Beat the Bills With These Space Heaters and Indoor Heaters

It’s getting cold, and the season for space heaters and indoor heaters has arrived!

Heaters — there’s a variety of types available on the market. They may come in different designs, but they all share the same purpose, and that is to provide warmth. As energy bills rise through the roof, a space heater could be just what you need to 

When the winter season kicks in, the weather limits your time spent outdoors. This leaves you with two options: 1.) cosy up your outdoor space with patio heaters, 2.) invest in an indoor heating system and snuggle in the living room.

Sure, you can have both – but if the latter sounds more convincing on your end, this post is for you! Read and browse through these round-up selections of space heaters and indoor heaters.

Space Heaters

Electric space heater in black finish

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Designed to provide warmth in small, enclosed spaces, you might need a space heater. It comes in handy for different situations and helps save you money when it comes to heating costs.

Space heaters are usually small and portable, partially enclosed structures. They work alongside your home’s central heating system, such as electric, solar, gas, and so on.

Moreover, they consume a lot of electrical energy, meaning they can heat a room – small, in particular, fast. For non-electric models, the power source is mostly combustible fuels.

This includes propane, natural gas, wood and kerosene. Such resources require a vent to exhaust the gases safely outside the occupied area.

Simply place the portable heater down in the room you need to warm up and let it do its magic on the double! A unit won’t draw attention to itself as it cosies up your space. 

Being able to move it from room to room as needed means you have a reliable source of extra heat at a reasonable price.

Indoor Heaters

Mid Size Electric Stove Heater 1800W Double Door
Mid Size Electric Stove Heater 1800W Double Door

Indoor heaters are no different from the ‘space’ types as both share the same evident goal. But rather as a completing piece, an indoor heater makes a perfect home feature.

Available in different sizes, one can be your living room’s focal point or an accent to the bedroom. Among the popular options is electric, and stove heaters are great examples.

Both space and indoor heaters come in various kinds, such as:

  • Infrared (IR)
  • Oil-filled
  • Propane
  • Panels

Each appears and works in a different way, so consider this and see what best suits your needs.


Electric heaters take electrical energy as an input source of power. Then, they convert that energy into thermal energy for heating the air or objects in a given space.


Infrared heaters work by emitting electromagnetic waves into the air. The process is identical to how the sun uses radiation to heat the Earth.

Instead of warming up the air, they heat the objects (e.g. furniture) and human bodies around it. These types of heaters are also good for large basements, and some even look like real fireplaces.

Infrared indoor heater

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Also known as radiator heaters, oil-filled heaters are like old-fashioned radiator ones. Inside the body of the heater is diathermic oil.

The oil gets heated up and circulates through the columns or fins. As those fins get hot, the surface temperature rises, releasing heat into the air.

Oil-filled space heaters are portable and run on electricity.

Oil-filled indoor heater

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The only type of heater that doesn’t use electricity but instead on liquid propane (LP) as a power source. It’s not limited by the constraints of a power cord and can operate in case of a power outage.

The way it heats a room is like an infrared heater. It emits electromagnetic waves into the air to warm objects close by.

Gas indoor heater

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Panel heaters are new and more advanced. They can be mounted on a wall or the floor with the included stand.

They work the same way as oil-filled units by letting hot air radiate off the model. The only difference is that a flat panel heater doesn’t use oil but electrical currents.

Consider it a good option as a supplemental heat source for rooms that don’t get quite as hot as you need them to.

Smart panel indoor heater

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Find the Suitable Indoor Heaters For Your Home!

Choose from fires with a realistic flame to rustic electric stoves. Our heating systems can help bring both a cosy warmth and a focal point to any room in your home.

Shop from our energy-efficient heating solutions and take control of your bills. They’re perfect for kitting out new builds, garden buildings, and extensions.

Electric Stove Heater

Nothing can top the warmth and cosiness you can get from a fire. But if firewood maintenance concerns you, enter electric stove heaters.

And nope – we’re not talking about the one you have in your kitchen. Take a look at this Large Panoramic Electric Stove Heater 1800W model to give you an idea.

It only requires an outlet to operate and get the heat where and when needed! If you’re looking for a smaller unit, there’s a mid-size unit available in black and cream colours.

Large Panoramic Electric Stove Heater 1800W
Large Panoramic Electric Stove Heater 1800W

Electric Fireplace with Wood Burner Flame Effect

If you can’t have a real wood fire in the home, this will give you the same real wood-burning effect at a price you can afford. It creates that homely effect just in time for the colder season!

It has a black cast iron effect to give it that authentic rustic feel. The unit also features a realistic wood-burning effect using a light.

You can see it through a compact window on the front of the fireplace giving off a welcoming, warm glow.

Freestanding Electric Fireplace with Wood Burner Flame Effect
Freestanding Electric Fireplace with Wood Burner Flame Effect

A Cylindrical Design

Have you ever wanted a warm, cosy fire in the kitchen, bedroom or conservatory? This cylinder electric stove heater might be the solution for you!

It combines modern technology with traditional style to give you the best of both worlds. Made from strong metal with a sleek black cast iron effect finish.

Choose between 2-heat settings to find the right temperature. Enjoy the beautiful realistic flame on the LED screen while also keeping you warm!

Cylinder Electric Stove Heater
Cylinder Electric Stove Heater

One With a Log Holder

Get the warming feel of a classic stove without the dangers of fire with this attractive model. It looks like a traditional stove with a cast-iron exterior and a log fireplace LED.

Create an inviting focal point in any room without the hassle of maintenance. The small storage below is perfect for storing actual logs, making it appear even more real.

The adjustable controls let you adjust the heat and display how you like it.

Electric Stove Heater
Electric Stove Heater

Wall Mounted Log Effect Fireplace

What if you could have a fireplace with multiple colour options that fit into any design set-up? That’s the case with this wall-mounted log effect fireplace!

The wide flat screen is available in either 72cm or 91cm. It features a black flat tempered glass front panel, giving the space a modern look.

The flame brightness is easily adjustable. Plus, the flame can be used singly if you don’t need the heating on.

The LED flame is available in seven different colours. Whatever your mood, change to a new vibe and transform your home in an instant.

Wall Mounted Log Effect Fireplace
Wall Mounted Log Effect Fireplace

Wall Mounted but Curved

If you’re considering a wall-mounted log effect fireplace but want a bit of drama, go for a curved design. The curving screen, flat black finish, and space-saving design impart visual appeal.

The curved screen front panel, specifically, also adds a touch of luxury. With a clear view of the log-burning effect, your room will feel cosy and toasty all year round.

Wall Mounted Curved Log Effect Fireplace
Wall Mounted Curved Log Effect Fireplace

Inset Fire

More eco-friendly heating options exist today, and this inset fire is without exception. It comes with two heat settings (1000/2000W), and the flame effect can also be used independently.

The adjustable flame brightness features a safety thermal cut-off device for extra protection. To control the LED display, you also receive a multi-functional remote control.

What’s more, choose between a real coal or pebble flame effect, depending on your mood! Available in brushed steel or black finish.

Electric Inset Fire
Electric Inset Fire


It can be tricky to choose between space heaters vs indoor heaters, especially when both are hot. Either way, they heat your room as intended with style and grace in mind.

For one, the electric fire is perfect for those who don’t want to miss out on the feeling of a fireplace. Or if you’re looking to kit out a log cabin or after a rustic aesthetic, go for electric stoves.

No matter which one of our home heating solutions you choose, you can beat the cold weather at home. The gorgeous flame effects are a bonus!

Hopefully, by now, you have a better idea about which indoor heater is right for you. You should also be able to narrow down which meets your needs best.