35 Gravel Garden Ideas

Gravel gardens are a great way to add beauty, interest, and curbside appeal to your outdoor space. They serve as excellent alternatives for homeowners who want something other than grass.

Landscapes with rocks are also popular with many gardeners, especially in the UK.

Gravel, rocks, and other small stones can be used in so many ways when it comes to landscaping and decorating the garden. For one, pebbles are a great way to create garden paths as well as to remove pesky weeds.

Moreover, if you want to build a garden pond, fountain, or stream, you can make one with a pond liner and gravel. In this post, we will be going over some gravel garden ideas, so you can see what’s possible!

1. Backyard path

Gravel makes an easy filler for the spaces between your stepping stones or sleepers.

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Gravel used as a filler between stepping sleepers

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2. Simple entrance

Use gravel on your driveway to get the perfect low -maintenance parking spot.

A simple entrance made from gravel

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3. Dry creek bed

Use stones to create a unique landscape in your garden.  Add plants to line the edges and mimic the look of a natural creek or stream. 

Dry creek bed made from stones

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4. Dry creek alternative

Dry creek beds are not only beautiful to look at; if you live in a particularly wet area they can be used for drainage and to redirect the flow of water to prevent pooling in your garden.

Dry creek garden bed

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5. Modern corner

Use a light-coloured stone such as ivory to create a more modern look.

Modern garden corner with light-coloured stone paving

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6. Zen backyard

Create elegant designs in your gravel using a rake to simulate the river or ocean. It’s said this has a meditative effect, to ensure serenity and relaxation in your Zen garden. 

Zen garden with elegant design gravel paving

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7. Low maintenance garden

Using a thick layer of gravel instead of soil is a great way to prevent weeds from taking hold, so it doesn’t need much looking after. 

A thick layer of gravel is used instead of soil for low maintenance garden

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8. Gravel path

Paving stones can be really expensive, so gravel is a great alternative for a pathway if you’re on a tight budget.

Gravel garden path

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9. Gravel walkway

It’s important to build up the edges on your walkway to help keep the gravel in place. 

Gravel walkway with wooden edges

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10. Couch on gravel

Create a serene seating area using gravel as a base. 

An outdoor couch on gravel

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11. Gravel maze

Create a stunning mini maze in your garden using gravel paths and flower beds. 

A stunning mini maze in garden

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12. Bench in garden bed

Add a bench into your gravel beds to create a calming seating area for your morning cuppa. 

Bench on a gravel bed

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13. Modern backyard

Low maintenance gravel beds fit perfectly with the clean lines of a modern garden.

Gravel bed with clean lines for low maintenance

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14. Natural shadow

Use leafy trees to create a shaded dining area. 

Trees are used as shade for outdoor dining

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15. Mediterranean garden

Nothing sets off a Mediterranean garden more than pale-coloured gravel. It also helps reflect heat back onto your Mediterranean plants to help them thrive. 

Mediterranean style garden with pale-coloured gravel

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16. Modern garden

Gravel can make an attractive, long -lasting and economical material for garden seating areas.

Modern garden with gravel paving

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17. Pots in gravel

Add pot plants to your gravelled areas to create interest and colour. 

Ceramic pots used as decorations on gravelled areas

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18. Gravel corner

Enhance your gravel path with large lanterns and overflowing plants.

A gravel path with large lanterns and overflowing plants

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19. Raised garden bed

Use gravel as a budget -friendly alternative to paving stones for small areas that are a difficult shape.

Raised garden bed with gravel paving

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20. Cosy backyard

If you’re using gravel for pathways, use a small stone to make sure it’s comfortable to walk on. 

A cosy backyard space with small stone pathways
Aerial view over the garden showing the polished sandstone patio, lily bowl, curved scorched oak bench seat and raised borders

(Image Source)

21. Gravel walkway 2

Add cute stepping stones to your gravel pathway to give it a ‘fairy garden’ feel.

Stepping stones giving off a fairy garden feel

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22. Backdoor

Use gravel to create a magical, meandering pathway to your backdoor.

Gravel making a magical, meandering pathway

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23. Raised garden bed 2

Gravel makes a fabulous filler around raised beds and paving stones. 

Gravel as a filler around raised beds and paving stones

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24. White gravel walkway

Get stunning beach vibes with timber planks and a white gravel base.

Timber planks and a white gravel base, giving off beach vibes
Patio of white gravel and timber planks

(Image Source)

25. Simple patio

Gravel is a stylish and economical way to edge your patio area.

Edged patio area with gravel

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26. Modern backyard 2

Gravel takes a back seat here to a stunning quadrilateral theme that runs throughout the beds, hedges and paving stones.

Quadrilateral garden theme

(Image Source)

27. Circular thinking

No shapes are off -limits when it comes to using gravel for your patio or pathways.

 Circular shaped gravel pathway

(Image Source)

28. Pea gravel patio

Surrounding gravel allows water to drain back into the soil below. 

Pea gravel patio

(Image Source)

29. Driveway

Gravel is perfect for a driveway as it’s durable and requires minimal upkeep. 

Gravel for driveway for minimal maintenance

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30. Gravel steps

These irregular-shaped gravel steps are complemented by the scattered planting.

Irregular-shaped gravel steps

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31. Gravel cross

Symmetrical landscaping gives a finished, professional -looking garden.

Symmetrical landscape

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32. Benches

Seating within your gravel beds allows you to create a beautiful hideaway surrounded by greenery.

Benches on gravel beds surrounded by greenery

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33. Simple backyard

Use low-maintenance gravel to fill any space in your garden without the need for precise measurements or heavy upkeep.

A simple backyard with low-maintenance gravel

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34. Pots in gravel 2

Get creative with your plant pots  – use a pale gravel to form a quirky circular edging.

A quirky circular edging made from pale gravel

(Image Source)

35. Gravel patio & gazebo

Create a stylish but minimal maintenance patio area using gravel. 

A stylish but minimal maintenance patio area using gravel

(Image Source)

Round -Up

Gravel is one of those things that has a wide range of uses. Cheaper than paving stone, by using it creatively you can massively reduce the budget required to improve your garden.

And not only does it look great. By using gravel you can absorb surface water from your patio more easily.

We’ll be updating this page on a  regular basis, so bookmark it and you’ll never run out of ideas to make your garden better. And what better to put at the end of your new gravel path than some BillyOh garden furniture?

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