Garden Ideas on a Budget: The Ultimate List

A good garden is a beautiful thing. It can help you relax or take your mind off of things, and it’s always fun to grow something yourself – whether that’s in a greenhouse or in planters.

But not everyone has the time or money for an elaborate garden plan. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that will still give you an outdoor space where you can enjoy plants and flowers! 

Here are some ideas on how to make a budget-friendly garden in your backyard.

1 – Tree Decoration

Emphasise the beauty of your tree with a surrounding flower bed. 

tree decoration - round flowerbed

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2 – Plants in Picture Frames

Bring life to even the smallest areas of your garden with a living picture frame. It’s a great way to brighten up a dull wall!

plants in picture frames

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3 – Shoe Organizer Planter

Great for small gardens with little space for planting, this is a cheap-and-cheerful way of growing lots of different plants/herbs with minimal effort. 

shoe organiser planter

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4 – Wood Planter

Upcycle an old wooden pallet to make your own outdoor shelves for your plants. 

wood planter with plants

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5 – Logs

Use old logs to create a natural edging to your flower beds. 

natural log planters

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6 – DIY Fire Pit

Build your own stone fire pit to cut down on costs and create an amazing focal point in your garden. 

round stone fire pit with chairs

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7 – Outdoor Dart Board

Take the pub games outside with an outdoor dartboard that will keep you amused for hours!

8 – Buried Fire Pit

Build your own sunken fire pit to keep warm whilst you’re taking in the stars with your family and friends. 

sunken stone fire pit

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9 – Vertical Garden 

Space-saving vertical planters are great for small gardens.

vertical garden planters

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10 – Lights in Barrels

Barrel planters can double up as bases for garden posts. Just hang string lights from the posts to brighten up your garden.

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11 – DIY Monogram Planter

Personalise your garden by creating a planter shaped like your initial! 

DIY letter K monogram wall planter

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12 – Wooden Path

Create a one-of-a-kind path using reclaimed wood and stones.

wooden and stone path

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13 – Flower Bed

Flower beds are a beautiful and cost-effective way of brightening up your garden. 

flower bed

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14 – Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stones

Create your own stunning stepping stones using pebbles from your own garden.

pebble mosaic stepping stones

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15 – Recycled Cans

Brighten up your old tin cans and upcycle them as plant pots!

multicoloured recycled cans with flowers

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16 – Tire Pond

Create your very own budget-friendly pond from old tyres!

tire pond

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17 – Corner Planter

If you have a small garden, make the most of every inch by creating planters for your corners. 

triangle corner planter

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18 – Modern Planter Bench

An upturned crate makes a convenient bench graced by plants. Ideal for casual chit-chats or some quiet ‘me-time.’ 

modern planter bench in black and natural wood

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19 – Coloured Cinder Blocks

Match your supporting cinders with gorgeous flowers and give a pop to your own rack garden.

coloured cinder blocks with shelves

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20 – Garden Slat Wall

No space to place those pots? Just fix them to your fences or slat walls. Best use of vertical space.

garden slat wall

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21 – Old Tire Planter

A used tire can make a perfect wide-mouthed planter. Add a twist by decorating the tire with ropes or paints. 

old tire planter next to bench

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22 – Patio Daybed

An extended patio bench makes a perfect place for a few blooms and ferns. 

patio daybed

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23 – Simple Garden Bed

Some pebbles and a border of grey stones make a wonderful garden bed.

simple garden bed

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24 – Pallet Planter

Have some old crates or pallets? Stack them up creatively, and create your own pallet planter.

spiral pallet planter

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25 – Cinder Blocks Garden Bed

Cinder blocks not only make a great border for your garden bed, but also a fantastic plant holder. Place colourful flowering plants or succulents, and make borders plants.

cinder block garden bed

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26 –  Patio Pallet Planters

Wondering how to fence your open patio? Line up some old pallets and use them as planters.

patio pallet planters

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27 – Raised Garden Bed

Your lawn need not hold the burden of your crotons. Give them a raise by planting them in a separate box. It makes a wonderful elevated garden.

raised garden bed

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28 – Railroad Tie Walkway

Jazz up your garden by lining up some wooden planks on a bed of pebbles and make a railroad tie walkway.

29 – Cinder Block Bench

Stack up some cinder blocks, and fit in a few beams of wood or slabs of stone and make your own garden bench.

cinder block bench

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30 – Light Logs

Who knew hollowed-out tree trunks can make wonderful candle holders! Put them amidst your greens and give a wonderful light to your garden.

upright log candle holders

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31 – Simple Floating Deck

Make a DIY floating deck using crates linked together, or a platform using old planks. Enjoy breezy evenings on your garden deck.

simple floating deck with camp chairs

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32 – Vertical Planter

Wall-mounted planters save space and make your walls look prettier than before.

vertical planters

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33 – Flower Tower

Get your succulents into a world of fairy tales. Add DIY mini props like ladders, ponds, castles to your succulent pots.

flower tower

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34 – Wood Barrel Planter

Give those tiny flowering bushes a wider home. Upgrade any unused barrel, give your own touch of decor to it and make a wide planter.

wood barrel planter

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35 – Ladder Planter

Let those succulents step up! Use your old ladder to mount the succulent pots.

ladder planter

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The Round-up

So, there you have it, a boatload of garden ideas on a budget. 

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