamboo or robusta for an enthralling garden.

modern garden with trees and stairs up to raised area

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25. Wooden closed backyard

Add a few vertical or horizontal planks over your backyard wall to give you the privacy you deserve.

wooden closed backyard with wood walls and benches

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26. Modern garden lighting

Contemporary garden lights offer plenty of options to stylise and upgrade your garden fences and walls.

modern garden lighting along walls

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27. Mirror wall

Create an interesting illusion by placing a full-size mirror against a wall overlooking your garden. 

mirror wall garden design

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28. Fence planters

Fence planters or box planters are excellent ideas to brighten up things

fence planters with spikey plants

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29. Wooden corner

Blend in with nature by adding a wooden fence and bench in your backyard that never goes out of style.

wooden corner patio design

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30. Garden bed edge

Even a small space on the edge of your lawn is perfect for those ornamental ferns.

garden bed edge made from stones

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31. Comfy stone corner

Stone patios, decks, and fences never go out of style. Easy to maintain and weather-friendly, they make very compatible decks.

comfy stone corner with chiminea and L-shaped sofa

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32. Wooden fence and stone fire pit

A blend of wood and stone for those cold nights and perfectly warm snuggles. This concept is a fantastic fire pit garden idea if you’d ask us!

wooden fence and stone fire pit

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33. Wooden pergola

Some pretty ornamental climbers would bring these wooden pergolas some nice shade – perfect for a relaxed evening.

wooden pergola

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34. Cosy backyard

Give a cosy feel to the backyard by separating lounging and dining with a small patch of lawn and few border plants. 

cozy backyard with patio and stepping stones

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35. Two-level small backyard

No matter how small your backyard is, just take the seating to an elevated level from the plants. With this modern garden design, you can create a separate area for vegetable gardens, herb gardens, or container plants.

two-level small backyards

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36. Corner pergola

A corner pergola covered with a cluster of nice climbers is cosier as it’s extremely shady even in those blazing afternoons.

corner pergola with climbing plants and cushions

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37. Pebbles

Stone walks laid with pebble borders are rustic designs that make your garden stand out.

pebbles and stone stepping path

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38. Modern two-level garden

The lawn on an elevated space is perfect for lounging, while the dining area a few stairs below amidst greenery makes a wonderful spot for private dinners.

Modern two-level garden

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39. Stone Japanese garden

Just lay a few slabs of grey stone on a bed of pebbles to produce the feel of being in a stone garden.

stone Japanese garden

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40. Slim modern garden

Those narrow spaces in your yard can be upscaled by adding planters in the form of a maze and a small deck at the end.

slim modern garden

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41. Open pergola structure

If you love stargazing, transform your patio in this garden scheme. The open pergola creates a cosy outdoor living space and gives you the perfect view of the night sky.

Complete the look with a fireplace and make sure the seats are comfy enough so you can enjoy what nature has to offer for hours!

The open pergola creates a cosy outdoor living space and gives you the perfect view of the night sky.

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42. Mini forest paradise

This straw top pergola transforms this corner garden into a mini forest paradise. The bright plants and comfy chair makes the space stylish and kind of an exclusive holiday spot.

Straw top pergola in a mini forest paradise

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43. Framed green walls

Not only do succulent panels are great modern garden decors, but they’re also an easy DIY project. They are very low-maintenance plants, too, so less headache!

This framed succulent display, also known as a living wall, is a surefire way to add interest to your garden.

Framed succulent panel display

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44. When natural meets modern interior

To contrast the natural flooring in this space, the natural rattan set is coupled with a glass top coffee table for an added modern effect. The cushions and lighting into the mix creates the space a more fun spot to hang out.

A mixed of natural and modern patio interior

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45. Wood-effect decking

Rustic and weathered finishes in decking complements modern garden settings well. The concept brings a relaxed structure to this outdoor dining area.

The natural colours, minimalist design and a few surrounding plants keep the space modern and inviting.

Wood decking with rustic and weathered finish

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46. Garden house

Looking for a garden house design? Take inspiration from this stylish, easy-care and lounge-style patio with various sheltered zones!

Together with easy-care plants and decorative foliage, a lush and relaxing coastal garden is created as an extension of the house.

A stylish, easy-care and lounge-style patio with various sheltered zones

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47. Dreamy city garden

Italian and Italianate garden styles are great for both big and small gardens, country and city. Layout the concrete patio with box hedges and other lush foliage, artificial lawns, and classic sculptures.

Italian and Italianate garden idea for city gardens

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Whether you’re looking to improve your garden, or just want some fresh ideas for a small space, we have the perfect solution. 

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Generally, a modern garden places more focus on the architecture and materials rather than on the greenery. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are often applied in a contemporary outdoor space.

Plant interesting flowers and foliage. Evergreen plants are a fantastic option as they can make your garden space or landscape design look good in a natural way all year round.

Go with natural stones or decorative stones for your garden paths or patio paving. Illuminate the garden with solar lights, string lights or fairy lights.

Add outdoor furniture with a modern touch to it or add a garden bar for year-round outdoor entertainment.

It's all about the landscaping materials and how contemporary looking your backyard is with a modern design. Generally, it is connected with the interior space, appearing as an extension of it - with a smooth transition from the interior to the exterior.

The clean lines (straight lines) in a modern garden give the design a flawless, elegant look, while ensuring a relaxed, open feel to the garden.